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Ecstasy inc.

July 30, 2011
By Spo0ky BRONZE, Duncanville, Texas
Spo0ky BRONZE, Duncanville, Texas
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"If the machine of government is such that is causes you to be an agent of injustice to another, then I say, break the law."


When people imagine the future, they imagine flying cars, floating houses, personal rocket ships and other silly things, but no one imagined it to be the way it is in 2018, where ecstasy incorporated is mass-producing a drug which has destroyed government and society in the United States, which are on the edge of collapse.

And in this terrible world, Bradley Hope finds himself, seeming to be alone in his wishes to rid the world of the company forever, until he meets James Sinclair, a boy who goes to the same high school, and shares Brad’s thoughts on the future of the country.

Together, they start a revolution, gathering members and training for an attack on the factory, recruiting the help of other teenagers, as well as some members of a vigilante group known as the Satan’s Revenge, which is waging war on the largest drug cartel in the nation, which lurks in the bad side of the town, stealing from the company and smuggling drugs to other countries.

As the attack on the factory draws nearer, the gang wars escalate, and the revolution gets nearer to completion, Bradley hope wonders if he and his friends will meet their doom there.


Ecstasy inc.

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