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Growth on the Court

October 11, 2019
By taliatamez BRONZE, Austin, Texas
taliatamez BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Growth on the Court

When you look up the definition of volleyball, it is described as a sport that includes a variety of people helping each other to get the ball over the net and scoring points. Yes, this is true, but before you actually get to play with your team you have to bond with your team who become your second family. 

The court is wide and long but is divided by a seven-foot-high net. Every player knows that feeling before a game. That nervousness and excitement, but once you start, the nerves go away and focus comes into play leaving you with a passion to get all the hits right over the net. This continues with the team coming together in the center of the court to cheer each other on when something good happens. I play outside, where I spend most of my time hitting and blocking the ball from touching and passing when necessary. When I'm at the net, I see the opponents through the squares. Block the hit, be ready for a tip, go to your “x”, approach the ball, elbow high, snap, and swing through. We win the point. Block the hit, be ready to get a tip, go to your “x”, approach the ball, elbow high, snap, and swing through. We lose the point. Pass the short serve, go to my “x” approach the ball, elbow high, snap, and swing through.

I’ve been playing volleyball since I was in fifth-grade. lt has always been that one thing— my comfort zone taking me away from the other things going on throughout my life. I clearly remember being one of the many individuals trying out for the fifth-grade volleyball team. Due to volleyball being the only sport that we could try out for in elementary got everyone exuberant, but despite the fact that there were so many people trying out, I still made the team through my dedication. Although this year I didn’t quite understand the aspect of the game, I still found a way to enjoy it and bring that excitement and passion into my seventh-grade year.

When seventh-grade came around along with tryouts, I looked back at my experience and my growth and decided that I wanted to try out so I could grow and get better at something that I felt very passionate about. The tryouts were very different from my fifth-grade tryout experience and more challenging at the time. Yes, I did make the team and when we started playing, this experience gave me a new perspective on the sport and made me more excited for the upcoming year and growth that I would have on the court.

When I tried out again in eighth-grade, it was more of a challenge because this time there were more people trying out which meant more competition. I ended up making the B team at first. Of course, since my goal was to make A team like my past years, I pushed myself and showed my best work during practices to where after my first game playing on the B team I was a starter on the A team for the rest of the season. This year definitely challenged me but also taught me the most. I learned that to really reach my goals I had to work for what I wanted, I had to play my best even if it was difficult at times but despite those challenges, I knew the hard work would pay off later. 

The summer after my eighth-grade year, I spent mostly on preparing for high school tryouts. Not only did I bond with more people, but I also found myself progressively get better at volleyball. I was on a satellite team and got involved in many camps. Looking back on this now and at middle school, high school volleyball was a lot different, but the change was exciting. Our team got closer with not only each other but with other upperclassmen, I like having those upperclassmen to look up to and learn from, I like pushing through challenges and learning from them and last but not least, I liked watching my teammates and I grow into the players we are now. Since I have made the team, one of my favorite things to think about after a game is about how much growth there has been in our years of playing together. As a team, we started off in 7th grade not knowing much about the sport, to now playing as freshman diving, scoring points, being aggressive and growing and learning together.

Volleyball has truly taught me so much and has created a new home for me. I have learned to appreciate this sport for teaching me about the importance of teamwork, strength, confidence, and bravery that I have brought upon my everyday life. I have learned to appreciate the bruises I get on my knees and the burns on my legs even with knee-pads on because it reminds me of the good plays where I dove for the ball or ran across the court to get the ball over the net. I appreciate every set that gives me a chance to hit the ball and be aggressive in order to score my team a point. I continue to think about how much more I want to grow with this sport that I am truly passionate about and I continue to make goals for myself in order to make myself better and better. 

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece to go over my growth throughout the years and be proud of the player I have become today.

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