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jello mountain adventures

March 2, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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Snowboarding up in the high, high, cliffs and mountains! Terrified of heights and screaming through the flashy green pine trees!

Caylor,Carson,Alec, and I, Brennan, were all waiting in line for the chair lift to take us up to the top of Jello Mountain. The chair lift eventually came after the enormous line we waited in for about 30 minutes. The chair lift fitted four people as we wanted it to be! We all went up to the red line that read, STOP. The chair lift came around the loop and picked us up to go up the mountain!

'Ahhhhhhh', Carson yelled.
The workers at the Jello Express pushed the stop button for all the chair lifts to stop. They helped Carson up back on to the chair lift and on they went.

'That was close. Are you alright though.' Alec asked.

'Yup, I just hurt my arm.' Carson replied.
So on the rest of the way up it was silent. We finally got to the top of Jello Mountain! We got off and strapped into our snowboards. Alec and I told Caylor and Carson that were going to the terrain park and you guys can just go down the mountain.

'okay,' Carson said.
So Alec and I rode off into the terrain park while we watched Caylor and Carson go down the steep Jello Mountain. Pine trees were everywhere, left,right,in front of us ,behind us. It was a green scene. So I told Alec to go first and do a 360 tail grab.

He said, 'okay, simple!'
I sat down and watched him get big air! He grab the tail of his board and did a 360! I was amazing.

I yelled, ' nice job Alec'
Then I heard a loud... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I went down and saw Alec sitting there staring at Carson and Caylor. They both were laying on the ground in the sparky green pine trees. They screamed at the top of their frisky lungs........

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