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Danger Days: The True Lives of Ritalin Diamond and the Fabulous Killjoys

July 21, 2011
By brigeisfalling GOLD, San Juan Capistrano, California
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brigeisfalling GOLD, San Juan Capistrano, California
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"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself." ~Harvey Fierstein

"Never forget how beautiful you are" ~Gerard Way

Author's note: The album Danger Days has influenced this story of mine. Word Count: 22,440 Disclaimer: I don't own My Chemical Romance nor their lyrics or concepts from their album but I do own my OC's. Please don't steal!

The author's comments:
This is the first fanfic I have written. I hope people like it because I sure do.

The alarm blared right next to my ears. 6:00 a.m. The radio started with Dr. Death Defying’s broadcast.

"Look alive, sunshine. You’re here with me, Dr. Death Defying. I’ll be your surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter. Pumpin’ out the slaughtermatic sounds to keep you alive. This one’s for all you rock’n’rollers. All you crash queens and motor babies. Listen up! It’s time to do it now and do it loud! Killjoys, make some noise!"

I turned down the radio. I didn’t want to wake up. I turned to my left and saw Neon Revolver still sound asleep. “I might as well wake him up,” I thought to myself.

“Neon, Neon, wake up. It’s time to go. We need to keep moving,” I said to him.

His eyes fluttered open and smirked at me.

“Can’t you keep it down, Ritalin? I just want a few more minutes of sleep,” he murmured.

“Come on, Neon. We can’t be spotted by Dracs. Come on, for me?” I asked him.

Neon finally arose from the front seat of his truck and stared onto the road ahead. We found an empty shack the night before but it looked so beaten down by the desert that we decided to sleep in the truck.

He didn’t say much. He knew what today meant for me. Today was the day my mother died protecting me.

Neon and I have been on the run since my mom had been ghosted by Dracs three months ago. I was living with my mom in Zone Two. It became too dangerous for us. We were about to leave when we were ambushed by a group of Dracs. My mom hid me and tried to fight them off. I saw how much of a fight she put up but she was surrounded and couldn’t keep them away. I saw her face for the last time and mouthed the words I love you before she was shot. I ran. I ran to the only one who knew me; who could protect me.

Neon’s house was around the block. He was always there for me. All through my life, he was there. I could be myself with him. I loved him.

I reached Neon’s house and before I could even ring the doorbell, he came out and pulled me in his warm embrace. I didn’t need to say anything. He knew me through and through. We stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity. He took my hand and led me inside.

I told him what happened with as much energy as I could muster. He listened to me and occasionally squeezing my hand for reassurance. I finally lost control when speaking about the last thing I said to her and he held me again. He kissed my head and we fell asleep, not shortly after, on his couch.

That night I dreamt of my mother. Her laugh and her smile was all I could see. Then she started yelling my name.

“Skye, Skye, darling,” she exclaimed.

“I love you. Please remember that. I will never leave you. I will always be here with you. I want you to live. Please never give up hope and you know the future is bulletproof so wake up and make some noise my Ritalin Diamond,” she said in my dream.

I woke with a start and felt Neon sitting beside me. He had packed up his things and was ready to leave. We couldn’t stay. I needed to find my way and take my mother’s advice. I needed to live life. We left that night and headed to Zone Four.

“Hey Skye, you okay?” Neon asked.

I turned to face him.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just remembering what today is,” I replied mournfully.

“I love you Skye, just know that, my darling,” Neon said as he went to hug me.

“I love you too, Keelan,” I finally replied with his name.

I titled my head up and took his lips to mine. It was a sweet but passionate kiss. I loved him. He meant the world to me and I was never letting him go.

We broke our kiss when we saw a vaguely familiar BL/ind white van heading our way. Neon ignited his truck and left with a trail of dust behind us.

We sped down the desert road and finally lost the van. We were in serious need of supplies. My gun was almost out of juice and Neon lost his during a previous encounter with a group of Scarecrows.

We rode for a couple more miles when we finally saw an old diner and gas station by the road.
“Hey Neon, let’s stop there and get supplies,” I said.

“Sure Ritalin, just be careful,” Neon responded while stopping his truck by the gas pump.

I made sure to have my gun by my side and went out to go inside the diner. I noticed it also had another opening through the side. It was only covered by a piece of wood filled with graffiti. I made my way through there and heard a familiar voice inside.

I could make out his dusty leather vest and his wheelchair but I knew who he was the second I came into the diner. It was the one and only Dr. D sitting by his own makeshift studio talking to all the rebellious killjoys in the zones.

“Alright children, it's time for me to start running and say good bye; for a little while. And I know you're going to miss me. So I'll leave you with this. Remember even if you're dusted you may be gone. But out here in the desert your shadow lives on without you. This is Dr. Death Defying signing off.”

I was shocked that we came to find his lair. It was my mother’s dream to meet Dr. D and his gang of killjoys. He went against Better Living Industries and helped many killjoys find safety with his transmissions. I was so deep in thought that I failed to hear Neon shouting at me from outside.

“Ritalin, you find anything?” he asked as he came into the diner the same way as I did. Dr. D spun around and faced us.

“Well hello there killjoys,” he said. I could see Neon trying to hide his open mouth from shock. But it was Dr. D, our one source of news and the one with whom we came to trust in this messed up world.

Neon cleared his throat.

“Hello Dr. D. It is a pleasure to meet you,” Neon replied while shaking hands with him. “My name is Keelan a.k.a Neon Revolver and this is my girlfriend, Skye a.k.a Ritalin Diamond.”

“Well welcome to my humble lair motor babies,” Dr. D said, “Now you guys need any help tonight? There is a storm brewing and I see you are low on supplies.”

I replied with a smile, “Yes that would be great actually, Dr. D.”

“Well come this way I’ll give you my spare gun, Neon and, Ritalin there’s some batteries for your gun in the cabinets there,” Dr. D pointed behind me.

I was about to open the cabinets when the front door of the diner opened.

“Did you fucking see how I ghosted those Dracs?” said a short, black-haired man as he entered the diner.

“Dude did you see my kick ass ninja moves?!” exclaimed a tall, lanky man.

“Fuck yes, we are all so amazing. Now move! I’m hungry,” exclaimed a tall man sporting an afro.

“Hey Dr. D how’s it going?” said the red-haired man who was the last one to step into the diner.
“Oh hi there,” he said as he spotted me opening up the cabinets.

I waved as Dr. D introduced us to the Fabulous Killjoys, BLI’s most notorious killjoys.

