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Me and the MADMAN

May 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Is it now the days have
Turned pitch black, the
Time I knew you would
Come back.

I’ve tried my best to
Put you back in your
Place, but it would
Only make me look
2 face.

The person I was has
Burned Away so fast, my
Soul fully damaged from
your reminding Past.
Life for me is nothing
But a trail to your call,
More and more you
Rise as I fall.

Why did you choose to
Come back now, it
Amazes me and I wonder

I stopped you once
But you wouldn’t
Face the end, you
Are my worst enemy
But you used to be
My friend.

It’s come to the point
Where you start to show
Your face, you steel my
Identity and take my

These hands used
To build a good
Mind’s creation
Will now be the
Same ones to make
It’s destruction.

What can I do? What
Can I say? I‘ve become
Fully addicted by
Following your ways.

I try to help but you
Lead me to hurt, I
Try to take a stand
But you push me
Down to the dirt.

Day by day I watch
As you grow into my
Life, like a psycho gone
Mad with the gripe
Of his knife.

Sometimes I wish that
Hell would make you
Burn away, but I fear
Even hell itself wouldn’t
Take you any way.

Your skin slowly
Runs over mine,
Your blood runs
In my veins like
A poisonous wine.

What more do I have to
Go through to become
Your change, I feel like
A species others call

I guess I have no
Choice but to deal
With you, cause in
Reality there is
Nothing I can do.

Even if there were ways
To stop your terror plans,
Me and you are still one
Person only I’m josh and
You’re the MADMAN

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