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The Best Day of My Life

February 1, 2009
By JaySwag GOLD, Lindenwold, New Jersey
JaySwag GOLD, Lindenwold, New Jersey
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Ring, Ring! The repetitive noise of my alarm clock went off at an unusually early time, 5:00am. Although it was early, I was already awake. Today we were going to Seaside Heights, and I was taking two friends with me. I was excited. I got up, and began to get ready. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and put on a new set of clothes. While all this was going on my parents were getting ready, and my friends were on their way over to our house. Our entire luggage was stacked high next to the front door. It was close to 6:00am when there was a knock on the door. My friends were here.

'Thank you for allowing them to come with us, I assure you they will be fine', my mom said to their parents.

'Okay, call us if you need anything', their parents replied. After a short conversation we packed the car.

When I walked out, I took a deep breath of the fresh summer air. It was such a nice day. The weather was not scorching, but it was not oddly cold for the summer either. It was perfect. We finally left the house at 7:00a.m. When we got into the car my parents put on the radio for us. Since we all liked different genres of music, we could not agree on any one station to listen to. So being teens in today's society we talked it out and figured out the only logical solution.

'Well we all have our iPods with us right?' my friend asked.

'I have mine', my other friend replied.

'I have mine too', I said.

'Well then let's all just listen to our iPods for a little', she said.

As we listened to our iPods, the car ride began to seem endless. I know that I saw the same trees, at least three or four times.

'Do you want to stop for a late breakfast', my dad asked.

'No thanks, we will wait till we get there', I answered.

Traffic was very bad and by this time it was already close to 9:30am. We decided we would just wait till we get there, and have lunch. It was probably only 30 minutes later that we pulled up to a bright blue sign with a sun on it that said, 'Welcome to Seaside Heights'. It was even shorter after that that we arrived at the hotel we would call home for the next week. We unpacked our bags and moved ourselves into the room. The room was smaller than expected but it still had a private room for everybody. After we got situated, watched T.V. and took a quick nap it was probably 11:45am.

'Who wants to go for lunch?' my friend asked

'I do', my other friend and I said simultaneously.

We walked out onto the boardwalk and looked at a bunch of food places. We finally found, or our noses finally found, I should say, a nice restaurant that had the scent of Italian food coming out of it. My friends both got two slices of pizza and lemonade. I ordered a sausage sandwich with roasted peppers, fried onions, and lemonade. The food was delicious! The sausage was fried perfectly, and the peppers were not too sweet, or too spicy. The lemonade was so refreshing after the long drive, and walk to find the food place.

After we ate we walked out onto the boardwalk again. Looked at from left to right, and then left to right again. We gazed out to the dancing water. I cannot speak for them, but I thought of all the possible things to do and what fun adventures were laid out ahead of us. It all hit me at once, and this became the best day of my life.

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