“Hey killjoys, meet Neon Revolver and Ritalin Diamond,” Dr. D said as he pointed to each of us.

The short one of the killjoys came up to me and gave me a massive hug while exclaiming his name was Fun Ghoul. His hug felt amazing and he smelled faintly of cigarettes and sweat which comforted me and I felt that we would definitely become the best of friends.

I shook hands with Jet Star and complimented on his amazing afro. I gave a quick hug to the tall, lanky man who told me he was Kobra Kid. He pointed to the red-haired man and told me that was his brother, Party Poison, who was in the middle of talking to Dr. Death Defying.

“Well Ritalin, you hungry?” Fun Ghoul asked. I nodded my head and went to follow him into the dingy diner. I saw Neon talking excitedly to Kobra. “Probably about comics,” I thought and was glad to see him making friends in this dismal world.

“So Ritalin, tell me about yourself? We might have to spend all night together,” said Ghoul winking as he showed me to a table.

“Whoa there short stuff, I don’t even know your real name,” I replied laughingly as I sat down.

Ghoul told me his name was Frank and that his friends all came back from Zone 3 but had a clap with a group of Dracs on their way here. He went into detail about the number of Dracs he ghosted with the help of Gerard too.

“Oh yeah sorry I guess I didn’t tell you their names. So Jet Star is Ray, Kobra Kid is Mikey and Party Poison is Gerard,” he said with his mouth full of refried beans.

“Geez, Frank you are such a messy eater but definitely adorable,” I said while wiping his mouth with a napkin.

“So Ritalin what’s your story?” Frank asked while grinning.

“Well for one I’m Skye and that’s Keelan,” I said as I was pointing to him. He was laughing about something Mikey had said, “We’ve been traveling for a couple months now from Zone 2. I lost my mother there when it began to get too dangerous and have been with Keelan ever since.”

“I’m sorry to hear that Skye. I’m glad that Keelan, here, was there to help you,” Frank said as he pointed to Keelan as he and Mikey made their way to our table.

Frank shook hands with Keelan and scooted over to let him sit next to him. Mikey came over and sat next to me.

“So guys what was so funny back there?” I asked.

Keelan replied, “Mikey here was telling me how many Dracs he killed and how amazing his ninja moves are.”

“Yeah Skye, you should have seen me. I kicked so many Dracs’ asses,” Mikey exclaimed.

I stared at Mikey and laughed. His combination of tallness and awkward lankiness made me doubtful of his so-called amazing ninja moves. We spent the entire afternoon talking to Frank and Mikey. Ray joined in but left soon to catch up on his sleep. I noticed that Gerard never came to chat so after being fed beans, I went to go find him.

I found him near the back of the diner sitting with Dr. D.

“BL/ind is getting stronger Dr. D I’m not sure how long we can last here. I don’t want to put anyone in danger again and yesterday was a close call,” I heard Gerard say to Dr. D.

“You know where I stand Poison. I will never let BLI take over. I will resist them. I will fight back. Your friends are adults. I know you feel responsible for them but they can take care of themselves,” Dr. D responded.

I felt like I would be intruding so I turned around but was stopped by Poison’s hand on my shoulder.

“Hey come on, sit with me. I feel like such an ass for not welcoming you into our messed up family,” Poison said.

I went to go sit with him and said good bye to Dr. Death Defying as he headed to his studio for his nightly transmissions.

“So what’s your name kid?” Poison asked as he went to get a can of refried beans.
“I’m Skye and that’s my boyfriend Keelan. I am so very thankful for us to have found you guys. I don’t think we could have made it any farther in our truck,” I said, “I am honored to meet you, though, Poison. You have been my hero ever since I first heard of you and your gang’s claps with BLI. My mom would have loved to meet you too.”

I felt my eyes tear up just thinking of her again and the impact she left on my life. I felt Poison come around and give me a hug. He kissed the top of my head and let me cry into his chest for what seemed like an eternity. I finally stopped and look into his hazel eyes.

“Thanks Poison. I guess I needed that,” I said to him still in his arms.

“No sugar, we’re family. Call me Gerard. Out in the field it’s Poison,” Gerard replied. I gave him another hug and truly felt part of his family now.

Then, we heard shouting coming from one of the radios. Static interrupted the transmission but I could hear the sounds of battle coming from it.

“Is there….out there? We’re…..Zone 6. Dracs…..surrounded. Help!”

Poison let me go and immediately went to the radio. The other guys all stood up and went to it as well. Poison tried to get the rest of the transmission but the radio only sent static sounds.

“Shit! Guys let’s go! Wake Ray up, Frank. Mikey grab your things, we’re going to Zone 6.” Gerard directed.

“We’re going too Gerard,” I said, “We have to help them out. I can’t leave them stranded!”

Gerard tried to convince me not to go but I was determined to go. I couldn’t leave my fellow killjoys at the mercy of BLI. I dragged Neon with me and we all headed to the black Trans-Am the Fabulous Killjoys owned.

“We’re coming to help you. Don’t give up!” I thought to myself sitting in between Ghoul and Neon.

Poison raced down south to Zone 6. The radio wasn’t on and silence filled the car. I looked around and saw everyone’s worried looks. I held Neon’s hand and looked to him. He kissed my forehead and stared out into the open desert road. I wrapped my other arm in Ghoul’s. He was taking a drag of his cigarette and I could tell he was as worried as I was.

I was ready though. I needed to do this. I needed to prove to myself that I was strong. BL/ind cannot take control. I will not let them control me and take the lives of innocent killjoys in the process of their domination. I cannot have my mother’s death be in vain.

After a few more minutes of driving, we heard the sound of gunfire. Poison stopped the car and pulled down his signature yellow mask. Jet Star and Kobra Kid came out sunglasses on and guns ready. Fun Ghoul stomped out his cigarette and pulled out his green ray gun. I took out my violet gun from my holster and waited for Neon to pull out his gun too. Before heading into battle, Neon pulled me aside.

“Be careful out there Ritalin. Don’t get too crazy,” he said, “I don’t want a repeat of last time okay, love.” I remembered. It was a couple of days after my mother’s death and we encountered a group of Scarecrows. I was still feeling the grief, the pain and sought to seek revenge against the monsters that took my mother’s life away.

