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R is for redemtion

March 18, 2012
By nerdlover17 PLATINUM, kendallivlle, Indiana
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nerdlover17 PLATINUM, Kendallivlle, Indiana
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Dear diary,
It is June twentieth 2047. I am writing from a little shack somewhere in the middle of the new states. It’s hard to say exactly where we are since our G.P.S got stolen a few months back. Everything has gone downhill since the war ended. The official name of it was the war of 2070, but I call it the war of tears.
I was born into it. As a kid I’d pick up scrap metal for the hover crafts and collect old energy tanks. I remember president frost proclaiming a lot of laws that my parents hated. I didn’t really understand then. I just wanted my mom and dad with me. They were rebels, so I was one too by birth. They went to a rally, and didn’t get hurt. I wanted to go too, but they won’t let me. “Why, “I asked. They replied with a “honey this isn’t your war. Someday it will be, but you’re too young to understand.” They looked at me with sympatric eyes. Yet they were wrong, dead wrong. I might have been young, but it was my fight. Why, you may ask. Well I will tell you. I was born into it. I watched them go every time to a rally, away for a time period and I was sucked into it. It was my war because I was born into this war. They left me. I just sat there, waiting. All I ever did was waiting. Sitting on that couch was stomach churning worthy. They got home. The relief was shining through on my face and echoed on their .When they got home we thought it was fine, but it wasn’t. I thought it was. Mom and dad were with me. We were happy. Eating dinner and talking. Then disaster struck. I heard a thump on the door. Mom’s face went pale. Dad gripped her hand. They whispered, “I love you, stay safe, and do what’s right even if people disagree.” Then they gave me the word. The word that meant they had to go. I had to stay. The word was hide. I froze up for a split second and whispered, “I love you mom and dad. Dad don’t make me go.” I begged. Yet dad looks told me to. It said hide and go. I had to his pleading looks and mom’s cries told me to. I ran to the spot they always told me too. I hid in the old cellar. They tortured my parents, but they wouldn’t tell anything. I heard my mom wail and my dad say don’t touch my wife. Yet they did. I heard my mom say no. don’t touch me there. I didn’t know they were raping her then, but I do now. They brutally killed them. I saw the blood drip, drip, and drip all the way to the end of the floor. I looked through the hole in the cellar. I saw my mom limp on the floor, and dad beside her. Blood stained shirts and pants, hair shaved, and my mom’s wedding ring smashed. Tears came to my eyes. They found me in the cellar crying. I felt guilty because I let my parents down by getting caught. I passed my parents dead bodies now with a black bag over there face. I cried another tear. Then I swore to get revenge someday. The last thing I thought was love you mom and dad.
I got stuck in a facility, if you could call it that, and tortured me. If I didn’t read there bogus lessons I’d get shocked or put in my cage where rats lived, pipes leaked, and fear lived. They practically starved us, cut our hair short so we’d be “united”, and gave us no freedoms. I remember hearing the new prisoners cries and seeing their fear in their eyes echo mine. I cried every night. My feet almost bleed from lack of shoes. I kept suffering. But I knew inside I still was strong. I still believed in my rights, freedoms, and the idea. They took my home, my family, and my everything. Yet they couldn’t take what I clung to most my idea. I kept fighting it when other gave in. Finally after years of torture I was set free by a group of rebels. I will never forget the looks on their faces of anger and disgust when they saw that they did to us. One of the boys looked at me with kind eyes and picked me up. Yes they got me so weak I couldn’t stand. I saw children running and officers shooting the energy bolt at us. The man’s father got shot down. The father gave him a look and the boys whispered in my ear, “run,” I was shocked at the sight of the facility, so shocked that I couldn’t run. The boy grabbed my hand and then I ran.

