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The Last Game

December 1, 2015
By Anonymous

This was the big game that we were all looking forward to. This team that we are playing are our rivals. If we were to win this game, then we would be region champions. We all got into the bus and put our headphones on. No one said a word to anyone. You could hear a pin drop on that bus.

While we were driving to the game my nerves were on edge. I couldn’t sit or think straight. I had to be moving around. My music was playing and my eyes were closing. All I did while my eyes were closed was imagining the game. I saw myself scoring the final goal to win the game. The crowd went wild and so did my team. My coach and teammates ran out to the field to tackle me. They were so happy and so was I. But, I felt a jerk during my dream and I woke up and realized that we were there. “This is it”, I said to myself.

When we got off the bus my whole team was in shock. This school was huge. It looked like it should’ve been a college. We couldn’t believe what we saw. Also the field was even better. It looked like they just got a new field. The turf was new and the benches had a roof over them. I was glad about that because it was pouring rain. Also, it was freezing, it felt like it was like 30 degrees. It was so cold. I was glad that they had the roof over the benches so that while we were on the bench not playing we weren’t getting wet. They couldn’t cancel the game because it was turf and not grass. There was also no lightning so they really had no reason to cancel the game.

The only down side about not having grass is that you HAVE to play in the rain. So we were all soaking wet even before the game started. We really couldn’t even warm up because it was so cold. The only way you could warm up was to play in the game. Some of our players didn’t play because this game was so big that only the best players played. This game was so big to us that we even brought a player from varsity down to help us win. We all lined up and waited for the announcer to call our names for the starters. After that we got together for a pep talk. The starters took the field and the ref blew his whistle and the game started.

  After the game started within like 15 minutes in we scored a goal. The whole team went crazy. We couldn’t believe that we scored that fast and then 20 minutes after that we scored again. We couldn’t believe it again we scored; we thought that it would’ve been a closer game than it was. The ref blew his whistle to signal halftime. We went to the corner flag that was next to the goal. Our coach was pleased with how we played the first half. After we heard what coach had to say to us we went back to the bench. When we went back we could hear the other coach screaming at his team. I mean like you could hear him from the street. That’s how loud it was.

The ref again signaled the second half start by blowing his whistle. This time it didn't take us 15 or 20 min to score a goal. We thought that the final goal was going to be 2 to 0. But, we thought wrong. With about 5 min left in the second h we scored again. At this time we knew that it was going to be over and we were right. The ref blew his whistle and that was the end of the game.

  I was happy that we won, but it was nothing what I thought it would be. I thought that it was going to be a closer game and that I would score the last goal. I was hoping to at least score one goal. But that didn't even happen. I can't get mad though because we did win the region championship. Our final record that season was 10-1-1; so I was very happy to have the best record in the region. 

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