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Music for the Soul

February 15, 2016
By Leigh116 PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
Leigh116 PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
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Have you ever listened to a song and had it really speak to you? Have you ever second guessed your music taste? When I’m asked what my favorite music genre is, I give the generic answer of pop music. Honestly, my music taste is all over the place. I enjoy listening to a mix of genres, musicians, and lyrics depending on my mood at the time I’m listening. I don’t have a favorite genre because I like music from all genres. Due to my mixture of musical taste, I sometime second guess the songs I’m listening to. I’ll ask myself if I really like the song or why I like it. Just so you can get an idea of how large my taste in music differs, I’m going to write about a few songs that I like.

I grew up listening to country music but I’ve grown to love many other genres. I stay true to my roots, though. I’m not familiar with all the new country artist and I can’t tell you who a song is by with just a few words of the song anymore, but I still enjoy a good country song. I still listen to some of the “old-school” country that I grew up with like Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, and Keith Urban. When I was younger, Kenny Chesney was my favorite country artist. I, to this day, have two of his albums and still love to listen to his old stuff. One of my favorite country songs that is by Bret Eldridge, who is newer in the industry. His song “Drunk” is really good.

As I grew, I began to listen to more pop music than country. People’s tastes change as they get older and I’m proud to say that my music taste has evolved as I’ve grown. I grew to love artist like Katy Perry. Through pop music and listening to different radio stations, I found Ed Sheeran. his song “Lego House” was one of the first I heard by him and I soon fell in love with his music. Of course the same radio station that led me to Ed, introduced me to more R&B artist like Usher, Jason Derulo, and Rihanna. I’ve watched as these artist have grown in the industry and I continue to support their music.

Everyone goes through phases in their life and, though sometimes I hate to admit it, I have gone through some of my own. With my childhood being full of country music, I grew up listening to Taylor Swift. Here music has changed over the years but I still like listening to her songs. Speaking of childhood, I have to mention that I grew up watching Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez on the Disney channel. I watched as they all went from Disney stars to superstars. Though I don’t listen to all of their songs, I do like a few of them. I still enjoy listening to Miley’s older stuff and most of Selena’s older songs. I’m a big fan of Demi’s new album and I really enjoy her new song “Stone Cold”. While we are on the subject of phases and childhood, I feel compelled to mention that I, myself, went through Justin Beiber phase. He was just starting out when I was in 4th grade and, like all the other girls, I was hooked. His song “Baby” was catchy and cute and, to this day, I sing along to every word including the rap by Ludacris. Thankfully, I grew out of that phase but i must admit that his newer music isn’t bad. I guess I should also mention that I’m a huge fan of One Direction. I don’t think I will ever get over that phase.

If a person tells you about a song or musician they like, you should always listen to it. Songs and musicians can mean a lot to people. I know it sounds cliche, but whatever song or musician they are talking about could have saved their life or just really speaks to their soul. That is why when a few of my friends started talking about some punk, punk rock, and “emo” bands, I looked them all up on YouTube. I will admit that I was nervous at first, but I actually liked a few of the bands. Black Veil Brides, Pierce the Veil, and Sleeping with Sirens were three bands that my friends loved to talk about. I listened to them and soon fell in love with many of their songs. While digging deeper into the black hole that is YouTube, I discovered my love for All Time Low. I love that my friends were open with me and trusted me with the knowledge of bands that they loved because I know each song means something to them.

Recently, I’ve gotten into rap music. It all started a few nights ago when my younger brother and I were watching this show called Ridiculousness. The show was having this guest star that he knew. As the show started, they introduced a guy named Machine Gun Kelly. I, being myself, rolled my eyes at the goofy name and snorted at my brother’s excitement. That was before I saw him. I was immediately enchanted by his looks and, honestly, I have no clue why. My thoughts were full of things such as, “He’s cute”. After the show, I decided to do some research on this Kelly guy. YouTube, being my form of search engine, gave me multiple songs to listen to. I must have listened to about 5 before I went to bed, but I must admit that his music is actually really good. I guess I’ll have to add MGK to my long list of music interest.

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