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Stop Cheering for the Cubs

March 12, 2009
By Anonymous

I’m so sick of the Chicago Cubs. Chicago is split up between the baseball rivalry of the Sox and the Cubs and it’s stupid because everyone knows that the Sox are better. Personally, I’m sick of the Cubs because they will never win a world series, just give up on them already and stop wasting your time and money watching them during the regular season because their just going choke in the play offs. The Cubs have had arguably the best team in the MLB for two years but failed both to even reach the World Series. Also the Chicago Cubs are currently the longest drought in sports history, thus crowning them the worst franchise in sports history; people just need to give up on them because after a hundred years they haven’t delivered. Some might argue that the sox aren’t doing any better but at least they have won a World Series within a hundred years, the 2005 World Series champs.

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