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Larry Will Be Missed MAG

By Anonymous

   Having watched three pre-season Celtics games, I miss Larry Bird already. I guess it's just been automatic to think that Larry would be there grabbing rebounds and canning three-pointers, but now that he's gone, it's like a part of basketball has gone with him. When the word "legend" is spoken, the one person I immediately think of is Larry Bird.

Through my life I have played sports and watched them. I couldn't say that any certain athlete has had an influence on my life, but I can say that Larry Bird has earned my respect more than anyone in sports. It's not the fact that he scored 25 points a game or hit unimaginable shots, it was the small things I noticed like boxing a taller, stronger man out or diving for a loose ball, or even playing with a broken finger. Some people call this stupidity and wouldn't think of putting their body at risk, I call it the most extreme case of desire capable in a human being.

For a small town Indiana boy who had always been told he couldn't run or jump, I'd go out on a limb and say he did okay. One thing you can't evaluate is what's in a person's heart. Best wishes to the greatest athlete ... ever. n

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