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A Baseball Dream MAG

By Anonymous

   The catcher gives his signal.

I wait for the pitch.

What'll it be?

A curve ball,

A screw ball,

A fast ball,

A knuckle ball?

Or will it be...

A tennis ball,

A basketball,

A soccer ball,

Or a football?

The pitch is released.

I try to keep my composure.

For the ball is approaching me at 100 miles per hour.

But it's in the homerun zone.

The fans are cheering and the pressure's on.

The ball appears to have some sort of spin on it.

It's a slider.

At the last second, I extend my bat out over the plate with a lot of force behind it.

The ball lands on the bat and ricochets off to right field.

The ball is clearly out of the park.

But is it fair?

The ball is sailing through the air like a hawk looking

for its prey.

It's going...going...going...and it hits the right foul post!

Fair ball!

And the ball lands in the stands.

The crowd is screaming as I clear the bases.

And then I wake up, and the real game begins.

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