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Vampire Diaries Reversed: Riley Lockwood

March 2, 2011
By CookieMonster19 BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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CookieMonster19 BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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"Before you head off seeking revenge, dig two graves."

You want to know something scary but kind of irrelevant and sinister at the same time? I'm a werewolf, I know like I said scary right? I grew up in the town of Mystic Falls and ever since I could remember I was always different from the other kids especially the girls in town. I've always seemed to have a certain lifestyle as my dad would put it, but he's the Mayor so he doesn't pay much attention to what I'm saying half of the time. I have a mom, a dad, and a big brother named Tyler, however, he only ever lets me call him Ty. I was thirteen when I found out about my new inheritance from my father, I also found out that Ty had it too but they didn’t want him to know until it happened. You see I was a special case as my father would put it in the kindest way possible. In order to become a werewolf you had to kill someone, well I was only thirteen and if my memory serves me correct I never killed anyone. It kills me that I can’t tell anyone about it and I find it really unfair.
I’m sorry I guess I should describe myself, well I’m five foot two, I have dark brown hair, a pale complexion, and silver eyes. I know weird color for eyes huh? Hey what can you do? I wear sunglasses every second of every day so no one stares at me like a freak, even though everyone in town knows about it and still treat me like a human being. I wish it were the same for these out of town people because one look at me and they think they should cal Area 51! So now I wear them all of the time just to make it through the day, the teachers in school don’t mind and nether does anyone else. Basically I look like a regular blind person but really I can see everything that goes on around me under these glasses without anyone knowing.
My Uncle Mason decided it would be best for him to teach me how to control my inner werewolf, I thought he was insane if he thought I was going to accept what I was becoming, however, I had no choice. The thing is that when I made my first transformation I felt actually………free. I loved being a werewolf after that and every night I go for a run in the woods as a wolf, another animal we can change into. The problem with that being there were hunters who knew about us, so Uncle Mason had one of his best friends Clayton help me learn how to fight. He use to be a championship MMA fighter and he was a huge man. Strong muscles, at least six foot seven, and a buzz cut that looked like he just got out of prison which he did. As he and I formed a friendship over the years I grew faster, stronger, smarter, and my reflexes became much more enhanced.
I spent the entire summer training with him and it may have been hard work but I had a lot of fun doing it. After that I was able to outrun, outsmart, and out fight anyone who came my way even Clayton himself. We traveled in packs, mine consisted of myself, Uncle Mason, Clayton, Lizzie, Drake, Jax, Carlyle, Mika, Emma, Toby, and Noah. Noah and I spent the most time together ever since we were little he and I would race each other and take walks together late at night. Pretty soon he and I were a couple, we never fought, and he was never jealous of other guys. He really had no reason to be either, because I really liked him and that would never change.
Noah, Lizzie, Mika, Drake, Toby, and I attended high school together, Mika was the smartest so he was in all of the math and science clubs. Lizzie was the cheerleader so she had guys flaunting over her constantly which pissed Toby off constantly. Toby and Mika were brothers, well more like twins actually, and it amazed people how they could be so different. Toby wasn’t the brightest of people but he was the sweetest. He and Noah were on the football team together and always joking around with the other jocks. Drake was the musician of the group and could play every instrument that was ever made. Which left me, I was the artist, I spent all of my time in school drawing or painting. I know it sounds like a weird group of friends but it’s who we are. I didn’t think that anything was going to change that or the love I had for Noah. Boy was I ever wrong.
My dad and mom accepted them into the family and treated them as if they were family. I spent all of my spare time with them and even Tyler and his girlfriend Caroline hung out with us. We went to parties and tons of events that everyone attended. Tyler and I would hold awesome birthday bashes where everyone was free to drink and have fun. Lizzie and the boys would spend most nights at my house while the boys took a guest room and Lizzie stayed in my room, Noah and I would spend most nights on the roof sitting on the roof and staring at the moon. We made the mistake of usually falling asleep up there a few times.
It was a Friday morning and we were all sitting in on the football field watching the football players practice. Coach never made the girls do anything so Lizzie and I stood on the bleachers with Mika and Drake while Noah and Toby pummeled two other players. Two boys were headed to flirt with Lizzie until Drake and Mika who were three times his size stood in front of her crossing their arms and glaring at him and his friends. The kid knew right away to back off and so did his friends. Lizzie rolled her eyes at the action and I just laughed my head off and pushed Drake and Mika to sit down. We spent the entire time talking to each other and as Noah and Toby made their way over to all of us, Noah and I kissed while Lizzie pouted and ignored Toby who tried to get her attention. We we’re all delayed from any further actions due to Coach Ryan’s shouting.

