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October 28, 2021
By Anonymous

Ian McEntee was a seventeen-year-old boy, who was the captain of the football team and popular. Most people in his school knew he was immature, crazy, dishonest, confident, and a huge party animal. Ian was like every normal popular boy, he had many friends who liked him and always had girls wanting him. But most people didn’t know he was having a rough time at home with his single mom and his three older brothers. Ian was adopted from his abusive mother at the age of seven. 

That night it was cold and windy, the leaves were blowing off the trees and carefully falling onto the ground. Ian had football practice that night, he was in the boy’s locker room with all of the other football players. 

Jayden, one of his closest friends, said to him “Are you ready for the game that’s in a few days?”

Ian responded with pure confidence on his face “Of course you know I’m the best, we always win.” 

Jayden chuckled and continued to put on his football gear.

  All the football players run out to the football field where they meet the coach, Mr. Ford 

Mr. Ford said, “Are you ready for the football game that’s in four days?”

The entire football team cheer and screamed in excitement.

But Ian didn’t know what was going to happen before the game, Ian was pretty confident the week was going to go by fast. After football practice was done, all the football players went back to the locker room and took off all their gear. Most of the boys went straight home, but Ian convinced Jayden to go to a party. Jayden agreed. 

Ian owned a  fancy car. It was a Chevy Camaro but he bought it at a reasonable price.  Jayden was surprised because Ian used to have an old car that would break once a week. 

Jayden says “WOAH, seems like you got a huge upgrade.”

Ian says “I’ve been working pretty hard to get this, took forever.”

Jayden smiled as he hopped into Ian’s car, Ian starts his car up and went to the party. Once they both get to the party they both seemed surprised, there were a ton of people and very loud music playing.  The music could be heard down the street. 

Jayden says “You sure you want to go in there, there is a lot of people and most likely the cops will show up with the loud music” 

Ian brushed Jayden off and said “Yeah it’s whatever we’re here to have fun” Ian hops out of his car and started to head towards the house.

Jayden sat in the car contemplating his life choices, Ian notices that Jayden wasn’t following him inside. 

Ian yells “COME ON”

Jayden stays in the car shaking his head no, Ian brushes Jayden off and heads inside the party. As he enters inside the music was very loud and you could feel the house vibrating, Ian stands there and looks around to see if he knows anyone to talk to. All of a sudden, there were sirens coming from far away. Ian doesn’t think anything of it so he walks even further into the house and finds people to talk to. He notices that a bunch of people are running out of the house, he trips over someone and falls to the ground and gets stomped on.

Ian turns around and sees Jayden running between the people trying to get to Ian, red, white, and blue lights shine from outside and a bunch of cops are chasing after the kids. Ian’s heart drops to his stomach knowing he’s just messed up and everything could change if the cops catch him. Jayden pulls Ian off the ground and they both make a run for it out the back door forgetting Ian’s car. As there both running they realize that there far enough the cops can’t get them. 

Jayden says “We should properly head home now.”

Ian says “We don’t have a car.” 

Jayden says “Then we better start walking then.” 

Jayden and Ian begin to walk home as they notice it’s about to become morning soon and they need to get home fast. Jayden walks off in a different direction since he lives a street away from Ian. Ian finally gets to his house and walks in, he sees his mom standing there, she looks like she was about to murder him. 

Ian mom says “WHERE WERE YOU?” she shouts.

Ian replies back “I was at a party.”

His mother snaps back “A PARTY?”

Ian tries to walk off. 

His mom screams “GET BACK HERE”

Ian stops and turns around staring down at his mother.

His mother says “You’re grounded” 

Ian rolls his eyes and walks off going up to his room to get changed since he’s been in the same clothes as yesterday. Ian realizes he doesn’t have his car, and he’s scared to tell his mother he left it at the party knowing how she’ll react. So he gets dressed and starts walking to school. A few minutes go by, and he’s at school. He walks in and goes to his locker and remembers all his school stuff was in his car. So he starts walking to class and sits down. The bell rings and twenty minutes later, two police officers come in with the principal. Ian quickly ducks his head down because he knew they were there for him.

“Ian McEntee, come here,” Said the principal

Ian looks up and sees the principal standing there with her arms crossed waiting for him to get up. Ian gets up and starts heading towards the principal and the two officers, the officers take Ian by the arm and start escorting Ian to the principles office. 

“Sit down,” Said the principal

Ian sits down knowing he’s in trouble.

“We saw you at the party, you left your car there and we took your license plate and scanned it to find out who it belonged to,” Said one of the officers.

Ian nods his head 

The other officer said, “did you know at the party there were drugs?” 

“No sir,” said Ian 

“Ian you are off the football team” said the principal 

“NO” shouted Ian 

The principal told Ian he could leave, as Ian stepped out of the office he stood there thinking what went wrong and how he could fix it. Ian decided he was going to stop acting out and going to parties. Later that day, the coach comes up to him looking very disappointed. Ian doesn’t say anything but stares at the ground. As Ian starts to work on himself he comes to a point where he’s depressed because he misses being able to play football and seeing all of his friends. Ian would skip school and stay home and soon his popularity began to diminish. 

Ian gets sick of staying at home and being depressed, so he decides to go to a party where he knows there’s going to be drugs. Ian worries about getting in trouble at first, but then he shrugs off the worries and goes to his car. As he’s driving to the party he wonders if it was a good decision or not. As he arrives at the party, Ian sits in his car staring at the house full of people and loud music. Ian changes his mind and decides to start his car up and turn around to go home. The following morning, Ian gets up and decides he’s going to school to get his life back on track. 

Ian went to school and saw people staring at him like he had died and came back to life. Ian starts doing his schoolwork which brought all his grades up and he became happier than before. Ian’s popularity increases a little day by day as he becomes a better person. Ian was eventually let back onto the football team and was able to play in the game. 

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