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The Only Game

November 2, 2018
By blepa23 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
blepa23 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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It was the bottom of the sixth, if we lost this one, everything was over. It seemed like our lives depended on it.




We win we stay,

We lose, we go home.

If we won we would go on, if we lost we would go home and not play another game of baseball till next year. I walked out to home plate, the diamond was freshly mowed and marked, it looked like a major league field. The grass was freshly cut and the lines were freshly painted. All of my life came down to this. I could imagine myself being the star for the cubs, hitting a homerun, and they would draft me then and there.
I felt like I could be the youngest person to be in the major league, until the pitcher walked up, he was bigger than a giant, stronger than hulk. I felt as weak as a baby just sitting there. He came up on the mound, he pitched me a curveball right in the middle of the plate. “STRIKE,” the umpire screamed. It was full count, as he pitched it time slowed down, I felt I would smash it over the fence.  I hit it really well, only it was a little blooper over the shortstop’s head.

It was still a really good hit, just nobody scored off of it. It was now the seventh inning, I was at second base. The ball got hit straight to me as hard as I had ever seen a ball move before, surprisingly it bounced straight into my glove. I was like the most valuable player that team had ever seen, although if it had bounced only an inch to the right of me I wouldn’t have caught it and we wouldn’t have won the game.

Afterwards all I could think about was how lucky I was to have that ball bounce the way it did straight into my glove. The guy who hit that ball was really mad, and if I hit it that hard I would have been too.  It would have been like if I was playing fortnite all day really wanting a win then getting second place.

I was so exhausted, that when I got in our car to go home I just crashed, I had nothing left in the tank. I couldn’t have played even one more inning, our team was victories though, that's all that matters.




The author's comments:

I was so tired after that game I couldn't even walk another step. It was worth it though, we won, and it was fun. That is all that matters.

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