At first it was rough being a runaway, but it got easier. I went back to my parent’s old house to see devastation. I went through the rooms and found my mom’s jewelry box. I accidently dropped it and found a secret compartment with a a package addressed to me. I opened it to see my mom’s finest jewels. Her red ruby, emerald, and jade stone sparkled in the world full of hate. The tourqusie bracelet I loved as a kid was there for me. Her favorite bag, made of brown leather, held a bible, letter, a leather notebook, bullets, and a gun. I opened the letter and read what my mom wrote:
Dear cherish,
I first want you to know I love you and we did what we did to protect you. If you’re reading this we didn’t exactly succeed, but at least your reading this. The reason why they took wasn’t because of us. We did what we did for you darling. We kept you a secret. Why because you are special. You have powers that the government fights hard to put down. I know it’s hard to believe, but every woman in this family has had them. The note book you see will tell you everything. Our line has been able to be telepathic, telekinesis, make illusions, copy anything you see, control machines, and read minds. Yet you are different. When you were tested you tested positive for everything. You are amazing, and the government wanted you as a weapon. Run and don’t turn back. You’ll be tempted to fight, but don’t do it till you’re ready. Love you always my daughter

Your mother Annabelle

We almost got caught there, but it was worth it. I had to see my home one last time before I left it behind. Plus I discovered why I was hunted. I made a silent vow to learn to justify their death. We were always running, hiding, and scared.my powers were out of control. I remember all our close calls. I hacked into a government computer. Guards almost came and caught us. We almost got caught in California when we checked out the ruins of Disney world. We slept out in the streets before, ate from trash cans, and almost starved a few times. While we were on the run I was gaining control. I could easy move the objects and copy the moves of action movies. Aaron had to heal me up with his healing powers a few times though. His electric shock and shield came in handy too. No matter what we survived together. He became my only friend and companion. We were at the end of our rope then we stumbled upon an old house. We hesitantly went inside. It was old fashioned. A car sat in the driveway. A fireplace was inside; no one had that stuff anymore. Yet it was warm and had food stored in these peculiar things that looked like energy blaster shells. I later found out that was a can. Eventually we had a stash of food stored up from around the property. We lived there happily awaiting news on the war. Even after the war ended in 2087 we stayed. I loved the roses. I loved being with Aaron. I loved everything about it from the old seats to the thing they called laptops. I had to trick it to work, but a little sweet talk and it turned on. I still write on one now. It was a simple life, but nice. After a while Aaron and I grew closer, closer to the point of marriage. Feeling that love for the first time was amazing. It was like seeing for the first time, like a shift of gravity, like he was all that mattered, and like a burning fire crackling in the night. I won’t ever forget the night we made love or all the times. Not much changed after we adopted a child we found wondering around, almost starved.

Hope was what we called her. She was beautiful. Her smile was so bright and full of sunshine. Finally I had a family again. Hope, Aaron, and I always went on walks in the woods and spent time. We once built hope a swing. Hope was ours and we were glad for a short while, until a small group of the former president’s men attacked her. I don’t know how they knew about us. They came to the house when we were away hunting for food. They did worse than kill her though. They destroyed her. It was so hard to see my baby girl on the ground. Blood was gushing out; they shaved her bald, put 5 bullets in her head, and then they craved a message on her arms. It said catch us if you can. Mom told me to stay low, but no more. They killed my baby over me. They would pay! Aaron and I prepared to go after her funeral. I packed my bag with my mother’s belongings that she left for me, my laptop, and a few other things. I grabbed my knife and 2 guns. We set out. This time it was for revenge.

