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Dragging MAG

By Anonymous

   Dragging Heave the tattered,
olive-colored rope
into the water.
Don't get jerked out of the boat.
Let the fierce, whistling wind
blow your
short, blond
strands of hair,
while sizzling sun rays
pierce your already crisp back.

Put your Nike Aqua Socks on.
They will help you glide
through the ocean,
Pull the zipper up on
your slick wet suit.
Listen to your uncle grit his teeth
and powerfully yell ...
"Whatever you do ... don't ... let ... go"
Keep cool,
gather all your courage.
Run in place,
shake your limbs
and take deep breaths.

Leap into the frigid water
and quickly grab the cold,
rough, nylon rope,
before you swallow,
a huge mouthful of salty water.
Let water rip
against your body,
readjust every bone,
to start a powerful blood flow
through every vein.

being dragged gracefully
through the ocean
while being pulled
at an extreme speed.
Be a strong person,
don't get overwhelmed.
Now start to
head for home
at the point
of extreme

by L. A., Weston, MA

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