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October 29, 2018
By sergioosuna SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
sergioosuna SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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My teammates and I have a positive mindset- Bohdi, Will, and Chupka. Their mindset is like a spark in a dark room.

Bohdi’s mindset is a Lion, rough and hard but always trying to  do what’s best. He might push you to the limits in practice but like a lion, he’s doing it to make everyone stronger.

Will’s mindset is like a fish, calmed and relaxed, quiet and letting his thoughts speak for himself, you can ask him anything and he’ll know it, like a fish, quiet but smart.

Chupka is like a dog, a bouncy, playful, happy, smiley dog. He’s always trying to  play and fun. Like a dog he likes to be around people and tries to make them happy.

His mindset is gold because when everyone is frustrated, he says something that would make everyone relax.

Bohdi is like a tornado when he plays, he storms through the field, watching him is like watching the WWE, it’s a bloodbath out there, he plays really physical.

You can tell his cleats complaint because of the way he plays when I saw him play I saw things I’ve never seen.

Bohdi storms on the field and there’s no way someone or somebody can stop him.

Will is an ocean when he plays, calmed and relaxed.

Will plays with finesse like a basketball player making a smooth jumper, he touches the ball with finesse and short touches.

His feet have their own mind and brain and it’s like they know what to do everytime the ball is on his feet. The ball hits the bare grass and as soon as the ball drops Will is right there to get it.

Watching Chupka play is pure joy, watching Chupka play is like watching your favorite tv show on a Sunday rainy night.

Every time the ball touches his feet, he’s smiling, that’s what makes his playstyle so special, he would make everything look so easy. The net is calling him to tell him to put the ball in there.

He’s the leading scorer this season and I believe that’s because of his playstyle and mindset, a combination of both.

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