Dear diary,
It’s been 5 months and little research has come. My hacking of the old files has proven to be of little help. Aaron keeps reassuring me that we will find them, but will we? I have to find him and kill who killed my daughter. I made the computer look up hopes real name Abigail Harris. What came up was the usual. It said young girl on run and the usual she has dangerous powers. I laughed a bit. She could do very little. All she could do is control wind. Finally I found something in an old government data base. Her attackers were Samuel peters, nick Emerson, and last of all a man I knew very well Mr. Adams. He was my main teacher. Well, well Mr. Adams I thought. You have just given me more incentive to kill you. You son of a b****.
“Honey I found it!” I called to Aaron.
“Really can I see? “He asked. His face had a eager to know expression on it.
I showed him the information and he leaned down to kiss me.
“Darling you’re amazing. Only you could find this.” He complimented.
“Thanks I have their addresses too. Samuel is first on the list. He is closest. 543 south mare street. He’s in Hillman County. “I grinned. My hands shaped into a fist. He nodded and we silently took off into the moonlight hand in hand. I grabbed my gun with my free hand and put my finger on the trigger.
I found Samuel at his house watching some program on his hologram screen. I smiled and thought of ways to kill him. I settled on a bullet in the head, maybe two. I fired one shot and Aaron went to the other window. I watched the bullet fly and missed. Damm, I thought. Aaron thought its ok. I nodded and gave him the single he fired, but the bullet stopped in midair. Damm I thought once again. He was a special, go figure. I sent Aaron a message with my mind. Help me, I’ll meet you inside. He acknowledged me by looking me in the eyes and ran around to the other window. I went up the roof, using a grappling hook. I broke the old attic window. Practically coughing from the webs and dust. Webs clung to me I shook them off and headed down stairs.
I saw Aaron in the other corner. He shocked Samuel with his power and Samuel turned around to see Aaron’s eyes glaring into his.
“You helped in killing my daughter bastard. I will forever hate you for it.” Aaron shocked him again. Samuel part in desperation and part in anger froze time. He forgot about me though. I dashed from my place and kicked him from behind. Grabbing my knife I stabbed him once. He fought back with a fist to my face. I went down for a second, but kicked back up. While spinning I kicked him in the privates and head. That’s when he got to me. He punched me so hard with such speed that I hit my head on the floor. With my head spinning I called a metal rod to me with my telekinesis powers and bashed him with it. I then felt the dark closing in as I took a lucky shot with my gun. The last thing I heard was the thump of his dead body on the ground I smiled with wicked pride and let the dark take me.
The next morning I woke up to see Aaron lying next to me. I smiled and whispered, “I love you. We did great last night.”
“Yea, yea we did. Good job on that last shot.” He commented.
“Thanks,” I smiled, “You made a good diversion. Couldn’t have done it without you. “I smiled at my lover as we laid there in the lumpy mattress just happy to be together.
“So whose next, cherish?” Aaron asked with excitement.
“Hmm, Nick Emerson he is the closest. Plus I want Mr. Adams to be scared when I see him. Let’s see he lives on the east side of Firelock Boulevard. It’s the green house with the new hover craft. The county is northern height.”
“Great any powers on this guy?” inquired Aaron.
“Let’s see... he seems to have flight and increased strength. Oh he also has rapid healing. You know that means heart shot.” I informed him.
“Hmm...Well n energy gun will get rid of that issue. Let’s go to the supplier.”
The supplier smiled when he saw us. He had dark brown hair with a plain shirt and dark jeans on. He was short and skinny.
“Cherish and Aaron long time no see, what can I get for you he asked.
“Same to you, you changed the shop around.” I commented.
I looked around to see the cover a book store. It looked homey and comfortable, but underneath these floors was a weapon stash. I liked it. He did a good job of hiding what he did.
“Eh I had too, you know it’s part of the show. Let me guess you want laser guns. I have a wholecase.” He smiled appreciating my choice of weapons.
He tapped a book on one of his shelves that lead into a stair case. We went down the metal ladder and went into the weapons room. Weapons were piled high. He pulled out a box. I looked inside and choose the PHG 243 and the MYG mystic 596 magnum. Aaron choose the DFR 592 and the grazer 739. He looked over our choice, smiled in approval and said, “Well I’ll let you have them for three grand.” He decided.
I nodded and pulled out the money.
“Thanks stay safe.” I said
“You too, I hope to see you again.” The supplier replied, shaking our hands.
I looked him in the eye and said, ¨believe me, we will.¨
We sat at the corner on his street hidden by bushes that poked my side.
¨Aaron, will you stay with me to the end?” I asked looking tenderly at him.
“Yes and after all this is over we will find a nice place to live again. I wish I could give you more, but we have to do this.” He promised.
“Good,” I smiled. I gently kissed him then sat back in my position. I heard footsteps and focused on the stranger. I heard his voice saying some meaningless thought. Yet it gave me what I needed. It’s him I said silently to Aaron.
He thought ok. I crouched down and sneaked around behind him and punched him. I intentionally only let it hurt a little so he’d get mad and lose focus. I hit him again this time in the chest as I swerved around to get punched in the face. Ouch I thought. I tasted the metal taste of blood. I swung back, dodging a hit. He did something surprising though. He lifted me up and threw me to the ground. I tried to get back up, but under the weight of him I couldn’t. Let me go I screamed into his head. He resisted as I kept shouting. I gave up on escaping and dug deeper. I saw how they killed my girl and who was there. There were 3 more to add to the list. I groaned In pain. Why did I go without Aaron? Help I called to Aaron. I heard the thoughts in his head, I’m on my way.
I tried to reach out with my hand and send a gun to me, but he snarled, “don’t you dare you b****. Killing us was a bad idea.” He pointed a laser gun at my head. I closed my eyes and waited for the trigger to be pulled. I’m sorry Aaron I thought, So sorry. Regret filled me. What would happen to Aaron was my first thought.
Then I thought about me. All the things I wanted to do were about to be ruined.
“You know on second thought I think it should make it slower.” He grinned angrily. He grabbed a knife and slowly cut on my arm letter by letter, traitor, you filthy b****, and murder. I almost shed a tear. Help me I called to my Aaron. He’s killing me.
Aaron thought back with an I’m almost there my love. Hold on.
I let him keep on going hoping with a linger hope that he’s make it. I once again attempted to get a weapon, any weapon. All that did was make him put his hands around my throat and squeeze harder. I wouldn’t give into the Pain though. I was waiting. When I caught a glimpse of Aaron come up I finally relinquished my torture. The whole world went black.

