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The Assassin's Revenge

December 15, 2010
By JrCarpentero, Unalaska, Alaska
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JrCarpentero, Unalaska, Alaska
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Author's note: I watch a lot of gruesome movies and other movies that have to do with murdering and assassins. This inspired me to write a piece that is a mixture of all those different elements.

Haywood McHunt died in 2007 on the 7th of May in the small town of Townsville. He was brutally murdered in a stranded alley by a gang named the Faceless Assassins. This group of people was probably the most feared in the history of Townsville. There were always murders happening every few weeks. More and more people kept fleeing from town, and only the ones who were either brave or didn’t care about life anymore stayed. When the police arrived to the scene late at night, the first thing that they noticed was the blood splattered everywhere. While they were walking around Haywood, one of the police officers slipped and fell will a large thud. When everybody turned on their flashlights they saw a bunch of gooey, pinkish objects that turned out to be Haywood’s organs and arteries. The police then concluded at the end of the night that Haywood was kidnapped, mugged, and sliced up and had his body parts extracted from him.

Haywood had a son named Richard B. McHunt. Richard was a former Faceless Assassin. He was given a mission to assassinate the employees of a local grocery store so the rest of the gang could come in and stock up in materials and resources. When he walked into the store, he happened to see a huge group of kids that seemed to be on a field trip. They probably stopped by the store so the teachers could buy them lunch. When he realized that he would’ve had to murder all those innocent children, he had to back out of the mission. When he confessed that he failed to the rest of the gang, they kicked him out. Ever since he was kicked out, he has just been staying in a little motel and living on a minimum wage at that very store.

Even though Richard was kicked out, he still knew all the classified things about them. He even knew their Facebook account. A few days after Haywood’s death, Richard decided to log on their account. When he went to their Facebook wall, one of the posts that he read talked about the murdering of his father. Instantly Richard’s eyes became narrow. His face was becoming really red, like he was about to explode in anger. He let out a loud scream and furiously threw the computer out of the window. The rest of his day went on horribly, and with only one thought in Richard’s head, “Why did I have to back out of that mission?! It was all my fault. If I just would have completed that mission, none of this would’ve ever happened!” He rued everything that happened. The next day, he decided to go to the cemetery to visit his deceased father. “I will avenge you,” Richard said. “As God as my witness, I will avenge you!” The next day, Richard devised a plan to get rid of the Faceless Assassins for good. His plan was to sneak into their headquarters, and assassinate each and every member one by one.

ater that afternoon, Richard went around town to gather up the materials he needed. He stopped by the local grocery store first. If you walked through the entrance, there would usually be an ad posting along the walls. As he was walking, he noticed a flier that looked quite interesting.

“Violence Prevention Meeting
8:00 p.m. on May 9th in the conference room of the Rec Center.
There will be food and beverages
Be prepared to share your ideas and stories”

He decided that it might be a good idea to attend the meeting. He had the urge to share the story about his father’s death. As he entered the conference room, the first thing he noticed was a banner saying that the topic today was about the Faceless Assassins. After everyone ate, they all sat down to begin the meeting. He sat down next to a man that looked very depressed. He had his face buried under his arms and looked like he was sleeping.

“Hey, I’m Richard,” he stuck his hand out to greet him.

He stuck out his head, “Oh, hi. I’m Hulio.” He completely ignored his hand.

“What’s wrong?” Richard said.

“Well, it’s just that I have nothing to live for anymore. The only person that I had left was my brother, and he was murdered a few weeks ago by the Faceless Assassins,” Hulio said as he started to tear up.
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. You see, my father was murdered too. He was recently murdered just a couple days ago, and he was also kind of the last person I had in my life.”

There was silence between them for the next fifteen minutes. While the meeting was going on, Richard just started to get the urge to let out his plans about his revenge.

“Hey,” Richard said softly. “Are you going to do anything about your brother’s death?”

“Well, of course I do,” Hulio said. “The question is, what can I do about it? I can’t take them down all by myself.”

“Well, I’m a former Faceless Assassin, and I had nothing to do with your brother’s death. But now I kind of want to get revenge, too. I already have my plans laid out and everything. It’d be pretty nice I could have a partner by my side to help me out,” Richard replied.

