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December 11, 2019
By Nio, Denver, Colorado
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Nio, Denver, Colorado
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Author's note:

It hits home for me because i am bisexual so i was bullied a lot for it and i almost took my life because of it.

It was a rainy night the streets were dark and amunuse but this isn't a horror story this is a story about accepting someone for who they are. Nio Gray a 16 year old boy was hanging out in his room like normal. He had brown curly hair his eyes a bright blue like the hawaien bay. His skin was fair almost like porcelain and he had light freckles all over his body as well. Now Nio’s family was very laid back and he was always open with them but their was one thing his family didn’t know about him. 

Nio was gay. He did not plan on telling them any time soon. He was scared they wouldn't accept him he didn't want to disappoint his parents or his family. Nio was a pretty quiet kid he had few friends and wasn't one for opening up to others. He was an A+ student in school and people normally don't mess with him. His teachers adored him and he always helped out.

Nio sighs and gets in bed laying down he looked up at the ceiling, the rain was getting worse. He rolled over unable to sleep he grabbed his phone and looked through his pictures. He came across a picture of him and his best friend Zay. Zay was his closest friend he was also the captain of the Soccer team so he was pretty well known in school. Nio smiles softly but not only was he Nio’s best friend but also Nio’s crush.

Of course Nio will never tell him he’s not gonna lose his best friend over something like that hell he doubts Zay is even gay considering hes had plenty of girlfriends. Nio sighs and goes to sleep wanting to forget everything. The next morning Nio’s mom calls him telling him to get up and get ready for school. Nio gets up and takes a quick shower he gets dressed wearing white jeans a pastel oversized sweater and pastel converse. 

He quickly eats breakfast and runs out the door catching the bus. He sits in the back and waits as they drive to the school he gets off the buss and heads to his locker. He wondered where Zay was he was normally their all ready “Nio!” speak of the devil Nio looks back. 

There Zay stud in all his glory grining Nio smiles and waves Zay runs over and hugs him. Nio blushes and hugs back a little Zay pulls back and looks at him “How have you been?”he asked “..We saw each other literally last night for dinner at my place” Nio looked at him with a blank face.

“Ya well your my best friend I’m allowed to ask questions like that.” Zay grins Nio shakes his head and laughs a little. “I’ll see you at lunch” Nio sais grabbing his binders “Alright see you then bye” Zay waves Nio waves back and heads to his class. His classes went by quickly he gets up and heads to lunch humming softly. He looked around for Zay not seeing him.

He gets shoved to the ground hard and yelps he looks up seeing two guys. “Well well well if it isnt the school fag” They smirk Nios eyes widend. “H-How” he begins to say “How what? How did we find out well that’s easy we have ways of getting our information” They laugh Nio’s eyes widened.

“Hay what do you two think your doing?” Zay had walked in seeing what had happened “Well if it isn't the knight in shining armor” They snicker Nio stands up and looks at the ground eyes wide “What did you do to him?” Zay asked glairing “Well we were just having a little chat” They smirk “about what?” Zay raises a brow they grin.

“Your little friend here well we know something about him you don't~” Zay looks at Nio then back at the other two “What?” he asked. “You positive you wanna know?~” They smirked Nio shook he didn't like this he was hoping Zay said no but that's not what happened. “Yes” Zay had said the to guys chuckle “Alright Your little friend he’s gay” they smirk.

Nio tears up Zay looked at Nio “Nio its that true?” he asked Nio looked up tears running down his cheeks “Yes” he said and took off running he didn't want to hear what he had to say. The one person who was his friend who cared about his well being besides his parents was going to leave him. All because of something he couldn’t change Himself.

He ran home he didn't want to talk to anyone you see Nio also suffered from depression and would hurt himself often. Obviously no one knew about that so when he got home he went straight to his room and went to a drowre in his dresser. Thrie he pulled out  a small razor he pulled up his sleeves and held the razor their just staring at it.

One by one he began cutting lines he felt numb like he was floating in the sky. He layed back the darkness surrounding him he stared up not feeling anything. Before he blacked out his door burst open but he couldn’t tell who it was then he passed out.

All he saw was black nothing more nothing less he felt nothing like he was in an absent space. In the faint distance he could hear small beeps he went towards in wanting to figure out the sound he could see a small light and ran towards it. That's where the sound coming from but the light was getting farther and farther but her kept running to it. He started hearing faint voices talking he ran faster

He called out to it but it never acknowledged him. The doctors talked to his parents “I’m sorry Ma’am but we don't think he will make it” she fell to the ground crying her husband rubbed her back and looked down. They were scared they didn't want to lose their only child the child that brought them so much happiness. Zay sat by Nio’s bed terrified to lose his best friend not only his friend but his crush.

Nio kept running he wanted to see his parent to hug them. He wanted to tell them everything that bothered him. He wanted to come out to them but he was scared they wouldn't love him anymore. He cried out he didn't want to die he needed to tell his parents they deserved to know. 

His eyes shoot opens and he sits up quickly in the hospital bed looking around. His parents looked at him eyes wide they ran over hugging him kissing his head telling him how much they love him. Nio smiles and tells them he loves them to a hand grabbed Nio’s hand. Nio looked over seeing Zay his eyes widened Zay smiles softly “I accept you Nio” Nio tears up and cries. Zay hugs him “you should tell them now” Nio sniffled and nodded he looked at his parents.

He took a deep breath “Mom Dad I need to tell you something” His parents nod telling him to go ahead Nio looked at Zay. Zay smiles and nods Nio looked at them “I-I...I’m gay” he looked down. He was expecting them the be disgusted to tell him they didn't want him but what he got instead was a hug his parents were hugging him. “We accept you your our son” His parents said Nio tears up crying he clings to them.

They pulled out of the hug Zay rubs his back his parents left to get them food. Nio looked down “Z-Zay I’m sorry for running away I-I- Mhpf!” Nios eyes were wide Zay kidded him and pulled back. Zay smiles “No need to apologize Nio” Nio smiles a little. Zay ruffles his hair Nio grins and laughs. Two weeks later Nio was let out of the hospital.

Zay helped Nio out in schools and eventually they became a couple. They graduated and got a place together they adopted two kids and they live a semi normal life.

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