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Sailor Twins

July 30, 2021
By SailorMoonFangurl, Mclean, Virginia
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SailorMoonFangurl, Mclean, Virginia
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Author's note:

This piece is very special to me, because it is my first ever fanfic.

It all started on a day that Luna thought would be so normal. Luna Chiba-Liu woke up on her first day of fourth grade, and smiled. She was finally her dream grade. *Dream grade*. Those words stuck into her head like a train of thought. She was going to wake up, but as it was her first day, she felt herself drifting back to sleep. Meanwhile, Her mother turned on the oven, and rolled some dough. "Oh crap, I burned them again.. I just want these cinnamon rolls to turn out perfect." "I think she is still asleep." So upstairs she went to attempt to wake up Luna. "Luna?" The kind mother started"Time to wake up"The mom put a plate of cinnamon rolls on her lap, although she was still half asleep.After many attempts to get Luna up and out of bed, The mom decided to give Luna a quick gift. It was in an envelope, and it was sealed with nice packaging. Luna opened the beautifully gold sealed envelope and it looked like some kind of ticket. The paper read *Trainicon 2015, row 1* .Luna stared at it for a while and politely asked "What is this? I had an amazing dream last night." "Oh what was it about?", the mom started. "I slayed a monster that was eating up a city!" "Oh, that's cool", the mom started. "Now can you please be a big girl and get dressed for me?" "Okay mommy!", Luna said. However, Luna had a different idea. She hated the idea of dress codes and decided to rebel against it once and for all. She rushed upstairs, made sure mom didn't see her, and the 10 year old immediately put on a crop top and a miniskirt, and rushed out of her room. "Luna?", her mom started. "Luna?! What are you wearing?!" "Clothes, duh?", Luna talked back. As she was snooping in the bathroom, she found a mauve lipstick and black eyeliner. As her mom went into the restroom to grab a few things, she found a half empty tube of her designer Chanel lipstick. Her mom too one look at her lipstick tube and said sadly "Please, keep it on. That costed me thousands of dollars to buy, and I am ashamed of you.Luna made her way to the school bus, and as she walked along the sidewalk, she found something intriguing. Another girl, who looked exactly like her. Instead of smiling or being kind in any way shape or form, Luna shot the girl a dirty look. The girl, however, preceded to smile, and say "hello, what's your name?" Luna immediately got angry as the girl had the same voice as her to. However, Luna just decided to move on.

The girls both decided to go to school, acting like nothing ever happened. She had never seen anything like it, a girl that looked like her. As Luna preceded to walk down the hallways, she saw a flyer that read student council elections. Luna walked down even more, and saw that girl again, the one who looked exactly like her. Luna shot the girl a glare and walked away. Luna, walking down even longer, had no idea where her homeroom was. She took a glance at her schedule and saw that her teacher was Ms. Black, 201. Luna had to walk up an entire flight of stairs just to get to her homeroom. While she was walking, she was stopped by the headmaster, who yelled, "Excuse me young lady, what you are wearing is far against our school's dress code. Please come to my office and we will give you some clothes from the lost and found. After a grunt, Luna got a dirty white shirt and some jeans, that were used for kids who broke dress code. After being interrupted, she preceded to the second floor, and used the restroom. However, she began to feel a burning sensation in her head. Luna got headaches pretty often so it wasn't that serious. Luna decided to just go along with it and keep finding her classroom. After many attempts to find her classroom, she found a door that said the numbers 201 on there. However, the teacher kindly said. "Hey, you are luna, are you?", luna then nodded. "you are in room 101. We messed up your schedule and I apologize, we will print you a new one."  Luna's face began to turn bright red, like the sun. She obviously was pretty pissed off at the school, now she had to walk across campus again.. Luna finally made it to the right room, and she was glad she did because that was a huge workout. She did a quick victory dance and then found herself a seat.  