So, I showed no mercy and killed every single motherfucking scarecrow that came into my path. I didn’t stop. Anger and rage filled my vision. All I could see was my mother dead at the hands of BL/ind. I couldn’t stop. It wasn’t until Neon had to push me to the ground and kick the gun from my hand that I stopped and started to shake. I broke down and just cried my sorrows into his chest. Though it felt good to release my anger, I knew I couldn’t let it consume me. I didn’t want my mom to see my like this. She wouldn’t want me to let anger to take a hold on my life.

I responded, “I’ll be fine Neon. I let it go and I’ll come out alive, my darling. I love you.”

I kissed him passionately and broke away when Poison gathered all of us for the master plan.

“Okay guys, I want this to be short. Find the killjoys and get out. I don’t want this to be carried out. Jet Star and I will take the front. Neon and Kobra, you guys cover our backs. I want you and Fun Ghoul to go find any killjoys out there,” he said directly at me.

I met his hazel eyes with my own and saw so much determination and passion. “I would try my best. We were family now and I needed him and his gang in my life,” I thought.

Gerard continued, "Remember make no apologies. It's death or victory and on my authority, go!"

We all headed out and started shooting at whatever Drac came our way. I was back to back with Ghoul taking out Dracs when I saw Mikey fighting off more Dracs. I was astonished that his hand to hand skills. They were amazing. “I have to make that kid teach me some," I thought to myself with a grin appearing on my face.

Ghoul took notice and was more creative in his attack. I was impressed. He managed to take out five Dracs and still keep that adorable smirk on his face. I pulled some of my own moves and when Ghoul turned to face me, I took out two Dracs standing right behind him with dead on precision.

"Seriously Ritalin, you almost shot at me," Ghoul whined.

I responded laughingly, "Don't be such a baby Ghoul. Just admit that I saved your life and you owe me one." Ghoul smirked and we kept shooting until we slaughtered every single Drac in our vicinity. We lost touch with everyone but thankfully Ghoul kept his walkie-talkie. He got a hold of Poison and told him we haven’t seen any killjoys yet. I turned to my left and saw an abandoned shack just over the hill we were climbing.

“Tell Poison we found a shack by the road, Ghoul,” I said over my shoulder to him. “We’re going in to see if there’s anyone there.” He relayed it to Poison and I heard him say to be careful back to us.

Ghoul put it away and held his gun ready for anything. I pulled my bandana up and held my gun in position. We each took a side and went to go investigate. It was pretty big and it took me a few minutes to find Ghoul again.

“I didn’t see anything Ghoul. Let’s go inside okay/” I said. He nodded and went to slide open the door.

I watched as a laser came out from inside and almost hit Ghoul. I jumped back and almost shot inside when the lights came on and I saw someone I didn’t, nor, ever want to see in my lifetime.

Ghoul jumped behind the door and recovered from the shock of almost being killed. I stayed behind the outer wall and when the gunfire stopped I looked inside and saw the man who started his world domination, who destroyed thousands of lives and families, and who was responsible for the killing of my mother. I saw Korse, the evil mastermind behind Better Living Industries. I felt sick to my stomach. I couldn’t handle the sight of him. His dark eyes looked right at me and then turned to Fun Ghoul. Recognition registered on his face and he shouted for some Dracs to grab me and Ghoul. I quickly shot at the two Dracs in front and grabbed Ghoul’s hand as we raced out into the badlands of Battery City. Ghoul grabbed his walkie-talkie and shouted, “Poison, anyone, it’s a trap. Korse is here. Ritalin and I are fighting them off but I don’t know how much longer we can last. He’s brought everyone. Hurry guys!” I was busy shooting at Dracs and saw Korse coming for us. I stopped and as one Drac came too close for my comfort, Ghoul shot the f*er down and gave me his lovable smirk. “So how’s that Skye? We’re even now,” he said removing his dark hair from his face. “Ha thanks my short buddy. Now let’s kick some BLI ass and take these motherf*ers down!” I responded laughingly. Frank responded, “Now we’re talking munchkin!” I looked over and stuck my tongue at him for calling me that. We were so caught up in battle that I failed to see the black Trans-Am make its way towards us. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Party Poison ready for the fight. His red hair blowing in the wind made him seem almost god-like and I felt truly grateful to be in his presence. I saw Neon coming from behind and shooting at whatever Drac came our way. “I know how much you hate this but gravity don’t mean too much to me. These pigs are after me, after you. So will you run away like it was yesterday, Diamond?” he said. I looked into his hazel eyes and said, “You stop your preaching right there because I really don’t care. I’m staying. I’ll kill them all and I’ll do it again. This is our destiny. This world is after me, after you but we’re gonna be the ones left standing.” Poison nodded and looked at me with admiration. He took out two more Dracs and headed into battle. Jet Star and Kobra Kid came from behind me and engulfed me in a group hug. I smiled at them and they both headed towards Poison and joined in the battle. Neon came last and kissed me passionately. I missed him and was thankful he wasn’t hurt or worse dead. He let me go and we went hand-in-hand into battle. We took out most of the Dracs but we still had four scarecrows and Korse to deal with. We came face to face with Korse and the rest of his gang in a standoff. Then all hell broke loose and shots were fired from all around us. I saw Jet Star go down followed by Kobra and Neon. I took out two Scarecrows but one of them managed to take out Ghoul in the process. Bodies were strewed all around us. Poison and I stood face to face with Korse. He managed to stay undamaged in this. I didn’t see his BL/ind head of security come from behind us until it was too late. She knocked Poison to the ground and made her way to me. I tried to put up a fight but she managed to take my gun and had me pinned down to the ground. I turned to look at Poison, who was also pinned by a scarecrow, and saw so much anger in his eyes. I was stripped of my weapons and was restrained. I was pulled up and was led straight to Korse. I saw his eyes glint evilly at me and stared at Poison and said… “Keep running.” I struggled to get free from the woman who had me. I, then, suddenly felt a sudden, sharp pain in the back of my head. The last thing I remember seeing was Poison’s sad, angry eyes as he was pushed into a white BL/ind van still bound and now gagged.

