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The Island of Natural Discoveries

April 30, 2021
By annilakatos, Mashpee, Massachusetts
annilakatos, Mashpee, Massachusetts
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It is the year 2050, and there is no authentic nature remaining in this futuristic world. It is a story about two adventurous girls who are spending an ordinary day at the local park when they come across a mysterious plastic butterfly that leads them to a secluded plastic tree with a small hidden door. The door leads them to an island that holds the last traces of organic nature. While on the island they discover a rare and endangered species of duck. Later on, the girls discover their town has plans to clear the island to expand on the modern-day civilization. They have to fight to end construction and save the species and the island's beauty. They create a plan to make an appearance at a local fundraising event to collect signatures from town citizens. With the signatures, the girls approach the town Mayor and propose their plan. Mayor Bloomingdale is impressed by their proposal and halts the construction. The two girls over overjoyed as they just saved the endangered species and the island's natural beauty. 

Annika L.

The Island of Natural Discoveries

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