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Best Spiker

January 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Quickly I tensed my muscles. The ball was coming toward me and I knew I could kill it. I waited for what seemed like forever as the words came floating to the top of my head, "right, left, right, left." Finally, I jumped as high off the ground as my weak ankles could manage, bringing my arm back into position. Then the moment came. I swung my arm up over my head making perfect, complete contact with the ball. As my arm followed through, I watched the ball fly over the outstretched hands of the blockers and land in an unprotected area of the opponents court. The crowd erupted in wild cheers. We had won the championship match. I couldn't believe it! A burst of energy rushed through my body as I shot straight up into the air in celebration. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain exploding on top of my head. In shock, I quickly opened my eyes only to discover that I was sitting up in my bad. I had banged my head into the low, slanted ceiling of my room. Again I couldn't believe it! All those feelings of joy and excitement...gone! It had all been just a dream. Yet, it had awakened in me a real dream. From that moment on, I wanted to feel those feelings for real. I wanted to become the best spiker the world had ever seen. I wanted to help my team win the world championship. The dream is still alive as I work to accomplish it.

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