Pursuit | Teen Ink


April 30, 2021
By Anonymous

       “Hello America, this is President Marco Lima with a dire message. Most of our children today are joyful, smart, and kind, but one age group does not meet those qualities. They are vicious, cruel, and corrupt to the core. By tomorrow at midnight all of them must be in federal hands so we can personally extinguish the threat! This will allow our other kids to thrive, grow, and prosper freely, without the chains of this particular age group. Parents, I know this will be tough on you, but remember the common good, that message applies to you kids as well who are not part of this particular age group. Please, all fourteen year olds must be captured, which is why my own daughter has already been captured. It’s for the common good so please! We have until midnight tomorrow.”

       “We have an announcement, all fourteen year olds MUST report to the gymnasium for an important message. I repeat all, even if you're taking a test, all fourteen year olds MUST report to the gymnasium for an important message!” Jacob, Jerry, and Justin sit confused in their 8th grade math class. Maybe they would get to skip the last class of the day. Jerry jokes with them “Maybe the Principal got pranked again.” Jacob responds “Yea, he’s gonna kill us this time.” Justin, the conscious of the group, reminds them “He probably just wants to say goodbye and congratulate us before we enter high school.” 

       Just before they enter the gymnasium they see outside at least thirty police cars parked near the back exit of the gymnasium. As Jacob enters he feels his stomach turn. All three of them lock eyes, but not for long as the crowd of students pushes them forward, and everyone files into the bleachers. Behind them police officers close the doors and Jacob notices them whispering. What was going on?

       The boy’s, positioned in the upper rows, see the police chief talking to the principal. Silence fills the usually raucous arena. The principal finally walks up to the podium with an odd look in his eye. He looks over at the police chief who puts his fist in the air. The principal clears his voice before speaking “Thank you for coming in on such short notice, we're here today to teach you the life saving technique of CPR. One by one we will have you come outside where our trained police officers will teach you how to perform this life saving task.” Immediately, policemen start rudely getting some of the teenagers up and pushing them out the door. Restlessness grows among the teenagers as they get uneasy with the actions they see. Eventually, people realize no one is coming back. As the rows thin Justin proposes something “Guy’s, something isn’t right, let’s get out of here.” “But how do we do that?” asks Jerry. “I don’t know.” responds Justin. So the boys just sit there, waiting for their fate.

       At one point, one of the policemen pushes a female to the ground. Her friend gets up to protect her, but no one else comes to her aid and the two are quickly rushed out the door. Finally time has come for the boy’s to receive their “training”, and they follow the policemen out the door. Jacob, an athletic young man comes out first. “Hey Arnold, we need you to hold onto him for a second, we're out of handcuffs,” says one of the policemen. “Got it” responds a policeman, presumably named Arnold, who grabs Jacob in the arms. “Don’t worry son, we're going to take care of you just fine.” says the policeman now holding Jacobs’ hands behind his back. Jacob’s heart turns ablaze, he looks into the policeman's eye’s, and finds it cold.

       Jerry and Justin now were beside Jacob, both being held by policemen. Jacob feels a rush of desire encompass him, they had done nothing wrong. He breaks free from the officer’s grasp and tackles Justin’s holder onto the ground. The two remaining policemen pull their guns out on Jacob. He gets to his feet and raises his hands into the air. It was hopeless, they had won. All of a sudden Jerry and Justin take off towards the forest beside the school. A chase begins as the policemen start running after the boys. Jacob, now free, runs behind them. Justin, slower than Jerry, trips over a branch five feet away from the forest. The first officer who comes over kicks Justin in the back before pinning him to the ground. 

       The policeman puts his hand over his belt, grabs onto the taser and hit’s Justin in the back with it. Justin’s body starts convulsing on the ground, and the officer takes his foot off. BOOM! Fueled by rage Jacob crashes into the officer, knocking him out. Rolling onto the ground Jacob gets beaten with a baton by the other officer. The officer then reaches down into his own belt, preparing to strike. But out of the forest Jerry jumps at the officer grabbing at his hands wrestling for control of the taser. Jacob, getting up, runs to the back of the officer and grabs at his shoulders, pulling him to the ground with his weight. Jacob, who falls to the ground as well, is pulled up by Jerry. Bang! Bang! Gunshots ring up into the sky. The other officers coming over to see the hold up start running toward the boys.