"Luna you are late again!", the teacher shouted. "Attitudes like this are exactly why you are failing! Go stand in the hall." Luna found it unfair and unjust that the teacher would do that, but she knew it was for her own good. Luna looked at her third grade report card and began to cry, her mom would be pissed at her.  After a slight eyeroll, Luna decided to go back to the classroom and into her seat. Luna decided to brush that off her chest and step up to the front of the classroom. "Hello, I am Luna Chiba Liu. I am a girl and go by she/her pronouns. I like to draw, sing, and play with my sister." That, however was the last line before Luna began to fall ill. "L-Luna? Are you okay? You don't look so good!" the kind and caring teacher asked. Luna chuckled and lied, "yeah im fine. Don't worry about me." Luna however instantly regretted telling a lie because she began to fall even more sick. "A-Actually, I need to take a quick trip to the nurses office." "Please be back in five minutes, hold on while I call your brother." Luna's older half-brother, Mamoru was a high school sophomore, so he really didn't have the time to deal with his annoying half-sister who fell sick in class. Luna made her way to the nurse's office, and the nurse pulled out some ibuprofen. "Here, take this magical pill. It will cure everything. The sink is right there." Luna, however, didn't trust the pill. "Are you sure, my mommy and daddy said dont take pills without my parents saying yes." The nurse smiled for a second and started to let out an evil laugh. Luna, terrified at that moment, ran out of the room in terror. "Yes, sir. I will collect energy for our great ruler, and then the universe will be ours!" Luna overhead the nurse talking and and acting weird, not her usual self. Luna was glad she decided not to take the pill, because it was probably cursed. Luna however tried to get it off her mind, and made her way back to class, while not thinking about the nurse's mental health. 

Hours later, the wait had finally paid off, as the lunch bell made its ring. Students got out of their desks, and began to file into the lunchroom, and made their way to the lunch line. "PIZZA!!!" Luna yelled. Luna was ecstatic, and began to put stuff on her plate. However, the lunch lady told her that she needed money to pay for her lunch. Luna remembered her brother giving her a ten dollar bill to pay for her lunch. After frantic searching, she found a bill that had a 10 imprinted on it. "Here ma'am, she said." As luna was walking over to her table, she found her old friend from preschool. "Hey, new girl! My name is harper! Nice to meet you! Whats your name?" "L-Luna.", the young female said. Luna heard a voice from a random girl. "Yo, sit with us new girl! You look pretty!", the girl said. Luna reluctantly decided to accept the girl's request to sit with her. "Anyways, we are the popular girls club. I am Minako, This is Makoto, but she goes by the name Mako, and this is Usagi our forced member. We were forced to let her join because they felt we were excluding her.. Pretty annoying if I say so myself. Luna thought they were being a little bit mean to Usagi, and because she was a sweet little girl who wouldn't hurt a fly, she decided to just leave the table. "Luna, wait!" Luna felt like these girls would not stop harassing her, so she called over the teacher to deal with them. "Minako, thats a demerit for you. This is your fifth demerit today, so please meet up with me after school and you are getting a detention for harassment." Minako sighed, and once more asked Luna to sit with her. Luna however wanted nothing to do with these stuck-up girls, so she went to a table with her friends. However, as things with her friends started going up, her health plummeted. Luna's headache got even worse, and she felt the nurse was possessed, so she didnt want to go back there. However, she felt she had no other choice, maybe the nurse was just in a bad mood? However, it still wasn't much longer before everything went black..

Luna slowly started to regain consciousness. She was alive, but far from home. Luna immediately picked herself off the ground. In back of her stood more girls who were way bigger than her, twice her size. Luna, in a panic, began to cry because she wanted to go home. "Hey.", a girl said softly. "Don't fear, sweetie. We are not your enemies." Luna however had no idea what was going on, so she began to cry. This time, it looked like tears were falling out of her little eyeballs.. However, she immediately felt a smack on her face that instantly made her face turn red.. "Hello, I am your senshi leader, Sailor Multiverse. You must and will obey me." She immediately saw one of the girls jump between her and the bitter senshi leader. "Sailor Multiverse. What do you think you are doing?!" Multi stared at the girl and said: "uhhh my job? what else would I be doing?" The child immediately tried to hide behind the girl that saved her, as she immediately felt a hug. "It is going to be okay sweetheart, we won't make you fight until you are the proper age." Another one of the girls asked "is this the reincarnation of sailor star defender? Wow. She got younger! I thought time only went forward. Can I get younger as well?" Another one of the girls shot the girl a look and glared. "Seiya. She is ten. And no, she didnt magically get younger. She died in the silver millennium and then this child is her reincarnation." The kind woman was revealed to be Taiki Kou, or Sailor Star Maker.  However, that wouldn't change the fact that Luna was still upset and pissed. She felt her childhood was over once that mark went on her forehead. "Okay, so I feel this child didn't get a proper explanation about what was happening, so I am going to explain it." "Okay so do you remember that you said the senshi were your idols and you wanted to be one? Well the world is, well, in danger. Even the police can't handle what is going on, and people are being attacked on the streets by monsters. It is your duty to defeat these monsters, little one." Here is your transformation item. It is a headset. Say the words defender power make up, please. The world is in huge danger." "N-no I dont wanna!" However, the child immediately started to throw a tantrum. she began to kick and scream all because she didnt want to transform. She felt a smack across her neck, and that made her want to do it, because that smack made her feel scared. "D-defender -p-power", "Louder!", sailor multiverse yelled. The girl immediately began to have tears in her eyes as she cried "Defender power, make up!!