“Oh, really? Well that sounds great!” Hulio said. He started to sound a little happier.

“Awesome, come over later and we’ll continue this conversation,” Richard replied.

That moment was probably the most exciting moment of Richard’s life. He knew that he couldn’t take down the gang all by himself, and now he was lucky that he had a companion by his side that was fighting for the same reason he was. Richard knew everything about that gang. He knew all the codes in their headquarters, the passwords for every account, and so much more. Devising the plan was going to be a piece of cake, but actually pulling it off was easier said than done.

Richard knew that the headquarters was pretty much a maze looking hallway. There was a station being guarded by only one member. Then at the end of the maze was where the leader was, Bon Qui Qui. Bon Qui Qui was the strongest member of the gang. His powers were greater than you can imagine. And to add to that, the room he was in was filled with two of his strongest minions. There used to be three, and one of them was Richard.

The plan was to snipe out the two members at the front door. They would then take their suits and use it as a disguise so they could walk into the headquarters. While they walked past each person in the station, they would turn around and silently assassinate them while using the maze twist and turns for cover from the next station. They would keep doing this method until they got to the room with Bon Qui Qui and his minions. They would act as if they were delivering food to him. Then while nobody was paying attention, Hulio would plant a detonating bomb on the back Bon Qui Qui’s throne. They would then detonate the bomb when they got far enough from the headquarters.

“Sounds good to me. I just can’t wait to get my hands on them,” Hulio said anxiously.

They spent the next morning and afternoon getting prepared for the big night. They gathered up all the materials including weapons such as snipers, swords, and more. They were also actually pretty cocky about it since they put such a good plan together. They just couldn’t wait to finally get revenge on the Faceless Assassins.

Later that night, at around 9:30 P.M., they started Operation Assassination. They drove up and parked their car near an abandoned warehouse that was just located up the hill from the headquarters. From there they took their snipers and put silencers on them. They were lying down just above the hill where they could see the headquarters. As they looked through their scopes they could see that the two guards at the front door were just lazily sitting there.

“This is going to be easier than I thought,” Richard said. “We’ll take them out in three, two, on—“

“WAIT!” Hulio said.

“What is it?!” Richard said impatiently.

“Do you really think that we’re doing the right thing?” Hulio said in shame. “I mean, sure I want revenge. But do you think that there is something else we could do instead of murdering them?”

Richard opened his eyes wide. He realized that he didn’t need to do this. Maybe Hulio was right. It looked like he was about to put the gun down and call off the mission, but then something horrible happened. He clutched his head as a montage of all the features of his father’s death went through his mind. Hulio started to get worried. A few minutes later, he came back to his senses and immediately sniped out both of the guards. “Let’s go,” Richard said.

They hurried to the front door to relieve them of their suits. “What happened back there?” Hulio said. “I don’t even know, Richard said. It was like my father just took over my head and told me that I had to do this now.” It looked like Richard was getting back into a normal state. While they were changing, they quickly went over the plan to avoid any errors and mistakes. They knew how important this whole thing was to them and they were not going to let anything get in their way.

“Are you ready?” Richard said with determination.

“Heck yeah dude, let’s do this!” Hulio replied.

They silently snuck in the front door. They tried to walk as if they weren’t panicked or anything so the other members would think that they’re the actual guards of the gang. As they turned the corner in the maze like hallway, the guard of the first station saw them. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you the guard members that are supposed to be at the front door?” the member suspiciously said. Richard and Hulio didn’t see this coming. Richard remembered that the kitchen was right next to the last station. He quickly put something together.

“Umm, I got a text from King Bon Qui Qui. He ordered us to retrieve some fried chicken from the kitchen and to deliver it at once,” Richard said in a deep voice.

“Yeah, what he said. I’m helping him get some because he is allergic to chicken. But you know how the king gets when he doesn’t get what he wants right?” Hulio said nervously.

“Well, okay then,” the member said. “But I’m watching you two.”