       “We have to leave him, man, he’ll be safer with them,” yells Jerry. “But it’s Justin we… ” Jerry interrupts Jacob, “We can’t care or carry him, let’s go!” Together they run into the woods, never looking back. They run through the forest for a couple of hours, at some point the officer’s had given up on catching them. They settle in for the night by the Francis river. “What do you think they’re after Jer?” “Well, they're after us, but what did we do?” “That’s the ultimate question,” responds Jacob. Both walk over to the river and start drinking water with their hands. As they go to sleep underneath some tree’s both are so exhausted they don’t hear the helicopter’s fly over during the night.

       Justin sits up on a medical bed in a grey walled hospital. The room has twenty or so other beds with teenagers all lying on them. An armed guard walks over to Justin and tells him to get up. As Justin stands up the guard puts handcuffs on his wrists. “We ran out of cells so we’re just going to hold you in the main gathering area.” says the guard coldly as he leads Justin out of the medical area. In the main gathering area probably three hundred teenagers sit with their hands handcuffed on the concrete floor. Justin realizes he’s in the local jail. On the prison wall Justin notices that a broadcast of WBS is being projected. As Justin sits down among them another teenager introduces himself “Hello, I’m Jeremiah, what’s your name.” “I’m Justin, what’s going on?” “Well, they think we're all irredeemables for some reason, and the government decided it’s their mission to capture us all by tomorrow night.” responds Jeremiah. “So they just arrested us without reason?” asks Justin, perplexed by the things he’s heard. “Yea basically, but about a thousand or so have evaded capture.” responds Jeremiah. Justin now looks at the WBS broadcast with focus for the first time. The broadcast is showing live feeds of teenagers being captured all around the country. In the lower left hand corner of the projection the number 998 is displayed, with the word undetained underneath it.

       “What happened to you? You look all beat up.” asks another teenager next to Justin. “My friends and I tried to escape being captured, but while running away I tripped over a branch and fell. Right after one of the officer’s chasing us tasered me.” responds Justin. “Well that’s awful, my name is Juliana.” “I’m Justin, say, have you heard of anybody with the name Jacob or Jerry being in here?” “No.” responds Juliana. “Quiet, they’re doing the half-hour update.” says Jeremiah. The lady presenting the broadcast says “As of eight thirty tonight the amount of undetained fourteen year olds is at 781. Authorities have proclaimed they plan to have it all wrapped up by noon tomorrow.” 

       “Do you think your friends are still out there?” asks Juliana. “Maybe, one had made it into the woods before I tripped, and the other was probably still free at the time, but I don’t know if they were captured or not.” responds Justin. The guards turn off the broadcast, “Lights out!” one of them yells. As the teenagers try to get comfortable on the hard concrete floor Jeremiah says “Hopefully they're still free, I wouldn’t count them out.” “I hope so.” responds Justin.

       Birds are chirping as the sun rises. “Let’s head home Jer”. says Jacob while yawning. “What if it’s dangerous though, they want to capture us for some reason.” responds Jerry. “But it’s our family, they’ll protect us.” says Jacob. “Fine Jacob, but somethings wrong, were fugitives.” says Jerry in response. “For what?” asks Jacob. “For something, you know how adults treat our generation. My dad spends more time watching TV than caring about me.” Says Jerry. “Just trust me Jer, we don’t know how to survive out in the wild anyway.” So they begin walking down the Francis river towards the suburb. 

       About halfway to the suburb they see the first helicopter in the sky for that day. “That’s closer to the ground than any one I’ve ever seen before.” remarks Jacob. “Hide!” yells Jerry. Both jump into nearby bush’s as the helicopter comes in their general direction. As it comes over them it slows down. Both Jacob and Jerry hold their breaths in suspense. Slowly it begins to speed up again and head in the general direction of the middle school. As they get out of the bushes they pull off twigs and ticks that latched on to them, Jerry says to Jacob “Everyone’s an enemy Jacob, we must remain vigilant.” As they walk down the river three more helicopters go over towards the middle school. Each time the two of them hide, so as to not be seen. 