The child, confused, immediately began to cry again. "That felt really weird. I dont want to do this anymore. C-can I please quit and see my mommy again?", the poor youngster said. However, she saw Sailor Multiverse get out a chain and an iron rod, and began to chain the girl to a pole, and hit her with an iron rod, yelling at her. "Quit?! You're never seeing your mommy again?! Stop being so selfish, the world needs you!" until she fell unconscious.. The child, hours later, woke up, she was unchained, but she was on a foreign planet, in a giant pool of blood. Luna was still very upset, but she felt extremely lucky to be alive. Little did she know, she was standing in front of a monster, it was at least 100 times her size. Luna tried to run away, but she felt a smack "Sweetheart, its okay. We will help you slay the monster.", Taiki said.  "Guys stop!", another mysterious girl around Luna's age screeched, "I am Sailor IC 1011. Do not fear me, I am not your enemy." She began to heal the wounds on the other child and smiled. She politely asked "What is your name, young guardian?" The other little girl smiled back and quietly whispered "I-i am luna." Sailor IC 1011 replied, "I am Celestia. Nice to meet you, Luna." 

"How old are you, Celestia?", Luna asked. "I am ten years old, turning eleven on August 9th.", Luna felt her jaw drop, "No way.. I am turning eleven on August 9th to! My mommy is throwing me a birthday party!" Celestia began to reply, "Oooo thats cool!! My daddy is throwing me a party to at the beach! We are going to grill hot dogs, and he owns a motorboat! I have the coolest daddy you should be jealous. Sadly I don't know my mommy, I dont remember her.." Luna interrupted.. "I know how you feel. I don't remember my daddy either. But I have a picture of him that he left me." "I have a picture of my mommy as well! Let's show each other together!" 


They both got out their pictures, and were shocked.

"no.. way.."

The girls began to cry, as they hugged each other. However, their moment was interrupted as both girls felt a smack across their cheeks. "Fight! Like are you a two year old?!", sailor multiverse began to yell. Defender latched on to IC as they walked away from multi. Multi however gave them both a very strong beating, as she dragged them away from each other. "B-but.. shes my sister, defender began to cry." Multi smacked her and yelled "your not supposed to befriend her. She is a galaxy senshi, you are a council member. Luna tried her best to stop herself from crying and breaking down, but it was hard for her.  However, Luna's sister was nowhere to be found, sailor multiverse must have killed her, luna thought. She really wanted to know if her newfound sister was still alive. She was immediately forced into a rocket and flew away. "Sis!" defender began to scream, as she broke down in tears. Luna, terrified, decided to latch on to Taiki again, and this time, she wouldn't get off of her. She was feeling too much pain to leave her sight. "Sweetheart, go fight. You have to. Sailor multiverse will hit you again!" After a quick talk with Taiki, Luna was encouraged, so she went in front of the monster, reluctantly and hesitantly. Before she knew it, a mysterious sword appeared. "Defender, take this, and you shall win this battle.", Defender did exactly what the echo told her to do, she took the sword in her little hands, however, she accidentally dropped it on her foot. "Huh? thats weird, its not hurting or bleeding." Yaten came over and saw the child attempting to fight. "No! You can't! You're too young!" However, the monster grabbed Luna in its hands, and attacked her. Luna landed head first, and began to cry. Taiki came back and saw the child's head bleeding, and she was quickly losing blood. and Taiki began to call the emergency services for that planet. However, it may have been to late, as the child was on the concrete ground unconscious..

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