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Horseback Riding

March 13, 2008
By Anonymous

You probably think of Indians, Tonto, and the Lone ranger when you get asked when or where horses came from and originated.

Nope. There were no horses in America until the Spaniards came with their horses on ships. Then the “got loose”(or so it is said) and the Spanish Mustang was released onto the American Plains.

I was perched on top of an American Paint horse mare with my dad at a Zone show in Malaga, actually the picture is on in PHOTO ALBUM and there’s me on Bambi. And I’ve been riding horses ever since.

`What the goals of the people(who started taming horses) were to use the horses for mainly transportation. But it then became a sport when the inventions of other more convenient types of transportation were made. There are many styles of riding horses now, such as, English, western, eventing, jumping, hunter, dressage, cross country, gymkhana and many more!

Those goals were definitely achieved. Although we don’t use them for transportation anymore, it is a very common and popular sport.

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