       Finally they reach Johnson street on the outskirts of the quiet suburb. “Hey Jerry, why don’t we split up and go separately to our own homes, then later let’s meet back here at three o’clock so we can make sure we're both safe.” “Ok, but be careful, anybody could be an enemy.” says Jerry warning Jacob. Jacob begins south down Johnson street, he then takes a right on Pettleston street before going down three blocks toward his home. As he stands in front of his door he tells himself to breathe. He rings the doorbell, silence. He rings the doorbell again, silence. He reaches over to press the doorbell again but the door opens up “Hello, aw! Call 911! Call 911!” his mother screams as she runs away from the door. “Mom, it’s just me, Jacob.” says Jacob pleadingly as he steps into the house. “Get away from me!” she yells as her hand opens up the silverware drawer. “Mom.” Jacob pleads. “Out!” his mom yells as she pulls out a chef’s knife. Jacob slowly retreats out trying not to cry as his once beloved mother threatens him with a knife! Calling him evil and irredeemable. His mother then slams the door on his face.

       As Jacob let’s go of the outside door he’s stunned. He sits down on the steps leading up to the door in shame. His jeans are drenched in sweat and sticking to his legs. His flannel sweater is also drenched, and the summer heat makes him feel nauseous. His mind clouds with heat and confusion, he takes off his flannel and hangs his head. What have I done wrong, he thinks. He begins to think of the past, the joy, the sorrow, and the happiness that was all gone from him now. But for what? I still have Jer though, he finally thinks, and he stands up slowly in quietness.

       So Jacob begins back towards the meeting place, after 5 minutes Jacob reaches it safely. But out of the corner of his eye he sees another helicopter coming, no wait, now there were probably fifty heading in his direction. He runs into the forest trying to find someplace to hide. The propellers now come within hearing distance. As Jacob looks around for a spot the copter’s stop about a half mile away from Jacob. He realizes they’re right over his house, and that they're moving again, towards him! 

       He starts running as hard as he can to get away. He remembers a large log that was lying along the riverside earlier and runs toward it. As he pushes the about five feet long by two feet wide log into the water he grabs a smaller log, about three inches in diameter and three feet long. He jumps on to the larger log and pushes off from the coast with the smaller log. He starts losing his balance though and causes the log to start rolling as he struggles for balance. In one final last gasp he tries to push the rolling log in the opposite direction to get it to stop, but he falls into the water anyway. He tries to swim up, but he can’t gain any momentum. He closes his eyes, it seems like the end. As he falls farther into the water the back of his eyes light up. A voice starts speaking to him.

       Jerry begins north up Johnson street. He walks ten blocks before taking a right on Buffalo street. He walks another four blocks before reaching his house. He opens the garage door as he always does, and tries to open the door connecting into the house, but it’s locked. He can hear someone talking inside so he places his ear near the peep hole. It’s his Dad talking, “Yes he’s my son. No I haven't helped him out in any way. Just get here as soon as possible okay, I’m scared. Goodbye.” To Jerry it sounds as if his Dad was talking on the phone. Jerry thinks over the words again, it must be the police, and now they’re coming after him!

       Jerry jumps onto his bike and starts biking west down Buffalo street as fast as he can. All around him sirens light up on different streets. Two blocks ahead of him a police car turns into the street. Jerry quickly turns right onto a different street. Behind him the police car begins closing in. He takes a sudden left to try to gain some distance but at the end of the new street another police car awaits him. Jerry looks around the classic vanilla suburb he used to call his own. He turns right onto a driveway and veers off onto the grass between two houses. When he reaches the back fence behind the houses he ditches his bike and starts escalating up to the other side. 

       Behind the police cars pull up the driveway and get out. They start chasing after Jerry on foot. As Jerry reaches the other side he sees a low patio and dives under it to hide. When the officers finally get over the fence they run past the patio not seeing Jerry underneath. All of a sudden a woman yells out the front door “He’s under the patio in the back.” The people living in the house must have somehow seen him go under there. Jerry crawls out and climbs over the fence back to the other side with the officers close behind him. He runs out in front of the house and sees the police cars in the driveway, Jerry notices they’re still running. Jerry opens the door to the car closest to the street and jumps in. He’s never driven a real car before, but he’s been in the back seat plenty of time’s. He puts the car in reverse and pulls out as quickly as possible. The policemen get in the other car just as Jerry goes into drive and speeds off down the street. 

       As Jerry gets up to 85 on the residential street more police cars join the one already chasing him. As the road ends Jerry turns left and almost rolls the car over on the curb, but he manages to keep it upright on the road. In front of him a police car stops perpendicular to Jerry, blocking him from going up the street. He stops the car twenty feet away from the police car in front as the other police car’s pull in behind him. Jerry gets out of the vehicle and starts running toward the houses to his left. The herd of policemen get out too and run after Jerry. Jerry again runs between two houses and climbs up the back fence. When Jerry climbs up he realizes the fence he’s standing on is six inches wide on top, and he sees that policemen are waiting on the other side for him. In desperation he starts running on top of the fence and jumps on top of a nearby garage. As the policemen follow in behind him he jumps from the garage onto the house it belongs to. He runs to the edge away from the policemen, and jumps down onto the ground almost breaking a leg, but he gets up and keeps on running. 

