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Bruises and Yellow Paint

October 3, 2011
By Eric Kamphuis BRONZE, Brandon, Wisconsin
Eric Kamphuis BRONZE, Brandon, Wisconsin
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I knew I wouldn’t make it back home, without being black, and blue. I was terrified as we pulled up. Jake, and I looked at each other like we were going to die. We got out of Jake's dad’s truck, and looked at all the guns. This was my first time ever going paintballing.

After, I rented a gun my team walked out to the village. I sat in the splat shack (Two story building that's colorful from being shot by pink blue, yellow, white and red paintballs) with Jake,and another guy. Shorty after the game started my team mate shook his new gun, three paintballs shot out and hit me in the but. My eyes were as big as my mask, we all started laughing.

Later that day my team was attacking the village. I was told to move up, so I ran, as fast as I could. Someone was spraying paintballs at me. I mad it to the pallet, and Edd ripped me to the ground. When I stood up I felt a sharp pain on my hand, I looked at my hand, it was full of yellow paint. I ran to the net to wipe off my hand, I looked at my finger blood started running out of my knuckle.

Overall, on this day I got shot about five times. My jeans are a disaster, it looks like I was rolling around in a puddle of mud and paint. Also, I found a new sport that I like. Finally, I was right, I would not be able to make it home, without being black and blue.

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