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Something I'll Never Forget MAG

By Anonymous

   I recently experienced something during the divingportion of a swim meet that I will never forget. My friends and I were cheeringon our only diver, who was ready to take her turn. She gracefully executed herdive, leaving few ripples behind in the water. The judges held out the cardsindicating that she received two five-and-a-halves, a very good score. When herscore was announced, the coach from the opposing team immediately bolted from hisseat, shaking his head. He ran to the judges and started arguing about how acertain turn in her dive was wrong. He made nasty comments right in front of her.It was the most unsportsmanship-like reaction I had ever seen, and it was worsethat it came from the coach - an adult. The judges agreed the dive wasn't exactlyas it was supposed to be, and gave the diver two twos. The coach walked awaysmugly, with a satisfied grin. I will never forget how sorry I felt for ourdiver, and how sorry I felt for the other team, who has to put up with thiscoach.

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