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May 28, 2015
By Anonymous

I walk into the kitchen, go into the closet and grab some packs of popcorn. I open the microwave, and

set the timer to 3 minutes. Beep, beep, beep, the popcorn is finally done. I walk into the TV room and

everyone crowds around me trying to get handfuls before the game starts. We all sit down trying to get

comfy while watching the funny commercials that play before the game starts. The game finally begins,

we get a few touchdowns here and there. I can g=hear my family clapping behind me. Its half time, and

the Patriots are losing, all I can hear around the room is the murmur about the score. The game starts

again, we are all waiting in our seats, just waiting for something to happen. Suddenly, as te other team

was heading for a touchdown, Butler came out of no where with just 1 foot for the other team to get

the touchdown, and Butler intersepted and got the ball! What a save

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