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Fight Night: Golden Glove Match

September 19, 2008
By Anonymous

“Ding”, rang the bell. This is going to be one of the greatest fights in boxing history! Amateur boxer Kris Anderson versus the star of the match, the Golden Glove champ, Joe Frazier, one of the most dedicated fighters in history! “Here we go! The fight is on tonight and you’ve seen it first”, shouts the announcer as the crowd roars in excitement. “Ouch”, there’s Frazier with a triple to the face, and Kris will back away to recover from it. Kris responds with an uppercut, then a hook shot, ouch, and a jab to the mouth. Frazier will catch up with him and “BAM”!
I guess Anderson didn’t make himself clear! “Frazier delivers a devastating Haymaker to lay Kris Anderson on his back. It doesn’t look good folks; this may be a short match after all”.

His eyes were closed. 1! He is bleeding, head to gut. 2! His legs are tingling. 3! His gloves are shaking. 4! He coughs. 5! His eyes slowly begin to open. 6! He rolls to his front side. 7! He sits up on his knees. 8! Then he pushes his black,stricken gloves off the ground. 9! “He is back on his feet”, shouts the announcer from the call-box.

The crowd awed in excitement. Never before have I ever seen a hit so solid, so strong, and so deadly. The judges ring the bell to end round 1, now this is when things get really interesting, jabs, hooks, uppercuts, haymakers. But, round 3 is when it gets dirty, head butts, elbows, and even worse, slashes!

As the corner men and towel men were conditioning their fighters, all I had to do is catch even a glimpse of the amateur and the pro, and I could see the fire in their eyes. Both were full of anger and hate, the true fight, has only just begun.

The 2nd bell rang and the nasty was on, (the nasty is the nickname for the 3rd round)! Both throwing punches left to right, bottom to top. Their trainers yelling in a loud voice, calling their names, giving orders and the boxers responded by doing whatever they were told. Kris Anderson is on the left of me, Frazier to the right of me.

“Frazier with a missed haymaker, ouch, and Kris responds with a painful uppercut from the looks of it! Frazier is down and it’s as if he is very confused, I did not see that coming! Will Kris Anderson’s crew be the great Cinderella team in this great match of boxing?

No, Joe Frazier stands straight up and glares furiously at Kris. “The referee walks up to him, asks if he’s ok. He is, so the match is still on, once again. “For a minute there I thought it was over.” “Fight!” screams the referee. Joe came in looking kind of dizzy, and Kris took advantage of the dizziness by beating him all over, it looks like its Muhammad Ali out there.
“Kris to the left, to the right, this just isn’t stopping!” Kris Anderson steps back to catch his breath, then Frazier will catch up with him and try to sneak a thundering haymaker, Hook will swing under it and drive Frazier back into the ropes and beat him down! “Bam, bam, bam”, shouts the announcer in a shocking tone of voice.

Frazier lifts his chin up, and “Pop!”, Hook drove him straight into the floor. “Ding”, the bell was rung; the boxers were sent back to their corners. Frazier’s corner men seemed to be arguing with Joe Frazier. “Don’t do it, bud, don’t do it”, shouted his trainer. Hook looked up while the corner-men were fixing him up, and then, I was shocked. Frazier spit out his mouth piece, the match was over.

“Kris Anderson wins!” Amateur defeats a champ, Kris Anderson is the new golden glove boxer! Tonight, one of the greatest fighters of all time is laid down by an amateur fighter. Kris Anderson will rise from the ashes and take back what he said was rightfully his. This is one of the greatest upsets, in sports history.

The author's comments:
I never planned on getting the oppertunity to submit my story on teen ink, it was just a normal asssignment for me and next thing you know, I am getting my story in this website!

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Hoosier said...
on Sep. 26 2008 at 10:55 pm
Wow,,, that was great... Keep up the good work.