Party Poison’s POV Jet Star and I were in the middle of ghosting twelve Dracs that came our way when I heard Frank’s voice come in. ”Poison, anyone, it’s a trap. Korse is here. Ritalin and I are fighting them off but I don’t know how much longer we can last. He’s brought everyone. Hurry guys!” “Shit Jet Star we need to finish this now! They need our help!” I said. “They can’t take Ritalin away,” I thought to myself. I was feeling more attached to that girl. She has so much determination and drive. It astonishes me that she can be so strong despite the fact that sadness surrounds her life and mine too for that matter. I want to be there to take care of her. I want to hold her. I want to make her feel safe. I want her to smile more for me. She just brings out this side that I haven’t felt before but maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. “She has Neon and she has no room for me in her life,” I told myself as I shook my head of these thoughts and finished off the last of the Dracs. “Let’s find Mikey and Neon,” I said to Ray. We ran looking for them and found them finishing off the Dracs. I told them we needed to go help Ritalin and Ghoul. I saw Neon’s eyes full of anger but he never said a word. We all got in the Trans-Am and headed to where Ghoul and Ritalin were located. I saw Ritalin almost get hit by a laser but Ghoul ghosted the Drac coming for her. She, then, was laughing at Ghoul while still engaged in battle. I ran across the desert road and finally reached Ritalin. “I know how much you hate this but gravity don’t mean too much to me. These pigs are after me, after you. So will you run away like it was yesterday, Diamond?” I said. I didn't want her to get hurt and I certainly didn't want her to die. She responded, “You stop your preaching right there because I really don’t care. I’m staying. I’ll kill them all and I’ll do it again. This is our destiny. This world is after me, after you but we’re gonna be the ones left standing.” She saw right through me and was willing to stay and fight. I truly admired her courage and saw that I will never change her due to her stubbornness. I only nodded and headed into battle. I was unstoppable and killed any Drac that came my way. Korse though managed to stay upright and we all came face to face with each other. I stared right at the motherf*er’s face and pulled my gun out. All hell broke loose then. I saw Ray, Mikey and Neon go down. I managed to kill one Scarecrow. Frank went down after Ritalin shot two more Dracs and we were the only ones left standing. I didn't see Korse’s head of security until it was too late. She knocked me down and kicked my gun out of my hand. I felt a scarecrow come from behind me and pinned me down to the ground. I grunted and tried to struggle. I turned my head and saw Ritalin get pinned as well. I couldn't control my anger. I couldn't let them hurt Ritalin but they were strong now. I saw Ritalin get knocked unconscious and I was pulled up and taken to the white BL/ind van. I was pushed into the van now bound and gagged. The head of security closed the doors and the last thing I saw were Ritalin’s beautiful sad eyes. Hours later I woke up in a white holding cell. I was bound and once I was fully awake and all I could see was the holding area for rebels like me. “I must be the only one here,” I thought to myself. I didn’t hear or sense anyone else near me. I looked around and took everything in. I needed to find a way out. I knew what would happen to me if I stayed any longer. I would, either, be given drugs and be turned into a zombie for BLI to control or be killed for resisting. Neither of those options appealed to me. I needed to get back and see Ritalin happy again. I wanted to see Skye again. I couldn’t have my last memory of her be the sight of her sad beautiful eyes staring at me. As I was about to create an escape plan, I heard footsteps coming down the hallway towards my cell. I looked over and, through my red hair, I saw Korse with his head of security looking at me. “So Party Poison, are you ready to join Better Living Industries? Are you ready to stop your rebellion and let us take care of the city? Will you help us in our vision for a better world, a better tomorrow?” Korse asked. “Never Korse,” I spat to his face. “Your ways and ideas are not for the good of the people. I could never be a part of the disgusting take over you and your so-called Better Living Industries have done to this world. Your corporation progress has children living on the railways, people moving sideways and dying in the process. It’s nothing but a dead scene, a product of your white dream and I refuse to answer to you. I’m rooting for the ones that want to get away!” I saw his bodyguard tense during my response to Korse and I should have taken that into consideration because the next thing I see is her by my side with a needle. I tried to get away. I had a fear of needles but she was too strong for me and stuck the needle into my arm. I tried to resist the concoction in my body but I felt numb all over instantly and my mind went black a few moments later.

Ritalin’s POV

I saw Party Poison get taken away from us by Korse and his bodyguard. I tried to get up from my hold and save him but I was given a blow to my head. I felt my body go numb but my head was screaming for Gerard.

A few minutes later, I was woken up by Frank who had his shoulder bandaged up, thanks to Ray. I gave him the biggest hug but I still felt empty inside. I made my way over to the Trans-Am, with the help of Frank, to where Mikey, Ray and Keelan were sitting. I gave Keelan a short kiss and turned my attention to the rest of the boys.

“So we have to get Gee back. I can’t let Korse and his buddies turn him into one of his mindless zombie,” Mikey said.

“Right, well what’s the plan then?” Ray asked.

After a few moments of total silence I responded, “We can go now. They won’t expect us to come to his rescue this soon. And I think we should go through the front gates. We can take them by surprise!”

I could feel the gears in Frank’s head go into motion. “Yeah Skye is totally right. Those bastards won’t know what’s coming,” he said.

“Well let’s head back to Dr. D’s place and stock up,” Mikey said. Keelan didn’t say anything at all but just held onto my waist through the whole ride back. When we arrived to the diner, Keelan took my hand and lead me aside.

“Hey you coming in guys?” Frank asked.

“Yeah hold on one sec Frank. I have to talk to Skye,” Keelan responded with slightly angry tone. Frank eyed Neon suspiciously but nodded and went inside, leaving us in alone, outside.

“What’s wrong Neon?” I asked.

“I don’t want you going anywhere near BLI, Skye. I don’t want you to get hurt. I trust these guys but I can’t have you going in and risk your life for their leader to be brought back,” he said.

“Neon, stop. I have to go. I can’t just abandon Gerard. He heard my story and accepted me into this family. I have to try everything in my power to get him back. I’m sorry Neon but I’m not staying here,” I responded.

I went inside the diner and left Neon outside. “I can’t believe Keelan would say that to me. He knows how much I appreciate all of what these guys have done for us. I can’t just abandon them right after they accepted me into their family,” I thought to myself.

Frank noticed when I entered the diner and gave me a look of “do you wanna talk about it?” I shook my head and went to Mikey’s side.

Dr. D came out from his afternoon radio broadcast and helped restock. I went to get batteries from the cabinets and felt Frank come to my side. I turned around and was startled to have him come so close to me.

“Sorry,” he said and took a step back. “So are you really okay, Skye? I know something’s up?”

“I’m fine Frank really,” I said not looking at his eyes which might have burned a hole through me with the amount of intensity he gave off.

He took my chin and brought it up to his face so he could look into my eyes.

“No you’re not Skye. Please talk to me. Is it because of Gerard? We’ll get him back you know. I promise,” he said.

“Can we talk outside Frank?” I asked him as I saw Neon come inside the diner.

