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Yoga Class

June 18, 2008
By Anonymous

It is 8 in the morning
I wanted to sleep in
I awoke myself for yoga
I walk into the studio
I am the youngest in the class
I pull the mat from the closet and settle onto the floor
I hear the mediation music in the background
I think of all the tv shows I am missing
I look into the mirror to make sure my hair looks decent
"let's begin" she says
I twist my body into the first pose
"inhale" she says
I fill my lungs to capacity
"now exhale" she says
as I release all the air from my body I slowly forget all my cares
the hour of sleep I didn't get
the frizz ball my hair has turned into
the tv shows I will never get to see
I stop thinking
stop worrying
and just breathe

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