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Get in the Game

June 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Throughout a student’s term in high school, there’s a constant struggle of balance. Whether it’s between what household chore needs to get done, or what paper is due the following day, for some it seems as if that balance will never be achieved. I believe a way to achieve this balance, although arcane, is to play a sport. It may seem that playing a sport would only add to the stress of balancing time, however from my experience that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact when I’ve been involved in sports it teaches me to set mini deadlines for myself, such as getting my paper done by 7pm, or eating dinner and taking a shower before 9pm. These little set schedules seem ineffective, but to some, it may be just what they need.

When I first entered high school I was already playing fall soccer. At first it was difficult finding time to play soccer, spend time with my family, do homework, eat dinner, and still maintain a social life all at once, but when you break each task down and take the pressure off yourself, things run a lot smoother. In general I consider myself a procrastinator. It’s not very beneficial at times, but I generally work better under pressure. That’s why soccer, or playing sports in general for that matter taught me that I can’t always have the “ill do it in an hour” mindset. Therefore, knowing I have little time, I’m less likely to be distracted and I create a more lucid schedule for myself.

Aside from developing and improving time management skills, it also helps kids improve their social skills as well. Being on a team teaches you to be open to other’s ideas. Everyone has that initial instinct that their idea is better or their way is right, but being on a team with 20 people having that same attitude is going to get you no where. In order to be a productive team you need to be able to admit when you’re wrong and allow yourself to be open to opposition. Soon the team will notice that a member who is set in their ways and prancing around with a fastidious attitude will get the team no where.

In conclusion, although some may argue that sports are simply an inconvenience or a simple way for kids to get side tracked. I believe that they not only help a student learn to make a schedule for themselves, but also help them get along with groups of people. So to procrastinators everywhere, maybe the best thing for you would be a sport.

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