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Washinton Redskins

May 20, 2008
By Anonymous

The Washington Redskins are a professional football team that plays in Washington D.C. . . . They play in a stadium called the FedEx Field, their helmets are a darkish red, and they have a yellow face mask. Their jerseys are Darkish red, white, and yellow. Their rivals are The Cowboys, Eagles, and the Giants.

They were first established in 1932 and they played in Boston. At that time they were called the braves, and after one year they were named the Redskins. They moved to Washington in 1937 and they won the championship that year.

Sammy Baugh was one of the first great players to play on the redskins. He played running back, quarterback, punter, and sometimes he played on defense. The fans called his Slingin Sammy, and he was so good they put him in the Hall Of Fame. After Sammy retired the Redskins weren’t doing so well, in one game they lost 73-0. It took a while for them to be an acceptable team again.

In 1981, the Redskins got a new coach, his name was Joe Gibbs. He led the Redskins to three Super Bowls, and won all three times – 1982, 1987, and 1991. Joe Gibbs wasn’t the only person who gave the Redskins a big help. There was a quarterback named Joe Theisman, he was good at passing the ball and handing the ball off to his tough running back John Riggins. John was very fast, but he liked to run over people.

The Redskins were still getting more people that were good on there teaming another person that was notice was Darrel Green. He played Cornerback, he was the on of the quickest players in the NFL. He played with them for 20 years. That was the longest any body has ever played on one team.

Today, the Redskins have a hardcore defense. They have the big and strong Lavar Arrington, he is one of there impact players. He plays linebacker, and he tackles fiercely hard. The fans hope that he will lead them to another super bowl win. I think so to, but it’s not looking to good right now.

They have another good impact player that the fans hope that he will help them win a super bowl, and his name is Clinton Portis. He plays Halfback, and he is a beast. He slashes throw sorry arm tackles, and likes to run threw people. He has good vision, and can make a move when he sees some thing he can make a play out of.

Another player that they have today is Santana Moss, not Randy Moss, Santana Moss. He NOT AS GOOD as Randy, but he can get the job done. He has good speed, and he can play the slot position. If he has the ball and he gets to the outside, you might as well not even try to catch him, because he is GONE!

This is the new season this year, and there record is pretty good there 5-3 that’s good. They should be getting better, and we should see them in the playoffs this year, I don’t know if there going to win the supper, but at lease make it to the playoffs.

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