Richard and Hulio walked slowly to the next corner, just far enough for the member at the first station to turn his back on them. The second he turned his back, Richard turned around and sprinted towards him. He quickly slit his throat and laid him down gently to avoid any noise that would attract attention. As they started walking to the next station Richard said, “One station down, two to go. Sorry that I killed him all by myself. I’ll let you have the next one, promise.” Richard then handed Hulio a rope. “What’s this for?” Hulio said. “You can use it for the next station; you’re going to suffocate him.”

As they walked to the next station, Richard was surprised to see that there were two guys guarding it. Quickly he was thankful for accepting Hulio as his partner. Without him, he probably would have had a harder time completing this mission. They used the same excuse as they did in the first station, and as stupid as these low ranked members were, they fell for it. The second they turned their backs they ran back and Richard slit one of the gullible member’s throat as Hulio suffocated the other to death. The easier this mission got, the cockier they became.

They walked to the next station with so much confidence that they didn’t even notice what the third station had in store for them. As they were walking towards the next station, Hulio said a random joke for some odd reason. The joke got them to burst in laughter, so much laughter that their eyes were closed and they couldn’t breathe. They were still walking at the same time and Richard eventually bumped into the next member.

“Excuse me?” the member said.

He opened his eyes and said, “Oh sorry, hey u—“

When Richard came back to his senses, he noticed that there were not one, two, not even three, but four people at the station. Both Richard and Hulio were smart enough to know that they couldn’t use the same tactic that they did in the past stations. They had to come up with something quick before they started attracting attention. As they kept hesitating and stuttering their words, the members just sent them back to the front door.

As they were walking back, Hulio started to panic. “We are NOT just going to be sent back after all the things we have already done. If I’m going to kill someone, it’s for a reason. I can’t just kill someone and quit, that’s just messed up.” He turned around and threw a pocket knife at one of the member’s necks. “What are you doing?!” Richard said. The sirens went off and everything started to go downhill from there. They threw shooting stars at the two remaining members and made a run for it. As they kept running, they noticed that nothing was really happening. There was nobody running after them and there were no turrets or other weapons going off at them. They decided to turn around and go to the last room to see what all this hubbub was about.

As they walked into the room, they saw Bon Qui Qui sitting in his throne. He had a little smirk on his face. Hulio was also astonished that he was all alone. He turned to Richard to tell him that everything might actually turn out okay, when it turned out that Richard wasn’t next to him. He looked back a few feet to see him face down on the ground. He then heard Bon Qui Qui’s diabolical laugh as the guards reappeared next to him from the air vents. It seems that the guards were traveling through the air vents, waiting for the right time to strike on Richard. Hulio ran over to Richard. He flipped him over to see that his chest was all bloody.

“Richard!” Hulio said. He was beginning to tear up.

“Hulio,” Richard said softly. “It’s all up to you now. You have the bomb, you know what to do.”

“Okay Richard, this is going to be for you.”

Bon Qui Qui was still hysterically laughing as Richard’s final seconds went by. Hulio turned around in furiousness. He took the bomb and the detonator out of his back pocket, and threw the just a few feet below Bon Qui Qui. Hulio had a smile on his face as he walked up to the four of the last members of the Faceless Assassins. The second he revealed the detonator in his hand, Bon Qui Qui opened his eyes wide.

“Wait, what are you doing?!” Bon Qui Qui yelled.

“Richard and my brother were the only ones that really cared about me,” Hulio replied. “Now that they’re both gone, all that I have left is the need for revenge. Now that I am going to get what I want, I won’t need to live anymore.”

“Wait! NOOO—“

It was too late. Hulio already activated the bomb. The whole building exploded, and there was nothing left but broken building parts and ashes of the dead bodies. Richard and Hulio finally got their revenge, and it was all they had wanted.

The event hit the news the next morning. Nobody knew who was in there, or why the building was exploded. There were no witnesses whatsoever, and this caused the case to get cold. A few weeks later, the police gave up on the case. Nobody knew Richard, his father, and Hulio and his brother. But all that matters is that they are living happily together in the other world.

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This is amazing! Maybe you could use a few more descriptive words, but other than that, this is a phenomenal book! My book is called The Downfall! Yall should check it out if yall like this book!