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The Big Shot

February 26, 2008
By Anonymous

ERNGH, ERNGH, ERNGH! Brad's alarm clock was as loud as a police siren when it went of at 6:00AM. Finally, Brad crawled out of bed and shut off the alarm.

Brad had brown hair that stuck up in the morning. He also had blue eyes, and looked very athletic. Brad was the star player on the Michigan State Spartans basket team. This Saturday was the final game of the NCAA championship tournament. State vs. Michigan. Brad and the rest of the team didn't like Michigan very much and wanted to crush Michigan. Brad prepared ready for the game and headed off to the gym to warm up. Once he arrived at the court he admired the polished wood floors, and the 10ft tall hoops with perfectly round shiny rims. Then he went over to the bench and put on his jersey. Then the game started. After the tip Brad grabbed the ball, then he passed to a teammate for an ally-oop. When his teammate dunked the ball the hoop shook like a tree in a hurricane. After the 1st half and all but 10 seconds, the score was 60 to 63 Michigan was winning with 10 seconds left. Then Brad yelled, “I'll shoot the 3, then if you catch the rebound, if I miss call a time out if you don't grab the rebound foul fast!”

“Alright!” yelled his teammates.

Brad caught the ball on the in bound pass and dribbled lightning fast while scanning the court. He then shot a 3 arking his hand and arm in the shape of a swan's neck, then a player from Michigan drilled in the body. It felt like he was hit by a truck when fouled but he drained the shot and the free-throws. Michigan threw up a shot with 3 seconds left but missed and State won the game, all because of Brad's big shot.

After the game Brad went home and fell asleep dreaming about the game for the whole night.

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