Frank nodded and we headed outside. I felt Neon’s glare but Frank must have noticed too because he squeezed my hand and glared right back at Neon.

I pulled down my sunglasses and went to sit by the shade of the gas pump. Frank followed and sat right next to me. I leaned into him and he pulled me into his chest.

I looked up and smiled at his adorable face. I forced myself out of his arms and told to him about the recent conversation with Neon.

“I know he’s trying to protect me but I am not a child anymore. I can decide what I want to do with my life and right now it’s to get Gerard. I can’t accept BLI taking one of the Fabulous Killjoys and making him into one of their puppets to control,” I said to Frank.

“You’re right. Girl you’re gonna be what tomorrow needs. And for every time he counts you out, you use raise your voice every single time he tries to shut your mouth. You sing it out for everyone that you left behind. He should know what a stubborn little munchkin you are,” he said laughingly.

“Geez Frank. Here I’m laying my heart to you and you roll all over it with jokes,” I smirked at him.

“That’s why you love me short stuff.”

“Ha who said I love you Frankenstein. I’m only here ‘cause you give me a bed to sleep in!”

“What?! That hurt my feelings Skye,” he said dramatically while clutching his heart. I laughed and gave him a big hug.

“Thanks Frankie. I needed that. Now get off your big butt. We’ve got to see what tomorrow brings. So let’s go ghost some BLI ass!” I exclaimed.

Frank only chuckled and lead me back inside.

“You guys ready to go?” Ray asked. We both nodded and headed out into the Trans-Am. I sat next to Frank and the window. I saw Neon sit in the passenger’s side and Mikey sat next to Frank. I couldn’t face Neon right now and was glad he sat up front.

We arrived at the center of Battery City and I could see the massive BLI headquarters just a few miles down Route Guano. We neared the building now and Ray broke through the barrier to get into the headquarters. We didn’t stop until we reached the doors.

We walked through the bridge leading into the building and started shooting at the Dracs that kept guard. We stepped through the doors and went straight down into the holding area in search of Gerard.

On our way there we met with little resistance and I was surprised that we didn’t fight off too many Dracs and Scarecrows. We finally reached the final floor and took the elevator down.

The elevator opened and we headed down the hallway into the holding area. We opened the final door and came face-to-face with Korse and his bodyguard. And in the far corner I saw a Drac pointing a gun at us. With an evil smirk, Korse made his way to the Drac and took off his mask.

We all came face-to-face with Korse and his bodyguard once we opened the final door. I raised my gun at him but he moved to the far corner where I saw a Drac standing there. Korse came inches away from the Drac’s face and glanced back at us with an evil smirk on his face. I had my gun trained onto Korse when he pulled up the mask and revealed Gerard’s beautiful face underneath. I had a feeling that something like this would happen. I didn’t let the thought invade my mind back at the diner. I had hoped that he would manage to survive and not succumb to BLI control. I glared at Korse and made my way over to him. I was stopped though by Gerard as he pointed his gun at my head. I looked into his eyes and saw beautiful, vacant eyes. He didn’t have any life in them. His soul wasn’t in them. He was under the control of Korse and I had to find some way to break it. I heard Korse chuckle behind Gerard and say, “Welcome to Better Living Industries the rest of the ‘Fabulous Killjoys.’ As you can see, I have enlisted the help of your fellow partner to ensure the goal of BLI to be carried through.” “You motherf*er! What the f have you done with Gerard?! He can’t be under your control,” Frank spat at Korse. Mikey just stared in stunned horror. He couldn’t comprehend how his older brother would be under the control of the entity they have been trying to destroy all these years. Ray was holding Frank back from going ballistic on Korse. As Korse was about to respond, his head of security leaned in and whispered into his ear. Korse’s whole demeanor changed and I could see he was furious. His head of security called for backup and in a couple of seconds a whole group of Dracs came to the holding area. The next thing I knew, we were being pushed into different cells down the holding area. I was all alone in cell number 2 and right across from mine in cell number 1 was Frank. Mikey and Ray were led farther down. I noticed Neon wasn’t dragged into any of the cells. Korse started shouting at the rest of the Dracs to follow him and Neon then turned back around and looked at me with sorrowful eyes as he followed Korse and the rest of his gang upstairs. “Neon, Neon, Keelan!! What are you doing? No you asshole stop playing with me. You can’t be a part of this. Not after all we have gone through. Have you lost your mind? I need you! You can’t leave me. We fought so hard, for so long love. I can’t believe you did this,” I screamed at him. He turned around and all I heard him say was sorry and that he loved me as I broke down and let my tears fall down on the ground. I heard Frank shouting to get Keelan to come down here and to let them out but I was too broken to do anything. My whole world was shaken. I couldn’t believe Keelan would betray us, betray me. We have always been there for each other. He knows how much destruction BLI has caused me. I just couldn’t understand how he could turn his back on the family we formed. I was heartbroken. “Ritalin, don’t you f*ing cry over that bastard. He chose to be on the other side. He chose to betray you and us. He probably told BLI we were on the way. So don’t ruin that pretty little face of yours and waste precious tears on that ungrateful motherf*er,” Frank said. “I can’t stop though Fr… Fun Ghoul. I loved him and I thought he loved me. We spent every day together. I trusted him. We were soul mates. I can’t just forget the last nineteen years of my life with him,” I said to Fun Ghoul. The door opened and down came Gerard to keep an eye on us. I could feel anger radiate from Frank as he tried getting Gerard to be reasonable again. Gerard didn’t even bother to turn to Frank and I couldn’t handle all the things that were happening to me. I was fed up with BLI and I had to stop them from taking anymore of my friends. I looked over at Gerard and yelled at him to come to me cell. He finally came down but had his gun out for me. I stared into his beautiful eyes for some form of life in them. I could see the flakes of green in his eyes and I felt all my hate wash over me. I grabbed onto his collar and screamed right at his face. “Gerard, this planet’s ours to defend. Ain’t got no time to pretend. Don’t f around. This is our last chance,” I screamed, “You were there for me and took me into the killjoy family. I can’t let BLI end you like this. You are too strong for that piece of shit Korse. You’re so unbelievable, so undefeatable. Let’s ruin everything here and blast it to the back row!” I felt tears come down my eyes and into his jacket through the bars. I wasn’t sure if I was getting through him but I thought I saw a light come into his eyes. The door opened suddenly and down came Neon running. He had keys with him and opened all the doors for us. He took me into his arms and apologized profusely. He made me face him and I saw so much sorrow in his eyes. “I’m sorry Skye. I couldn’t let them hurt you. I have to save you. You have so much power and determination. I don’t want you to end up here and become a part of this organization. So go, go with them and destroy this entity. I’m not strong enough to go against them but know that I love you and will do anything to protect you,” Keelan said. He kissed my forehead and turned his attention to the rest of the guys. Frank managed to get Gerard tied up and was ready to go. Mikey and Ray were ready to go too with their masks on and guns ready. I took Keelan’s hand and we went headed up the stairs. No one was around and Keelan informed us that there was a disturbance in Battery City between some folks and the Scarecrows. We managed to sneak past the guards at the door of BLI. We could see the Trans-Am right where we left it but as luck would have it, out came Korse and his Dracs from behind us. We managed to get most of the Dracs but Korse was still standing. I pushed Frank with Gerard and Mikey out the doors and made them get into the Trans-Am. Ray was getting the car started while shooting at the Dracs from inside the car. I was left with Keelan inside fighting Korse but he turned around and pushed me out the door. He locked himself inside and left me outside. I could hear him yelling me to go home but I couldn’t leave him here. I saw Korse begin to fight with Keelan and Mikey came running to get me to go with them. I was being dragged by Mikey as I turned around and saw Korse grab Neon and shoot him in the neck. Everything went in slow motion. I could hear Mikey yelling at me to go and I heard all the guns firing around me but all I saw was Neon drop to the ground and Korse look back at me with an evil look in his face. I was finally pushed into the car and Ray sped off back to the hideout. I looked back and saw Korse put Neon’s body in a BLI bag and zip it up. I felt tears come down my face and I buried my face into Frank’s chest as we left Battery City.