“Alright you lovebirds knock it off. You can make out on your own time, not mine.” He said not looking up from his clipboard.

“Yes coach.” Noah replied. We all knew Coach Ryan’s could never stay mad at us, he treated us like his own kids. He even threatened Noah if he broke my heart he’d break his neck.

“Alright all of you settle down I have some news.” We all sat down and I leaned into Noah.

“When you head to second period, there will be two new students, I want you to welcome them you got it? Their father is a good friend of mine.” We all nodded.

Lizzie raised her hand. “Can we go now?”

“Yeah get going.”

We made it to second period just before the bell, the teacher however as usual was going to be fifteen minutes late like he always was. So the entire class pushed the chairs and tables into a circle and we all either sat in them, on top of them, or on the floor and started to laugh and conversed about anything and everything. Just exactly fifteen minutes later Mr. Higgins walked in with two students trailing behind him. One was very tall, he had the most beautiful piercing blue eyes, black hair that hung over his eyes, he was thing but you could tell he was muscular, and he was very well tanned. The other student who seemed to look a little like him, my guess is that they were brothers, stood a little behind him. He had light brown hair, green eyes, and was just as well muscularly fit as the first one. The rest of the class turned their attention to where I was looking, heard Lizzie whisper wow and so did Toby since I heard him growl until Noah smacked him.

“Class.” We turned to the teacher once again.

“I’d like you to all meet two new students, please welcome Damon and Stefan Salvatore.” We all said an uneasy hello. “Please boys go and take a seat.” They did as they were told taking two seats closest to the window. Today was discussion day well every day was and Lizzie was just dying to talk to the new guys to make Toby mad. Yet she had to drag me along with her to get them to sit with us.

“Come on.” She said pulling me.

“Where?” I asked.

“We are not going to leave the two new boys out of discussion day Riley.” She said tugging me again. The boys watched us leave and head over to Damon and Stefan although I knew Noah wasn’t worried Toby was pissed. Lizzie approached both of them as I leaned against a desk that was next to them.

“Hi, I’m Lizzie and this is Riley.” She said smiling and pointing to me. I just waved and nodded.

“Hi.” Was all Stefan said. Damon was quiet.

“Today’s discussion day, and we all sit in a circle and talk about anything and everything. You two however are sitting here by yourselves and that is not going to happen while I’m here. So get up and come sit over there with the rest of us.” She said pulling them up and over to the circle. I followed chuckling to myself. That was Lizzie for you, sweet as can be but demanding at the same time. They sat on two desks with Lizzie close to both of them and I could see Toby getting angrier. Lizzie was being totally innocent and Toby was just being arrogant. I sat down on Noah’s lap and paid attention to the scene before me. Noah tugged me closer and I looked at him.

“What are you thinking?” He whispered to me.

“How arrogant Toby is being, Lizzie’s only being nice.”

“You know them, they’ll make up during lunch and everything will go back to normal.” He smiled. I laughed and everyone looked at us. We heard numerous people making cat calls, boys giving him the thumbs up, and others say “Get a room.” We all laughed and started our discussion again. I turned to see Noah staring at Damon who was looking at the ground and not saying anything while Lizzie’s attention was on Stefan who were both being watched by Toby. Mika and Drake were both joking around and staring at a few passing girls. Something about these boys was bugging me and I couldn’t understand it. These boys had something about them and I knew whatever it was it wasn’t good.

