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The Hussle

September 22, 2020
By christianabollacker, Littleton, Colorado
christianabollacker, Littleton, Colorado
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There's a 16 year old boy named Conrad Michaels. He's best friends with  Journey Fin.  They live in the woods together, in the middle of nowhere. Their parents were best friends and one night they went on a double date, and somebody T-Bone them at 75 miles an hour.  Long story short they didn't make it. The Government tried to cover it up. They didn't even send the guy to jail. Journey and Conrad ran away, so that they wouldn't send them into foster care. But now war has come across their country, There are two sides the Royals, and the runts. The runts are the outcasts of the country, they are trying to bring Justice for the rest of the country that's getting controlled like puppets. And the Royals, they are the government servants essentially, The president named Isaac Crow is the leader and everybody agrees and does whatever he wants them to do. Are Journey and Conrad going to fight with the runts, or are they going to act like nothing's happening?


The Hussle

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