It’s been two months since Gerard’s rescue and Keelan’s death. In those few, short weeks we have through many claps with BLI but never have we seen Korse. I experimented with drugs and tried to drink my sorrows away. I even contemplated suicide but Frank and, surprisingly, Gerard were there to comfort me.

It took a couple of days to get Gerard to remember who he was and what he stood for. We all had to pitch in. I heard the guys tell stories of their past before all this BLI crap happened. I heard they used to be in a band. They were huge but it all came crashing down in 2019. It did help that Frank, Ray and Mikey started playing around Gerard again. Frankie told me during one of our nightly talks that it was the first time they have gone back to music. He felt so much more like himself just strumming to old songs on his guitar. It reminded him of good times and it let him escape the dirty world we live in.

“It felt so good, Skye to just pour my heart and soul into the music, into the crowds,” Frank said to me while we were lying on his bed.

“Why did you stop? I’ve heard you play and my god you are amazing. You all are amazing,” I said to Frank.

“We needed to survive. We had to think of our survival. I wasn’t thinking of music Skye. I was thinking of saving my friends and to get back at BLI for destroying my world and yours too.”

“What happened Frank? You all know my story so I wanna know yours.”

“Well it ain’t pretty love but here it goes. I was famous. I had money. Nothing could stop me and I felt undefeatable. Then I met her, Jamia. She was, for lack of another less cliché word, my soul mate. She was my anchor, my everything. We dated and I proposed. We were going to get married. I loved her so much. Once the takeover happened she was brainwashed into joining BLI. I saw her get taken away from me. I tried to get her back but it was too late. She was too deep in drugs and she wasn’t the same Jamia that I once knew,” Frank explained. He was about to continue when Gerard came into the room.

I looked over and motioned for him to sit with us. I moved over towards the middle of the bed and Gerard sat by the edge of the bed. He looked so tired and worn out. He finished up a mission with Mikey on the outskirts of Battery City and didn’t look like he came into contact with Korse.

He was staring out into space and I grabbed his hand to bring him back. He looked at our hands joined and then at me and gave me a half hearted smile. I knew he was tired of all this but he knew it would be worth it in the end. I went to give him a hug and could smell the faint scent of smoke and desert on his jacket. He whispered in my ear to follow him and I nodded.

I turned over to Frank to say good night but he was already sleeping. I went over and kissed him on his cheek and whispered good night to him. I followed Gerard out into the diner and went to his room. He entered first and I closed the door behind me.

I didn’t go into Gerard’s room very often. He was always out on missions or mostly locked up alone. He would come out and just talk to me in my room but I was never once invited into his. I looked around and found it fairly neat as opposed to mine which was covered in all my shit most of the time.

I saw Gerard motion for me to sit on his bed and he went into the bathroom to change. A few minutes later, he came out with a black sleeveless shirt and black pajama pants. His red hair was fading and I wanted to re-dye it again sometime soon. He took a seat next to me and pulled me into a hug.

I made myself comfortable against him and we went to lie on his bed. We still held each other for dear life. I felt better in his arms. This world we lived in disappeared while I was in his arms and I felt right at home too. I wondered if he felt the same but I was too scared to ask him and I still felt terrible for thinking of Gerard as something other than a friend when Keelan’s death is still so fresh in my mind.

I lifted my head from his chest and looked up at him. He was almost falling asleep but I asked him if he could sing for me. He nodded and then I heard his sweet voice singing me to sleep.

Where will you stand
When all the lights go out
Across these city streets?

Where were you when
All of the embers fell
I still remember

Covered in ash
Covered in glass
Covered in all my friends are

Think of the bombs they built

Is there a place where I can be
Then I'd be another memory
Can I be the only hope for you
Cause you're the only hope for me
And if we can't find where we belong
We'll have to end it on our own
Face all the pain and take it on
Because the only hope for me is you alone.”