Dear Diary,
I woke up to Aaron’s voice whispering in my ear. Wake up cherish, wake up daring. I smiled and turned around to see his face.
“You came for me. Aaron you came for me. How bad was I?”
“Um... really bad, I exhausted myself saving you. He had you almost dead.” The hurt was still engraved on his face mixed with relief.
Shock filled my whole being. I almost died, and now I didn’t know what to do. Was I doing the right thing by playing god? Yes I saved a lot of people, but did I take away someone’s husband. Was it similar to what my Aaron felt? Was avenging my daughter worth their hurt. I shed a single tear. Yet we had no choice. They would come after us. What did I do?
“Are you ok darling?” he asked, concern in his eyes.
“not really did we do the right thing?” I asked questioning everything I fought for
“Honey you had just reasons they’d kill a lot more people if you didn’t.” he reassured me.
“Thanks,” I gave him a small smile. He held me tight and for that moment I felt happy. Yet it got ruined by the thought of facing him. Mr. Adams in all honesty scared me. He could cause a slow death by a touch. I saw him do it to one of the prisoners. Aaron’s powers protected him. Mine didn’t. It worried me. I gave Aaron a help me look.
“Forget about it right now, let me help you.” He whispered in my ear. I slowly nodded letting him sooth my fears. After a few kisses we fell asleep holding each other.

Dear diary,
They came for us last night. I caught a glimpse of Mr. Adam’s face starring us down. I did both of the two things I knew how to do, fight and run. I swerved around to hit someone in the head, lifting my leg just high enough to get a deserved shot. Then I turned my attention to the second man. He was dressed with a “safe suit” on. A safe suit might protect him from guns, but from me never, I smiled menacingly on the outside, but inside I was not happy with what I had to do.
“You know you did mess up pretty bad. I was going to let you go, both of you. Yet then you came on his command. Just know this that bastard caused you death. I will tell you something I was going to stop hunting you. ” I explained. Then I shot an illusion of them being put on fire. I then rammed a knife through one man’s throat. I hated the sight of him lying there blood dripping down. Yet I had too. Geez almost dying changes things as for the other guy I pulled off his suit and shot him with a laser gun. I turned around to see how Aaron was doing. He accomplished his task as well. He looked a bit battered and worn, but no big damage.
“Honey we have to go.” I said silently.
“I know.” He replied back. He grabbed his bag. I followed suit and did too. We left the shack feeling a bit down casted. Yet glad to still have the other.