       About twenty policemen now chase him on somebody’s lawn. He then turns diagonally heading onto the street. But as he does that one of the police officers gets in their car and drives towards him. As the car is about to hit Jerry, he jumps onto the hood of the car with one foot before jumping off that same foot and launching himself over the police car. As he lands though his knee’s buckle and he falls onto the ground. The other policemen run over and pin his body on the ground and handcuff him. They load him into a police car, ironically the same one he had jumped over, and they take him to a prison. As he enters the grey and ominous structure he holds his head in shame, at least he had tried right?

       At seven o’clock the guards turn on the lights, the guards also project the news, probably because they were interested as well about what was happening. Justin looks to see how many were still uncaptured, 282 were still free. “How did you sleep?” asks Juliana. “I didn’t sleep at all.” responds Justin. “Me neither.” says Juliana. “I slept wonderfully.” says Jeremiah pepping in. As the morning goes on the guards never feed them breakfast. “What’s going to happen to us?” asks Justin. Jeremiah responds “I guess I assumed you knew, but their plan is to execute us all tonight at midnight.” “So that’s why they’re treating us like a bunch of expired meat, we have no more use anymore.” says Justin sarcastically. Juliana cuts in “Don’t think of it that way, in order for this to happen we must be important in some way.” “So you're saying there’s a reason for this, and that means there is a way out of this.” says Jeremiah. “Exactly, that’s why they’ve updated the number of undetained every half hour. 282 people just isn’t enough to corrupt the world as they’re saying it will.” responds Juliana.

       At seven thirty they announce 202 still remain undetained, at eight they announce that the number has dropped 151. On the screen they show a list of all the undetained. The group grows quiet as their state’s list scrolls across the screen. As it goes down Justin sees Jacob’s and Jerry’s name and shouts “Those are my friends.” Everyone looks at Justin in surprise, someone shouts “How fit are they?” Justin responds “They’re the most athletic kids at our school.” At eight thirty 132 still remain, and on the list Jacob and Jerry are still on it. They all watch nervously as the broadcast plays video of captures non-stop. One teenager is found hiding under his bed, another is captured while playing a violin on top of a house, and another is caught trying to buy a plane ticket while in disguise with cash. 

       “This is a WBS alert, in California a school hiding 50 fourteen year olds has been exposed and all have been captured. That brings the total number of free fourteen year olds down to 82.” The group groans at the horrible news. The silence of defeat soon descends right after as people see their life flash before their young eyes. “As of nine am officials announce 62 fourteen year olds are still free. Stay tuned for more exciting coverage.” It was anything but exciting to the teenagers who were living it, their lives were falling away before their eyes. “This is a WBS score alert, officials now report 39 fourteen year olds remain free, we will keep you up to date on all the breaking news as it happens right here on WBS, America’s most trustworthy news.” The pageantry was not amusing to anybody, except for the guards who were now placing bets if someone would make it, and how many would be left in the next half hour.

       “This is a WBS score alert, officials now report that as of ten o’clock 22 fourteen year olds are still free. We are now displaying the updated list on your screen now. If you know anything about these fourteen year olds' whereabouts please call our tip line at 1-800-WBS-NEWS so we can report it to the right authority.” At the bottom of the list everyone in the group lifts their heads up, and all feel a little bit better, because Jacob and Jerry are still out there. During the next half hour only three teenagers are caught bringing the total down to 19. “This is a WBS score alert, in France local officials have arrested 15 American fourteen year olds who were on a school trip. American ambassadors in France quickly exchanged cash for the fourteen year olds. That brings the total down to 4 fourteen year olds still left undetained. Will they swim or will they drown, stay tuned on WBS for more instant updates.” The air leaves the building, everyone is shocked at the news. Their time was almost up.

