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Keep Rolling

May 5, 2008
By Anonymous

Now before I start this narritive about wheelchair basketball let me explain one huge rule about the sport. on the court you can only have a certian "number" of players. Each player is either a one, two, or a three.Ones are people that don't have a lot of upper body strength.Therefore the person is not the fastest ot the best at shooting. Alas the ones are always a valuable assit to the team.

Next there are the twos. A two is somebody that is enable to use there legs but have upper body strength. More than likely the person is paralysed from the waist down. For example my step brother David was hurt in a car accident. Now he is considered a two in the sport.

Then there are the threes. A three is someone that has more upper body strength than a two or a one. So they are considered the stronger people on the team even though everyone is important. Now you can only have a total of tweleve points on the court at all times.

Now we can start the real narritive. It wa a normal day at my dad"s house until my step mom said "Were going to see the Wheelchair Bulls play." This was a normal occurance we usually go once a month. Alas this game was a rivelry. Not so much between the two teams, but it was between two of the players. It was my step brother David versus the star of the Rockford Chariots, Jason.

Let the game begin. As always jump ball. The number three Curtis for the Bulls got the ball and gave it to David. He dribbles turns left, right, left then a shot. Score! This went on for all three quarters. Back and forth shot after shot. Ones versus threes it was all a mis-match. Now it is the mid way point of the fourth.

The game was tied seventy to seventy, it was a real nail bitter. Then the Bulls sent out there best squad. It was a set of three number twos and two number threes, the best of the best. After the time David and Jasons's met. They knew the battle was on. It was like two bears fighting for one fish, the last fish.

Only a few seconds are left and Jason has the ball. He goes for a lay-up. Luckily Curtis was there to deflect the shot. David got the ball and he was on a fast break. He was going to make it, then Jason came to ruin the parade. He was the only one that could catch David. Jason goes for the ball David shoots, it was all or nothing. Score!

The game was over, the Bulls won. At that moment it was all perfect. Until I relized this wasn't a game it was a tournament.

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