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January 21, 2008
By Anonymous

As I walk into the dark gym my footsteps seem to echo throughout the grand auditorium. After I flip on the lights and the court lights up like a spot light I feel as though I am on top of the world. I love the sound the basketball makes as I pound it into the hardwood floor, THUMP! Whenever I make a shot the ball swishes through the net, SWISH! During a game when the fans go wild with thirty-seconds left on the ticking clock, and we are tied with the other team, the ref blows his whistle, TWEET! This is what I live for, the sound of the game, the excitement, the souds of laughter and joyment. There is just something about the SCREECH! basketball shoes make as players run up and down the court, the way the net SWOOSHES! as athletes score, and the THUMP!that the point guard makes as she dribbles the ball up the court on a fast break that makes me love this game. That is why, past all of the pain of practices and conditioning with the coaches yelling in our ears, this is why athelets play this game. It is a love-hate relationship that we could not live without, because when that final buzzer rings BUZZ! and you win the game, this is what I live for, the feeling of accomplishment.

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