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   PROFESSIONAL WRSETLING by Dan W., Boston, MA Pro Wrestling may be choreographed, but it is more popular now than ever. Ticket sales and attendance are up and wrestlers are making more money than you can imagine. Some wrestlers make more money than basketball or baseball players. Wrestlers do have injuries, just like other athletes. One example is Shawn Michaels. He injured his back after being tossed onto a coffin by mistake. Shawn has been out of action for seven months.

There are two organizations in the wrestling business today: WWF (World Wrestling Federation) and the WCW (World Championship Wrestling). Both have programs that air Monday nights, competing against each another. They also have a pay-per-view event every month. Even though the WWF has better ratings, WCW is extremely close.

The WWF is more of a show for teenagers and younger adults, proven by the language and actions of the wrestlers. The WCW is not like this at all. Owned by Ted Turner, WCW is more of a family show. It is cleaner and more appropriate for young children. WCW has a lot of older wrestlers and attracts older viewers, too.

The most popular wrestler currently, and maybe for all time, is Stone Cold Steve Austin in the WWF. His real name is Steve Williams and he is from Texas. Stone Cold has been a wrestler for about ten years, and recently made his way to the top this past year, when he was the World Heavyweight champion, losing the title two months ago. Stone Cold changed the way wrestlers act and talk by using a microphone and talking to the crowd and his opponent. Soon, everyone started using a microphone. He also started using bad language on live cable television. Stone Cold does and says whatever he wants, drawing huge crowds and making a lot of money.

You can say whatever you want about pro wrestling. You can say it's fake, or a waste of time, but every Monday night I can guarantee that there will be a few million people around the country who disagree with you.

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