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October 23, 2008
By Anonymous

One day my dad, brother, and I went to the Bass Pro Shop on our way to our camp. It was about 5:00 and in August. I asked my dad for a wakeboard and he said "Kristin you have to know how to water ski first." I said " Dad no you don't just let me try." So I came home with a wakeboard kind of nervous. The only reason I did not want to learn how to water ski first is because I am scared of the water a litte bit. So that very next morning my dad wakes me up we go out on the jet ski with my mother and I get in the water secure my feet in the boots and wait. The jet ski starts to go and I get up and fall flat on my face. I try it again for the second time and I get goin and stayed on for 30 min. and then wiped out tired. So from then on today I still never give up on hard challenges and still wakeboard this very day.

The author's comments:
I am 11. I have 2 dogs. A brother and a sister. Plus my entire life.

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