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Facts About Football

November 28, 2018
By valintino BRONZE, Clio, Michigan
valintino BRONZE, Clio, Michigan
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How do we know football is a popular sport? Many people think that football is so popular because they like seeing people come together as a team, people also like football because it’s a competitive sport and because it is fun to watch. Some people may think that football is dangerous I agree but its the players choice to play and I’m not 100% sure but I think they have to sign a paper that states that if they get hurt they cant claim insurance.

Did you know that in other countries other than America people call soccer football and they don’t have football? In other places they have rugby instead of football. However some countries they don’t have rugby or football they just have either soccer or flag football. Although I’m not sure if countries everywhere have rugby or soccer.

“I wonder if football is famous because people get to hit other people legally” I think that statement is true because that is somewhat why i like to play football but, I also like to play it because of you get to do what you want except break the rules, and there aren’t any rules in football really just a couple obvious rules. Some rules are like no hitting the QB above the waist because all the QB is there for is to throw the ball, but my personally think that rule should be provoked because if he is on the field he should be able to get tackled from anywhere.

I think that if some people don’t like football that they should play it and it will maybe change their mind. Although it might not because some people just don’t like football and some other people just don’t want anything to do with football because it is a dangerous sport or some people may not like it because it is a very violent and could bring out the bad in people. So, most people dislike football but football is liked more than disliked. 

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I chose this topic because i want to know more about football and what aother way than watching football you could do research and write an story about it.

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