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The First Tournament

April 9, 2008
By Anonymous

It was the first tournament of the year. Our team had only had two practices with the whole team. We had just moved up to 16uB and we were more than ready.

Saturday was pool play. We ended up winning one, losing one and tying one. We had done pretty well and had placed third in the bracket. This tournament was single elimination so if we lost one, we were out.

The first game we started out losing by 4 but by the third inning we got our bats going. Everyone got a hit, got on base and eventually scored. We won.

Our second game was against the team that had placed before us in the bracket. The Thunder. We ended up winning that one too.

Since we won our second game, our third one was back to back. it was against the team that had placed first in the bracket. The Outlaws. We had scored first and kept it that way all the way to the fifth inning. Then they tied it up. We were home so we got last at bat. We had scored.

It was the Championship game. We had to beat the Wrath, the team we had tied with on Saturday. They were placed fourth in the bracket. Right behind us. They had gotten a break before the Championship game but we were running on a two back to back winning streak. Believe me, we were worn out. This was our third back to back game. Now this team was every bit as good as we were. But in the long run, they had won.

We had placed second in our first tournament of the season. The first tournament of us moving up to 16uB. That's pretty good. When Monday came, our coach had sent everyone an email saying how proud he was and how well we had done. We may not have won the game, but we didn't lose it either.

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