       In Texas footage is shown of a teenager trying to get over the border into Mexico, but a local drug cartel detains her. The police then give cash to the cartel in exchange for the female and then arrest her. It’s now down to three. The broadcast then changes to an overlook of New York City, they’ve found the third teenager. The screen then changes to body cam footage of the chase as it goes through Central Park. As the male comes near the edge he goes through Strawberry field, but as he leaves Central Park he is trapped all around with no escape. As they close in he sits down at one of the benches along the park and looks up into the sky. After he’s captured it’s down to two teenagers left. They show pictures on the screen and give their last spotted location. Jacob and Jerry are now the most wanted fugitives in the country, the government offers one million dollars for their arrest alive. One hundred thousand for clues of their location.

       As time reaches eleven thirty they still remain missing. But the broadcast soon turns to helicopter footage of a chase, they’ve found Jerry! The helicopter first arrives just as Jerry jumps over the fence and hides underneath the patio. As they watch the lady tell the police officers of Jerry’s location someone yells “She sold him out!” As Jerry jumps in the car they start to get hopeful again. Some hoop and holler as Jerry barely avoids flipping over the car. “You’ve got some pretty good friends.” says Jeremiah to Justin as the chase goes on. Justin quietly laughs in response, but not for long as Jerry is forced to stop on the road. They all hold their breath as he runs out of the car and through the yards. As Jerry runs across the fence and onto the garage some stand up in response to the excitement they feel. As he jumps off the house and keeps running hope fills the air as they all stand up now. As Jerry jumps over the police car a near riot breaks out as the heavily outnumbered guards try to calm them down. Even though Jerry is captured right after some yell “Remember the jump!” taking from the same vein as “Remember the Alamo!”

       But as they calm down they realize that only one of them still remains. As helicopter footage changes to the pursuit of Jacob they all hush as this is their last chance. Even as Jerry is brought into the prison thirty minutes later they stay glued to their final chance at survival. As Jerry sits down next to Justin they exchange greetings, but nothing can take their eyes off of the history they are seeing.

       Jacob feels a burst of energy, he propels his arms faster and faster. The sun rays circle all around him. He reaches the surface just as his body feels ready to give up. Fresh air fills his lungs like he never thought they would again. He slowly swims over to the larger log, “Thank you God.” he says. He had never been a religious person before, but now God set his path straight. He has one mission now, to survive as long as possible. Jacob rolls himself onto the larger log, he then grabs the smaller log and looks up into the sky. The helicopters are heading right toward him. “Ok” he says. He starts paddling with the smaller log towards the copters. 

       The copters start opening their shutters as they approach Jacob. Out of the copters hundreds of marines start parachuting down, but Jacob keeps on paddling forward. There was more white in the sky then blue now, but still he kept on paddling. He’s now half way through the cloud of marines, but they’re only 50ft off the water. As they approach it’s clear Jacob won’t make it through. As they come within 20ft off the water a strong wind starts blowing in the opposite direction of Jacob. It blows so hard he stops paddling and holds on for dear life. “Why?” he asks. But then it stops, and Jacob looks around. “I see.” he says, the marines were blown 20ft behind him, but they start swimming at a ferocious pace right toward Jacob. Jacob stands up on the log and starts paddling.

       He stops looking at the marine’s and just tries to paddle as hard as he can, he knows God will fill in the rest. After a quarter of a mile boats filled with marines start heading down toward Jacob. 500 feet in front of Jacob stands Flyhole falls, which goes down a terrifying 75 feet. Both Jacob and the marines start giving all of themselves to achieve their goals. The marines need to capture Jacob before the falls, and Jacob needs to get to the falls before he is captured by the marines. They reach the final 100ft, the boats are now within 50ft of Jacob. As Jacob get’s within 50ft of the falls the boats get within 10ft of Jacob. Jacob turns around, the boats stop to avoid falling over the falls. Jacob clamps his hands together above his head, he bends his knees, he takes a deep breath in. As his mind focuses on God he jumps backwards over the falls turning his body upside down. As he descends he sees the entire city of Francis. 

       Splash! Jacobs hands cut through the water like butter at the bottom of the falls. His momentum carries him 10ft below the surface. He swims slowly to the surface, his body feels nowhere near as bad as he thought it would. Bobbing his head out of the water he sees hundreds of helicopters flying over, trying to see if he was alive or not. “Thank you God.” he says as he starts swimming toward the northern shore. The helicopters start moving in his direction, they must see him in the water. As Jacob reaches the shore he’s 100ft down due to the current. He runs through the park gate and into the parking lot, along the cliffside marines run down the stairs after Jacob. The enormous parking lot is empty except for a yellow van two thirds of the way down. The marines are gaining on him fast, he runs for the only hope he has at escaping. As he runs, hundreds of marines pursue right behind him. He’s flopping his hands trying to gain any speed he can. The yellow van slides open it’s back door, Jacob sees it and lowers his head. The marines dive trying to catch Jacob as he dives into the yellow van. Jacob collapses in exhaustion, the gas pedal buzz’s, the wheels turn and they’re off. 

