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My Lost Colors

January 2, 2018
By HidingAnnabella SILVER, Milltown, Wisconsin
HidingAnnabella SILVER, Milltown, Wisconsin
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Try your hardest in everything you do even if nobody is watching.

The chatter around me seems to grow louder every second, closing me in and making my eyes dart for a way to get out. Watching the people around me and wondering if they either don't see me or are teasing me. Everything seems to be black and white, without life and love. The walls start to close and my throat starts to close. I reach for my raft in the stormy water, and put the headphones over my ears. Cranking my music loud enough that I can't even think makes the walls go back and lets me breath. The things and people around me are just faded colors now as the notes from my headphones rattle my brain.

I let my foot free fall the distance from the last bus step to the cold black top as the last note of my music plays. I rush off to the side walk and see the beautiful trees in full color for the first time all day. Wishing I could just run off and never give back the colors. Each forced step I take back to my trailer takes just a bit of color away and it is black and white again as I open the door. This time I much face the closing walls without my headphones. Even before my black sneaker are in the trailer I hear the booming list of things I do wrong and wish I had ran. As I try my hardest to block it out I grab my stuff and I leave. The trees aren't as bright but the red flex sitting in the Holiday parking lot stands out against the pale background. As I slide into the back seat and see is handsome blue eyes the world spins into the most beautiful colors that has ever been seen and the butterflies in my stomach start going nuts until he leans in and kisses me.

The author's comments:

I don't know why I feel this way at time but I do and I finally found a way to put it into my words

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