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Who Are You?

November 29, 2017
By Kyleah0906 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Kyleah0906 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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"your not uGLy society is" -unkown

A time when I misjudged someone was when me and my mom had just decided to go to Sam’s Club (store) to get some bread  and pizza for dinner. Well after we had gotten everything and a few extra stuff so we were pretty much done for the day so we strolled our way to the checkout line.  Subsequently, later it hit me. The smooth, savory smell of pizza clogged my senses. Warding out any old blue cheese our neighbors were getting or the plasticy smelling cupcakes we had just grabbed moments before.

“Mom can I go buy me some pizza?” I prodded.

“Uuuh ya go ahead honey.” She nonchalantly replied

As I walk up to the line i see this girl probably around 17, 18. She’s wearing a spunky “i just worked out SEE ME SWEAT” ponytail and some yoga pants with a Nike tank top. Ughh! I thought. I do not want to deal with this today. Another  girl has her head shoved so far up her ass that she can’t see anyone else. I mentally rolled my eyes. I bet she thinks she’s better than everyone else in line. As I inspect her from across the room judging her with my eyes. She starts looking behind her, mind you I was right behind her so that just fueled my conspiracy even more. So did she want me to get from behind her because I was black? More of a 1700’s - 1960’s thing but hey there are still some undercover racist out there. So y’know.  Oh my lord, I can’t stand girls like this!

Is she looking for someone or something? Or is she trying to leave out of the line and she thinks I’m too ghetto and loud so I won’t save her spot?

Kyleah try to give her a chance why don’t you. My mind mentally whispered .

“Y’know I’ll save your spot if you choose to leave.” I carefully inform her.

“Oh! No see I was just waiting for my boyfriend to come back.” She responds in a peachy kind of down to earth voice.

Ok. Ok. This is surprising me. Not as much of a b**** as I thought she’d be.

“Don’t hold your breath.” I reminded myself quickly

“Oh well I just wanted to tell you.” I throw in a cute little chuckle for a touch of playfulness.

“Y’know how the are lol, they say we take forever but tell them to go pick out a razor and they act like it’s a life and death situation” she informs me laughing

Well hey she’s pretty funny and nice Kyleah. Hold out on your stereotypical opinions for this one.

“Right my brothers are the exact same way!” I laugh with her.

She laughs back.

Ok I’m sold she’s down to earth and knows how to take a joke. I mentally nod my head in approval.

We laugh and talk some more until it was her turn next in line, then I had to bid her goodbye.


“It was soo nice to meet you Kyleah!”

“Oh my god, you too!”

As I walked back to my mom who was now waiting by the buggie playing Candy Crush I look up and smile going back over the conversation I had with…...um I never got her name! Hilary. She looks like a Hilary. As I was saying going the conversation I had with Hilary.

“Hey sweetie, I see you made a new friend.” She says.


“Huh.” My mom questions.
“Oh yea her name is Hilary.” I wave her off.

“Ya she’s pretty cool.” I say cooley.

As I reflect I know It was a really ignorant thing to do. I shouldn’t have judged her just on her looks. As I go on in life the way in which I see people will have to wait and ACTUALLY talk to them. It’s going to be hard but I know I can do it!

The author's comments:

Think before you judge. It'll save  A LOT of time

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