       As Jacob regains his consciousness he raises his head, he realizes he has no idea where he is. “How are you doing?” asks a strange lady who's sitting in the passenger seat. “I’m exhausted.” responds Jacob, who asks quickly “What’s going on?” “You're the only one left.” responds the lady. “Of what?” asks Jacob. The lady responds “Of the fourteen year olds, if they capture you you’re all dead.” “For what?” asks Jacob. The lady turns around and says “They think you're evil, but we just know it’s wrong. We saw this moment in our dreams and we knew we had to help you. You know you're on TV right?” “I’m on TV?” asks Jacob confusedly. “Yea, there’s a countdown in time square.” “Until when?” asks Jacob. “Until midnight, if you don’t get captured they can’t fulfill their plan. Which means there’s hope for a good end if you make it.”

       Jacob sits up fully, he sees they’re flying down the highway. Behind them police car’s are hunting them down. The guy driving the van starts to brake, Jacob looks forward and see’s the police have barricaded the road. The guy pulls the van to the side of the elevated highway. The highway was built to allow people to drive into the city without going through the slums. They’re surrounded now, all three get out and walk to the edge. Jacob puts his hands against the highway wall, he feels a knob. It’s a maintenance door! Jacob kicks the locked door open, on the other side there’s a ladder leading down into the slums. The male and female (presumably a couple) follow Jacob down the ladder. They climb over the fence blocking people from climbing up the ladder and run into the streets of the slum. A horde of police descend down into the streets as well chasing after the three. 

       Some people look out their doors to see what they’ve been watching on their TV. A couple step out looking at the chase of the three down the street. A couple of dogs run out into the street running with them. Their masters run out to corral them and a small group forms. Some more people run out into the streets to join the group, all around people see Jacob and think, are they so bad? Some people in the group yell to their family and friends to join them, the group starts to consistently grow as the police are blocked from getting to Jacob. All of a sudden the mental wall breaks and people start to mob into the street. The police stop chasing after Jacob, they can’t get through the mass of people. Jacob slows to a jog, he looks behind him and sees the presumptive couple is gone, lost in the crowd. A lane forms in the crowd allowing Jacob to keep on moving. The people celebrate in the street high fiving Jacob as he runs down going deeper into the city. 

       Eventually Jacob reaches the capitol building. He runs up the steps and looks at the sprawling crowd. A street party has formed and Jacob points at the crowd because they had saved him and everyone else his age. He decides to go into the capitol to see if he can get any answers. He sees as he walks in the politician's huddling around TV’s hunched over. They slowly turn around and look at Jacob, some have tears in their eyes. One of the politicians runs over to Jacob and goes down on his knees “Please let them capture you, PLEASE!” “Why?” demands Jacob loudly. The politician bends down, he’s crying. “Why?” asks Jacob again. The politician picks up his head “The terrorists will kill them all unless America kills all of their fourteen year olds.” “Who?” asks Jacob. The man says “At the UN conference the terrorists captured every country's leader and demanded American blood.” “So why do we have to pay the price!” states Jacob to all the politicians. Another politician walks over to Jacob, “How do you think we can survive without our leaders?” Jacob looks over at her “So you think the small group of powerful people are more important than millions of American teenagers?” “Yes, your whole life rests on their good decisions anyway.” Jacob holds his lip, he can’t take this anymore, they had won anyway. But as he walks out the politicians jump on him and pin him to the ground. “How do you expect to be reelected!” shouts Jacob as he wrestles on the ground with the politicians. One of the politicians answers back, “They believe everything we say, they’ll understand why when we tell them the real reason later.” Someone punches Jacob in the head and he goes out cold.

       “Nooo!” screams someone as Jacob’s unconscious body is dragged out on the screen. They thought they had won, both Jerry and Jacob hold their breath as the politicians set up a mike on the steps of the capital. The state’s governor comes up to the podium “We the people have made a decision, and with the capture of the detestable Jacob here we have solved the greatest threat to our world.” The crowd boo’s and starts throwing trash up onto the stage. The politicians start retreating back into the capitol building in response. The helicopters above start to send marines down to protect the politicians. The teenagers struggle to see what’s going on as chaos descends upon the capital. The crowd begins to push against the locked doors into the capitol. As the marines hit the ground they form small rings trying to assert order, but they never hit anyone in the crowd. 