I woke up still in Gerard’s arms. I looked over to him and saw he was still fast asleep. His chest rose slowly and his mouth was slightly open. His hair was a mess and I loved it that way. I could see his eyes start to flutter open. “Good morning Gee,” I said to him. “Mmm yeah good morning Skye,” he replied while hugging me tighter. I looked up and saw his smiling face look down at me. We must have stared at each other for a few minutes when Frank came barging in the room and opened up the blinds. “Ahhhhh my eyes, they burn,” I yelled while hiding underneath the covers. “Come on sleepyheads time for breakfast. Ray is cooking today so it’s gonna be good.” Frank said while exiting the room. “Come on Skye we can’t have Mikey have all our food,” said Gerard while offering his hand to get me off the bed. I reluctantly complied and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I heard a knock on the door and saw Gerard hand me some of his clothes since I have been way too lazy to do the laundry. I smiled gratefully and locked the door behind me. I came out a couple of minutes later and went out to the diner. I could smell the scent of eggs and bacon in the air. I also saw a huge stack of blueberry pancakes right in the middle of the table. I went to go sit by Frank and Gerard came to sit on the other side. Ray and Mikey came out of the kitchen with another stack of freshly made pancakes and joined us at the table. “Where’s Dr. D? Isn’t he going to join us?” I asked while getting pancakes on my plate. Frank tried to reply but all I heard was muffled sounds from his stuffed mouth. “What I think Frank here is trying to say is that he went out with Show Pony and Hot Chimp on one of their missions,” Ray replied. Show Pony and Hot Chimp were Dr. D’s friends and often helped him with his pirate radio and missions. “Yeah what Ray said,” Frank replied while taking a sip of his orange juice. “So what are doing today then guys?” I asked just as we were finishing up breakfast. “We have nothing planned, just hanging out I guess,” Mikey replied while washing his dirty dishes. Ray nodded in agreement and I saw Gerard make his way to the kitchen. “Well how about I re-dye that hair of yours Gerard?” I said. “Nuh uh Skye you aren’t going anywhere near my hair,” Gee responded while clutching his head protectively. “Yeah tiny, remember you almost set it on fire last time you wanted to touch his hair,” Frank said laughingly. “God I did not set his hair on fire okay. The match was just too close to his head,” I said. “Yeah well tell that to my bald spot I now have,” Gerard said while pointing to his head. “Are you sure I caused that ‘cause I could have sworn it was already there you old man,” I teasingly said to Gerard. He half glared at me and went to wash his dishes. “Aww c’mon Gee let me dye your hair. I’ll even let you dye mine. Whatever color you chose okay?” I said to him. He let out a sigh and agreed. I fist bumped the air and went to go give him a hug. “Thanks Gee and I will definitely make that hair of yours look extra pretty,” I said over my shoulder as I was walking out of the kitchen and into the diner. I saw Ray and Mikey getting ready to play old video games they found during one of our missions. Frank went to go sit in the corner with a copy of Watchmen in his hands. I went to my room and got out a bottle of red dye I bought from one of the convenience stores we passed earlier. I got some towels from my closet and went to set up in his bathroom. I put on one of my old t-shirts and I found some gloves underneath the sink. I got out the bottle and shook it until all the red was mixed. I heard Gerard come in and motioned him to sit on the chair I had out for him. I gave him some petroleum jelly to cover his bare skin and preventing the color to stain that beautiful pale skin of his. I poured the dye into my gloved hands and started putting the color on his fading hair. We talked about his old life and how he missed performing onstage. He missed the roar of the crowds, the dancing, and the pure raw energy that they gave off for him. He craved it now and again but his drawings distracted him long enough to forget. It took me about fifteen minutes. His hair wasn’t as thick as mine and I didn’t need to use the whole bottle. “Okay all done now Gee,” I said to him while still playing with the left over dye in the bowl. I gave him a shower cap to let the color set in and now he was motioning me to take a seat. “Gee it better not be a horrible color or else I will kill you in your sleep,” I said threateningly to Gerard. “I promise Skye now close your eyes and no peeking,” he said and the last thing I saw was his adorable smirk as I closed my eyes. He started humming and soon turned into full on singing while dying my hair. “Ain't nobody gonna dance tonight Ain't nobody gonna get the best of me Hey there DJ come and save my soul I've come to show you how we rock and roll Come and see what sinks and floats I'm gonna shout this out till everybody knows This ain't a party Get off the dance floor You want the countdown Here comes the gang war You do it alright You got the answer 'Cause all the good times They give you cancer Because we were all like you in the end Or maybe killing ourselves by sleeping in With the lights off do it again Till you cuss and you dance and your famous friend's flown away.” “Gee if you keep on dancing anymore, you’re going to pull my hair out,” I warned Gerard. “Sorry sugar, I was just in the zone. I’m almost done with this puke green though,” Gerard said. I instantly reached up to my hair and started yelling obscenities at him and warning about his immediate death but all he did was laugh and told me not to look until he was done. "Evil bastard" I thought to myself. I did feel slight butterflies in my chest when he called me sugar though but I ignored those feelings for now. “Okay all done, just let me get a cap for your hair,” he said over his shoulder while going out to find a cap. He came back a few seconds later and told me to open my eyes. “Damn it Gee why did you have to get a black one? I can’t f*ing see the color now!” I exclaimed. “That’s the point sugar now let me wash this off before it fries my hair even more,” he answered. “Fine you sneaky bastard,” I said sticking my tongue out to him too. He just laughed and headed into the shower. I left his room and joined Mikey and Ray on the couch still playing video games. They didn’t even notice me so I got up and went to surprise Frank by giving him a hug. “Whoa there tiny you’re gonna stain my shirt,” he said while pulling me into his chest. “It’s already dirty enough Frankie. Plus it’ll be a little souvenir of the only day I let Gerard get near my hair,” I responded. He laughed and pulled me in closer. I went to read where he left off in his comic but then Mikey announced he was hungry. I nodded in agreement and went to the kitchen with Frankie close behind to find something to eat. We found some chips and leftover dip to go with it. I went to go check up on Gerard and see if he wanted something to eat. I entered his room and saw him coming out of the shower shirtless and with only a towel wrapped around his waist. “Ahh shit I’m sorry,” we both exclaimed at the same time. I tried covering my eyes and accidently hit my hand on the corner of his desk and ran away from his room. I closed the door and felt my cheeks grow warm at the thought of seeing him shirtless and water dripping from his bright red hair. I felt blood drip from my hand so I went to find some bandages for it. Frank saw me come out in a hurry and followed me to my room. “What’s wrong Skye?” he asked. “Uhh n-n-othing, nothing at all. Why would you think that,” I stuttered out my answer. “Well for one thing you’re stuttering and your cheeks are really red,” he replied rather smugly. “Nothing happened Frank okay?” I said. “Fine, fine but I’ll find out sooner or later then,” he said as he walked out of my room. I looked over at the time and decided it was time to take the color off. I checked outside to see if Gerard came out of his room and was grateful he hadn’t. I washed the color out and came to find out it was a lovely shade of violet. I pulled up hair up and wrapped my towel around it. I went to find my clothes and was forced to wear one of Gerard’s shirts again. "Damn I really need to do laundry again." I thought to myself. I dried my hair and looked in the mirror. My hair looked amazing. It was in a beautiful bright shade of violet and I would have to thank Gerard for choosing it. I came out of my room and was greeted by wolf whistles and howls from the boys. Gerard came out of the kitchen and I saw his face light up at the sight of my hair. I might have forgotten the earlier incident because the next thing I did was walk over and give him a big hug and a huge kiss on his cheek. “Thank you Gerard. I love my hair! Have I told you how amazing you are,” I said laughingly to him. “Nope but you should more often then Skye,” he replied, “I also must say you did an amazing job with mine sugar.” “What can I say? I’m a woman with many talents,” I replied while winking at him. I went to sit over by Frankie who was eating a veggie burger. “Damn tiny you look really good. I told Gee he picked out a great color,” he said. “What??!! You knew about it and didn’t tell me??!! What kind of best friend are you short stuff,” I said while taking a bite out of his burger. “Hey man, get your own!” he laughingly exclaimed. I laughed and went to go join Mikey on the couch. He put on Dawn of the Dead and I was settling in when Gerard joined me on the couch. He came really close to me and I felt him hesitate a few seconds before pulling me in close to him. I wasn’t going to tell him to go away so I settled into his arms and fell asleep halfway through the movie. After a few minutes, I felt my body being picked up and being laid on my bed. I felt someone pull the covers over my body. He leaned down and kissed my cheek good night and I think I heard him say faintly “good night, my love” but that could have been my imagination. I settled into my pillow and heard the door close behind him and I fell asleep once more and dreamed of beautiful things.