Dear diary,
It’s been a few months since I’ve been able to write to you. When you are on the run it is hard to find the time for it. We haven’t stayed in one place that long. We are planning for the attack on Mr. Adams. His system is so complex. There is so many coded doors that you can’t break through, guards, powerful guards, at every turn, a laser system that is ultra-sensitive, and that wasn’t even the start.
A first we didn’t know where to start. After two months then I found a way. I was looking at old files and found a man who could help. Apparently he was a world class decoder. He hacked into several government buildings. That is where we are headed now. Mr. Gates decided to meet at a park. It was acceptable I suppose. Mr. Gates however didn’t look passable. He had shaggy and grimy hair and an old tattered trench coat on. He looked suspicious, but then again could we really judge. Were outlaws too, just better looking ones. Despite that lingering fact I felt nervous over him. Should we trust him with our secret or even worse our lives? If he tricks us we are dead. Yet we really didn’t have a choice. We were desperate. I sighed and squeezed my lover’s hand.
“Hello Mr. Gates, were looking for your help.” I held out my hand for him to shake, but he just grunted. I put my hand down and sighed. This wasn’t going well.
“Don’t announce it to the world girl. Are you crazy? They could be watching us now.” He proclaimed.
“Sorry, “I apologized. Really I was thinking geez he’s paranoid. Thankfully Aaron stepped in.
“Well sir if you’re worried we might want to get this over with. What can you do for us? “Aaron inquired.
“Well since you asked I can disable systems, laser ones included. Get all the passwords you need. Get any information...” he carried on and on.
“Well the disabling system we will need.” Aaron said.
“I see, why no hacking. That’s the fun part.” He asked.
“Well I hack, but the security system is so big. I can’t control it all.” I stepped in half bragging and half asking for help.
“Hmm a fellow hacker, I’ll help you out. Why are you going after Adams Anyway?” he asked.
“He attacked us.” Aaron explained.
“Good reason.” He nodded.
“Oh his men also killed my daughter.” I jumped in.
“Hmm even better reason, that’s why I always went solo. Does Tuesday night at the owl’s eye inn work for you? It’s best if we go after seven” He replied.
“Sure, we’ll be there.” Aaron said.
“Do you need the files?” I asked.
“Yes I will, I will see you to then. Be alone though. ” He demanded. We were about to say fine, but he vanished.

Dear diary,
Today were meeting the hacker at the inn. Packing up from the shack we live in was tougher than I thought. We’ve lived here for three weeks and were safe. It’s a new place after this. It always is. Yet it is necessary. Part of me wishes we could stay hidden or didn’t come out, but then I think of my parents, my daughter, and all the people we’ll save and have saved. Playing god got me burned, but at least I never hid. That is one of the few things I have left my fight.
“There you are. You two are late. Where are the files?” he asked gruffly.
“Yep here they are.” I handed them to Mr. Gates. He nodded and typed some codes into his computer. The screen blinked yellow and beeped.
“We are in. You have an hour to kill him. Your time starts now.” He said. We nodded and rushed in.
The vaults of the facility were tough to get through, but we managed. I knew where he was. We timed it right to miss the guards. I sneaked into the corridor to see 4 guys. Damm, I thought. We looked at each other and knew what to do.
I sighed and forced on the generator. I made it explode. Then I created an illusion of the 3 men dying. The other 3 had visions of them falling off a bridge. Aaron came in and shocked the 3 men. I made the shelves and glass vases fall on them.
Mr. Adams chuckled, “good job, you fell for my bate. I rather hoped you would. Now on to killing you.” He put his hands together. Then he shot blasts of fire at me and Aaron. Aaron and I ducked. He shot a blast at Mr. Adam’s but he grew stronger. I finally realized what he could do. He built up energy then threw it back at his targets. Aaron stop it, don’t. I know what to do. I was a telepath. I shot my mind power at him and screamed stop on the top of my lungs. He went down to the ground in misery. Aaron shot him with the blaster he had in his back pocket. He shot him in the leg and arm. Damm it he thought. I grabbed my gun and shot. I shot him in the chest then a shot in the head. He went down as the blood fell dripping like the tears I spread and the ones my mother spread.
“Let’s go,” I said in disgust as I spat on his body.
We walked out finally free from our past. We grabbed our bags and set off to another place far away.

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