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A Note to You

May 17, 2021
By Alissa-Drake BRONZE, Maumee, Ohio
Alissa-Drake BRONZE, Maumee, Ohio
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When I say I play soccer what comes to your mind…? Does a girl sorta tall with longish brown hair with the number 15 in bold white on the back of an orange jersey and black shorts and socks standing and doing come to mind because if it does you're wrong because yeah, thats me, the one in orange. but it's just like any other sport, you aren’t always stationary you are ALWAYS moving you might see running in place or walking, jogging lastly even sprinting as hard and fast as you can because you know if you try your absolute hardest you know the coach on the sideline will not only be proud but know you just tried your hardest so one last time what comes to your mind when I say I play soccer a team of 11 strong independent girls from 12-14 years of age with the mindset of we're a team we do everything together, and we have a bright future ahead of us. Because if that's what you see, that's what soccer is metaphorically, but physically it's blood, sweat, and tears of 11 running and playing their best till they step over that white line. When you get home you can take off that costume that covers the real you, you can be you till you step on the field again.

The author's comments:

This piece is to tell others that I do what I say I do 

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