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NFL Receivers

February 3, 2017
By King_Jordan BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
King_Jordan BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
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Have you ever wondered what National Football League receivers wear as gear, their nutrition and how they work out? Well you'll find the answer as you read this essay. I will help you figure out what you need regarding the right gear, what to eat, and the workouts needed in the everyday life of a football receiver.

There is no doubt that as a receiver will need light, flexible gear. As a receiver you will have to make sure you have the safest of all the gear you can get. First piece of gear you'll need is an excellent helmet that has the perfect facemask for you to see around on the field. Some receivers like to use gloves that have extra grip to catch the ball in midair. NFL receivers like to have all their gear compression fit so that no defender can drag you down. Compression fit clothing will also help you run faster. An interesting fact is that there are actual shoulder pads designed for players in the football receiver position. These pads are more flexible and smaller so a receiver can move his arms to catch more difficult passes.

Haven't you ever wondered what professional receiver’s nutrition is? You will need to have protein shakes or a type of protein liquid at almost every meal, before and after workouts. As a professional receiver and any type of professional athlete you need to stay away from bad food such as candy, potato chips, and fast food. Try to eat foods like chicken, fish, vegetables, steak, and other high-protein meals. It is also recommended that you take many vitamins. Additional vitamins help to keep you from getting sick and encourages strong bones and a healthy brain.

There are many ways in which to work out as a receiver. The weight room is one of the most important places to stay fit. But you will not want to get too much muscle mass or your body will not move as flexible. You'll find that using the treadmill will help you stay conditioned and have a high stamina. Always continue stretching throughout the day because stretching will help your growth and your flexibility so that you can do your routes better and catch the ball easier. Doing drills that work on your speed angles will help you be a better receiver. Although the intensity may vary it is still important to make sure you are doing drills, working out and stretching every day.

As you can see being a professional receiver is very hard work. Make sure you always have the best gear and safest gear. It is crucial to eat healthy and high-protein food. Also never forget to work out every day and sometimes take rest days. Avoiding junk food, smoking, drugs and alcohol is very important. Imagine this, you're a rookie as a pro receiver in the NFL. There are 30 seconds left in the game and no more timeouts. You have a Go-Route you are running down the field. You're running. You catch it! You pass the goal line and score a touchdown! Your team has won the game! The crowd is screaming. You feel the rush. Now ask yourself, “Do you think you could work as hard as a receiver does?” It would be very hard of course but remember that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

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I am a football receiver from Anchorage, Alaska and I hope to play for the NFL someday.

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