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Cops Are Coming

November 10, 2016
By Priyansh BRONZE, Cupertino, California
Priyansh BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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“Ruuuuun!” we heard from behind... It was a clear, summer day, and it was a great time to go out to play with a couple of friends. I went out and called some of my friends out, and of course, my brother had to come. It was Ayush, Arul, my brother, Grayson, and me. After about ten minutes of arguing, we finally decided to go to the park, after debating on whether we should play cops and robbers instead.


As we started to walk over to the park, we had noticed that Ayush was not anywhere around us. We saw houses, lawns, basketball hoops, but not him. “Where is he,” we all thought. Then I see him coming, eyebrows raised, with a laugh coming out. “Run, run, go, go, go,” he excitedly whispered to us. “Wait, what did you do,” We all asked at the same time. “Just run,” Ayush yelled. As we tried to scurry off, we hear a very loud person behind us. “Hey! Do you want me to call the cops” Arul, my brother, and I tried to run, like we didn't hear her. It was like an action movie, where we were the bad guys who were trying to get away from the cop. “No, sorry,” I heard Grayson say.


“Don't ever do that, please, my parents will kill me if they find out,” Arul cried. “Yeah, dude, mom and dad will kill us,” my brother told me. We all laughed it off, but I had the same thought going through my head.


Finally, we reached the park. This was an awfully terrible visit to the park. Arul, my brother, and I were talking about what had happened. “What if she followed us here. No, what if she called the sheriff.” All these crazy thoughts were going through our heads. Grayson and Ayush seemed to have the best time at the park. They were enjoying their moment, like nothing had happened.


Honestly, by this point I just want to go home, and pretend that nothing ever happened. As we took the turn to our street, my brother and Arul had started running. “Why are they running,” Grayson and I wondered. A split second after, “Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun!” As Ayush ran past us. “Wait, what? I exclaimed. The hairs on my arms chilled.


Grayson and I tried to run, but we could see her through the window of a car. We saw her coming like a steamroller, walking over with an infuriated look on her face. We knew we could not make the corner, so we tried to hide behind the car. “Please god, please god, please god, don't look to the right” And of course, she looks to her right.

It was over, it felt like I was going to die. I see myself shaking, and feel a tear coming out. Immediately, I take a glance to my left, and see Grayson. Saw nothing, but as the woman kept blabbering in her European accent, I could almost see a smile coming out. “Why would he be smiling, I thought to myself.” There was a 99.9 percent chance she was going to call the cops. I kept shaking, crying, and begging, not to call the cops. After about 10 minutes of this drama, she had finally agreed to let us go.


“Hahaha, you were crying. Hahaha,” Grayson laughed. As we turned the corner, we saw Ayush, my brother, and Arul, waiting for us anxiously. “What happened. We told them the entire situation. And what I was hoping Grayson would not add in, he did. “And Priyansh was crying and shaking the whole time,” Grayson and exclaimed. Everybody laughed, but I didn't really mind, just happy that it was all over.

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Mr.Gr said...
on Nov. 14 2016 at 5:52 pm
Mr.Gr, Cupertino, California
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The way you wrote this made the reader care about what would happen next.