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September 25, 2017
By Kyleah0906 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Kyleah0906 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Advice. You can either take it or leave it.


See now me, I  didn’t chose to take it. Sadly.  I should have…...i should have.


Kayla was her name. She was the new girl and everyone wanted to be her friend. I included. She had it all, the shoes, the clothes, the look. A few days after she came i told my mom about her…. You ever get so excited about something and end up soo disappointed? Ya this was one of those situations. Her exact words were,


“She sounds cool honey but don’t try to be her friend strictly based on her looks.” she regarded.


“You’ll end up disappointed,” she reiterated.


Not able to hear the answer I wanted, I ignored her comment. “Ya ya ok mom… toodles.” I waved her off.


She tsked her tongue on her teeth as I left the room. I then went and sat in my room reanalyzing what my mom had just orated, something inside me wanted to believe what she had just said, but another part immature and slightly stronger part inside of me wanted to look past that. She’s old. Times have changes. Surely she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I hope..

The next day I was a new 8 year old. I was ready to face the day, ready to make a new life long friend. As I rounded the corner to the playground a rush of nervousness hit me. Now to some people getting caught by the Mafia and choosing between saving yourself or a random stranger would be a life and death situation. Having a nice hike with your kids and then run into a hungry bear and deciding whether to jump in front of it to let your kids make a run for it or facing the beast together is a life and death situation. What I was about to do felt like those times a thousand.

As I walked up to her our eyes quickly made eye contact and her face twisted into a nasty  contorted like pig. Now i knew i wasn’t the prettiest apple in the basket, but I’m sure I wasn’t that bad.

“ It’s ok Kyleah, I’m sure her personality’s great!” I kept telling myself.

It felt like the whole world was moving in slow motion. Or I was just being dramatic. Whatever it was it had my stomach clenching relentlessly.

“ABORT MISSION! ABORT MISSION!” My brain screamed.


Hey how’s it going?” I inquired.


She didn’t even say anything back, she just turned and went about her day. At that moment something clicked in my head.

The End.







Naw i’m joking. I wasn’t about to run up to her and beg to be her friend if she had that type of attitude. So I just raised my eyebrows and turned away in shock.


The lesson learnt here is don’t try to be someone's friend just based on looks or  what you’ve heard about the person. Like my mom says “you’ll end up disappointed.” I’ve had a lot of cases where i have tried to force friend someone because i was scared to be alone and it SUCKS! It was worse than actually being alone. Ironic right? I’ve learned that walking alone is a lot better than trying to fit in with the crowd. So hey, maybe not taking my mom’s advice was the best thing for me.


“Walking alone is hard, but it’s also the walk that makes you the strongest.”

-I have no idea.

The author's comments:

I learned to take advice the hard way lol.

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