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Doglegs and Worm-Burners MAG

By Anonymous

   Itis where the lost memories in the deepest crevices of my mind reside. Theyconjoin with the present in an inner-body eclipse of the mind. It is somethingthat can consistently stir up the same feelings. It is where the grass is alwaysfreshly cut. In the early morning fog I can hear the orchestra of birds signalthe beginning of a new day and another chance to have the best day of my life.Anyone can do it.

To many, this is a place of retreat from the commotionof the world. It can help you let go of all the worries and stresses that livingon this planet can cause. Certainly, this is one of man's best creations. Itcaptures the spirits of nature and paints them into the terrain. It takesimagination, hard work and a few risks, but when the final playing field iscomplete, it's more than just a golf course - it is a work of art to be cherishedfor centuries.

Just the feeling of a club in my hand, the spikes on myfeet, or the knowledge that four hours of freedom from the world is aheadreleases all the bad feelings inside and replenishes my soul with the purestfeelings of goodness. For the inexperienced, it can be a four-hour nightmareright from the first tee. Though a select few can be blessed with lucky bouncesor beginner's luck, I am usually not one of those people.

My good shotscome straight from experience. I'll admit that I can make a lot of mistakes inone round, but then again, I'm not Tiger Woods. This is exactly what makes thegame interesting. There are all types of golfers. There are also all types ofgolf courses. Different courses tend to complement the abilities of differentgolfers. For example, a course that has lots of sand bunkers may suit a golferwho is comfortable hitting out of the sand, but may be a complete nightmare foranother golfer. Nature plays a huge part in golf, as it can make or break my gameas well as my day. Regardless, the golf course is where I belong, where I feelcomfortable. It will always be my special place of importance.

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