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The Game

October 9, 2008
By Anonymous

The game was hard last night. It was our first game of the season, and I didn’t get put in much. I was very disappointed, but the coach told us that it is not about how much time you played, it is about the effort you put in. I am still very upset, but I just keep telling myself tonight is a new game. I learned that seventh grade is much different from sixth grade basketball, and every one does not get the same amount of playing time. I know now to try harder in practice, and I could be the one playing the whole game.

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basketball--oh man i love basketball...anyyways, my advice for you is just stick with it and always work hard. push yourself to be first, push yourself to lead, push yourself, push your team and never give a freshmen in highschool, just started basketball last year and i've grown to love it.. by the middle of the season last year (i played for the highschool team) i was starting varsity, and have been since. if you give 100% your coach will notice and you will get the playing time you want.