So here we were, sitting in class with the entire group in a circle. Everyone was talking to his or her own friends and not to each other, which was sort of the point. Lizzie walked over and looked miserable. I turned to see Toby talking to a few of the guys from the football team and I noticed they were looking at Stefan and Damon, then I noticed Toby whisper something to them and they busted out laughing. Damon continued to stare at the ground and not say anything while Stefan looked occasionally at his brother and then a certain spot in the classroom. They were uncomfortable and I knew it, I felt bad for the both of them but they weren’t my problem. Everyone knew what it was like to be a new student; it’s something a lot of people had to deal with. What bugged me though was how rude everyone was being to them especially Toby when he used to be one of those new people and finally found a place here with us. Granted he was a werewolf but that’s beside the point. I looked up to see the kids were now staring at Damon and Stefan and I rolled my eyes, they were most likely talking about where they thought they were from or why they were here. They were also probably making up lies about them and I hated that. I looked up to see Lizzie giving me a look saying she really wanted to get to know them but was too scared to. I sighed and turned to Damon and Stefan who were still in the same position as before.

“So where are you guys from?” I asked casually.

Stefan looked up confused that I seemed to be talking to him but answered. “Um, Los Angeles.”

I nodded. I knew a lot about LA, my parents let me go there with Uncle Mason every summer, since I knew about the beaches, parties, and other attractions I figured I could start a conversation with them until someone would decide to jump in.

“You boys lived on the west side?” Damon looked up this time and they both nodded. Good I was making progress with them By now everyone was paying attention to the conversation even Noah looked interested.

“How long have you lived there?”

“Since we were seven, we used to live here but our parents moved us out there, and then…..” He didn’t seem like he wanted to finish the sentence. I didn’t push it. Sadly Toby didn’t get the hint to shut up.

“Then what?” He practically sneered.

“It’s nothing.” Stefan whispered quietly.

“Come on man what you guys get into trouble with the law or something, is that why you’re here?” He sneered.

Damon and Stefan said nothing but I could see they were both sad.

“Did you’re mommy and daddy decide you two rich boys needed to be cut off so they sent you here is that it?” Toby was taking it a little too far.

“Stefan looked like he had just been stabbed and then I finally understood why when Damon placed a hand on his shoulder and whispered something to him that I actually heard. I knew Noah did too when he shot Toby a look. Toby was about to speak again when I spoke up.

“Shut up Toby!” I yelled at him.

He and the rest of the class looked at me. Toby just laughed and replied.

“What we were just joking with them.” He and his friends were cracking up laughing.

“Really?” I said giving a smile. Everyone got quiet. “Because I have a joke for you too.”

“Yeah what?”

“What’s big, buff, and wet all over?”


“You when you cried at Mika’s fourteenth birthday party when BoBo the clown took a picture with you.”

The class started cracking up laughing, I even caught Damon and Stefan trying to hide a laugh.

“You swore you wouldn’t tell anyone!” He said getting up and tossing his chair. The class got quiet again.

“Sit. Down. Now. Toby.” I gritted. He knew better then to get angry with me, the boys may have been bigger but I was faster, smarter, and stronger then all of them combined time ten literally. Plus they knew they couldn’t mess with me because of Uncle Mason and his friends would kill them. Toby sat back down and muttered sorry. Noah started laughing and everyone including me turned to look at him.

“Toby you are so whipped……. and by my girlfriend dude!” He was still laughing.

The whole class including Toby was now laughing. It was true I had all of these boys wrapped around my finger and no ne was going to do anything about it.

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"I'm in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into a void, and that oblivion is inevitable... and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we'll ever have, and I am in love with you." Augustus Waters

Uh, yeah, I'll start with a good comment: I was excited to read it because I love the Vampire Diaries and it was an interesting idea. But that's it for good comments. I'm sorry, but you REALLY need to edit this. The first chunk is hard to read because it isn't split into paragraphs. You have way too many run-ons and your grammar/spelling/punctuation is really bad in general. And please lighten up on the questions to the audience. Also, the sunglasses part is overdone and weird.

With a little work, this could be good. Keep up the good ideas, and stick to Vampire Diaries (it rocks!!).