       After some time the marines form a ring around the capital only deflecting the crowd’s advance. As time hits five thirty WBS pulls away from the now boring scene to air the nightly news. At first they try to push away the most pressing matter of the day, but as they cover other news it all funnels back to the imprisonment, and in the future killing, of over a million people. The anchor hands over to a reporter in the crowd outside of the capital, the reporter has three people they selected to conduct an interview with on their perspective. The first one says “I think this execution is justified, we always knew something about the next generation was bad. Now we have identified the stain, and will remove it from the fabric of society.” The second one says “I think we need to wait and look this over again. I haven't decided if this is good or bad, but I know we should wait and think this over again.” The third one is a little girl with a tear in her eye. She retreats into the comfort of her mothers hands. The reporter moves the mike over in front of her face, she finally says “I want my bwother back.” The girl turns around and goes deeper into her mothers arms, the reporter turns it back over to the anchor. 

       Everyone’s hearts ache for a moment, it feels good to know there are still people who care about them. They watch the overhead perspective, it looks as though more and more people are joining the crowd. They watch in anticipation as the marines are being pushed farther back, but they hold. More helicopters arrive above the scenes and drop reinforcements to the ailing marines. The crowd now stretches across the entire city pushing down on the reinforced circle. WBS changes its broadcast back to the studio with the anchor. “WBS, and all of our fellow stations are announcing we are changing our stance on the major current issue, we will no longer support this unjustified imprisonment of millions of people. We're sorry for our lack of clear headedness at the beginning, but we see these people are not so bad. So now we encourage you, and we will try ourselves to help these people in any way we can. Let’s not be complacent right now America.” A feeling of hope goes through the battered group. Maybe a corner was being turned.

       As Jacob is being pinned to the ground he can still hear the TV in the background. As his sister speaks, his body is crushed with this overwhelming feeling. As the hum of the crowd gets closer and louder inside the capital, Jacob feels hopeful something is going to happen. The WBS announcement feels like a signal to him, “Help us, God!” he begs. Some of the politicians look over at the TV, they know those people won’t be voting for them next election cycle. Outside the people grow louder and louder, the politicians get off of Jacob and look at the capitol door. Jacob stands up, he can hear the roar growing even more. The crowd breaks through the door as the politicians run away towards the back rooms. Jacob stands in the middle watching the people swarm around him, he is now free, but there is still something left to do. He goes against the crowd and walks up through the doors outside. He stands looking out on top of the steps at the massive crowd. He looks at the area where he had been held, he sees the podium is still there. He walks over and puts his mouth in front of the mike, he takes a deep breath in and tries to relax.

       “Everyone! Everyone! Calm down! Let’s not trash our city, okay, this world travesty has ended. So I call upon you to thank God for what just happened. Even though all the world leaders may die, we have saved millions of people today. I know this is fun to be here celebrating what just happened, but please don’t burn our wonderful city. Our politicians had a misconception when this started, they thought the top was more important than the bottom. But I say to you today, no one is more important than anyone else, you may be living in a dumpster or a mansion, and that still doesn't matter. God doesn't care about you any greater or lesser than anyone else because of it. Because of their actions some of you may be inclined to punish or hate law enforcement or marines, but remember they were just doing their jobs, and it’s now between them and God, not between you and them. So please cherish this moment, and don’t turn this into a socialist rebellion. Because of this we are stronger and more open minded than before, so don’t forget the good this brings. Finally, I’d like to say hello and thank you to my little sister Johanna. I overheard you speaking on television and it inspired my heart. Thank you all for saving my generation, and I hope we can all put this behind us.”

       After the speech the crowd calmed down and Jacob was reunited with his family. Everyone who was captured in prisons was released right after the speech, and the police gave them all free rides back to their homes. That following fourth of July a special election was held where every elected position was on the ballot, to say the least a lot of incumbents lost. Faced with their bad actions and perspectives many people decided to spend more time with God, and society benefited because of it. Sadly, all of the world leaders did die, but this sparked anti-terrorist sentiment around the globe. The terrorist group that did the horrendous event was choked out within three months, a sign governments were more action based than they used to be.

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