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Level Eight MAG

By Anonymous

   It's that big day I've worked so hard for

Level 6 then 7 and now I'm fighting for more

As we drove up to the door of the old chain mall

My heart started beating with little of a stall

My thoughts in my head spun around like a top

To make level 8 I'll have to work and work and not stop

I started on vault, my best of all

As I jumped off the board and landed without a fall

My first one was over - that was the best

Now all I have to do is do well on the rest

My thoughts in my head were at a fast rate

To make level 8 I need to concentrate

Bars was next the one I improved on most

To do well I need to be as straight as a post

My teammates cheered so very loud

And my parents yelled "yea" from behind a large crowd

My thoughts in my head stretched so very tight

To make level 8 I need to keep up the fight

I was so nervous for beam, it was up really soon

I felt like it was a curse from the full moon

I stuck the whole thing

And I felt like I should sing!

My thoughts in my head were cool like a mint

To make level 8 I need to be confident

Floor was up - the one we work all the time

I was so nervous I felt I was in the midst of a crime

By the end of the routine I was so tired

I knew the music would soon be expired

My thoughts in my head were as happy as could be

Because now I knew level 8 was definitely me!

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