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Can you Pretend?

May 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Can you pretend there is no heaven, no hell beneath this ground?
We live in a world of frustration, confusion and manipulation.
There is no respect here.
Would you trust these swarming demons?
No comfort can be found here, no freedom will let us freely reign.
A fortress of lies and tricks;
Games we’ve forgotten how to play.
These rules are changing… and all that can be heard are those dreaded bloody bombs.

We kill like animals, but without need.
Why do we repel those who we know we need?
We won’t stop until the system is broken,
Until every last drop of blood is shed.

A mother’s only son is dead, a well loved friend.
His battered and beaten body is plastered in the infested, cold, muddy trenches.
And all we care for is the closer win?

We shed no tear for the meaning they may have shared.
Drop one tear, and hope to stop a falling bomb.
Drop another, and hope to save a life.
The more you’d care, the less we’d fall.

A nation declared of “freedom?”
Or a prison worse then hell…

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