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What is the best way to travel?

January 28, 2009
By SunnyJade SILVER, San Jose, Other
SunnyJade SILVER, San Jose, Other
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When choosing your vehicle there are many wonderful options to choose. When opting for a quick ride, an airplane will do just fine. I personally enjoy the inflight movies to pass the time and the snacks are acceptable. It is also great because you can travel from New York to England in less than a day. However, those plane seats can often get very cramped especially during a long flight.

On the other side, if you enjoy the sailing breeze, a cruise would be main option. With a breathtaking view of the sea, a luxurious room and mouthwarming delicacies, these would easily become a hit on your travel plans. The budget for this cruise might be abundant depending on which carrier, but a precious moment with the one you love is sometimes worth it. If the price is not right, a different choice is available.

Sometimes a car drive is something worthwhile. A precious view of the mountainside, going down the hill, and a good idea if it is somewhere near. One actually is able to encounter nature a bit. I once found much entertainment in looking beyond the window, such as a huge bird. On the down side, it would not be a good idea if it is somewhere far, because of the gas prices and other expenses.

Another good idea (especially if looking at the scenery sounds like fun), would be to ride a train. Listening to the roar of the engine and the sound of the train tearing down the path, and enjoy riding it can authentic. One thing recommendable is that you at least bring a crossword puzzle just in case. I believe that the beauty of traveling is held in the eye of the believer. Once I travelled on the train all the way to New York and I saw very amazing sights that I will never regret seeing. A beautiful sunset over a forest and the night sky shining with the moon. Honestly, I believe that this the funnest way and unregretable moments.

Traveling is the best way to encounter nature. In the airplane, one sees the tall mountains, the low valleys, the rivers and lakes. It is also a moment of isolation from society in a way. In planes, isn't a person glad that they can't use a blackberry and get a lot of messages. Or just get away from the pesky neighbors, or that bratty kid (even though we truly love him or her). The perfect travel is available for any single reason and appropriate for the moment. Remember, there are always many options and don't become afraid of doing only one

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