I woke up extra early this morning and made my way to the kitchen. I made myself a cup of coffee and went outside to see the sun rise. It was beautiful. The way the orange and yellow hues of the sun reflect upon the methane skies; it was breathtaking. I heard the door open and felt a blanket cover my shoulders. I looked over and saw Gerard sit next to me.

“I thought you weren’t a morning person sugar?” he asked.

“Mmm oh I felt like taking in the sun today. I feel a firefight coming on tonight. The devil’s got our number they say. But if we sing these words, we’ll never die,” I said to him.

“Get off the ledge and drop the knife, Skye. You’re not a victim of a victim’s life. This ain’t a room full of suicides because we’re believers and I believe in tonight,” he responded.

“We could leave this world, leave it all behind. We could live forever if you got the time,” I said looking straight into his eyes. He looked down at me and was inches away from my face when he whispered, “If you save yourself tonight, sugar.”

I could feel his breath on my mouth and just when I could taste his lips. Mikey comes running out. We break apart and move further apart in the bench. I look away embarrassed and with red cheeks.

“Oh did I interrupt something?” Mikey asked.

“No, no n-n-nothing at all, Mikes. Gerard thanks for the blanket. I’ll see you inside,” I said while scurrying inside and not making eye contact with anyone. I ran to my room and shut the door. I turned around to find Frank inside lying on my bed.

“Frank what are you doing on my bed? You’re going to get your cooties all over it,” I said laughingly while going in for a hug.

“Your bed looked so comfy Skye so I came in and slept for a couple of minutes,” he said while smirking down at me.

“Fine but I have question for you though. You’re Gerard’s best friend. Has he…,” I hesitated thinking of how I should phrase this question, “Well has he ever had a girlfriend or been close to anybody?”

Frank looked down at me and asked why I wanted to know.

“Oh I’m just curious, is all,” I responded.

“Uh huh, right tiny. Well he had a girlfriend before BL/ind took over. Lindsey was her name but she ran away to join Korse and his company and left Gerard back in New Jersey. He spent months looking for her. He finally heard word that she was in California so he came down here and searched for her. He found her in deep shit with BLI and found out all about their takeover. So he left her and came back to warn us. The takeover happened and with Jamia gone I had nothing to live for but Gerard came to me with a plan to break down Korse and now you see us here fighting the bastards,” Frank said.

“Why would she do that?” I asked to myself. I apparently said it loud enough for Frank to hear because he responded by saying she was into drugs and partying and Korse offered her everything she wanted in life. She couldn’t see past her own selfishness and couldn’t see the evil she would get herself into until it was too late.

“We never heard from her and I guess Gerard decided not to take anymore chances and I never saw him with anyone else since then.” Frank said.

I thanked Frank for telling me this and I made my way to the kitchen for some breakfast.

“We’re we about to kiss? Did he like me the same way that I do for him? His heart has been broken and am I ready to fix it and save him from his demons?” I thought to myself while getting myself a piece of toast.

I saw Ray already finishing his breakfast and Frank came in not long after me and joined me with his cup of orange juice. We started talking about my old life and my family. I was an only child and Keelan and my mom were always there for me. I had some friends but none were of importance once the takeover happened.

After a couple of minutes, the door to the diner opened and in came Mikey and Gerard. I could feel his eyes on me and I turned around and met his eyes straight on. We held each other gazes until Gerard broke away first and I had a hard time not smirking in his face.

They both got a cup of coffee and were heading to our table when a transmission from Dr. D came on.

“Attention killjoys. Korse has been spotted in the outskirts of Battery City with a group of Scarecrows. We are gonna need back up if we are to take him down,” Dr. D said.

“Roger that, Dr. Death Defying. Killjoys are on the way,” Gerard responded and turned around and ordered us to get ready.

Our previous encounter was pushed past us and now we had to focus on the mission ahead. I changed into my jeans and combat boots. I borrowed a vest from Frank and ran outside towards the Trans-Am trying to put my gun holster on. I guess I was having difficulty and Gerard came to my side and helped me clip it in. I said thanks and kissed his cheek. I could feel heat rushing to my face and I saw the same thing happening to him. I walked past him and sat in the passenger seat next to Frank and Ray.

Frank looked at me and smirked slightly. I slapped his shoulder playfully and Gerard made his way to the driver’s seat and took off into the California desert ready for the firefight.

Gerard drove to where Dr. Death Defying was located. We found him and his two companions outside an abandoned shack and Dr. D motioned us to get inside and make no noise. We entered one by one and Gerard was the last to enter. We all pulled our masks up and waited for what Dr. D had to say. Frank took out a cigarette and lit it up. He took one drag and I pulled it from his lips and took one myself. I was nervous and I had to find some way to distract myself from the inevitability of meeting Korse again. Frank looked at me in mock anger and went to light up another. Gerard was talking to Dr. D and finally went to address the rest of us there. “Okay killjoys, Dr. D says he spotted Korse with his gang of Scarecrows a couple of miles from here. He’s going to create a diversion to lure them here and we might have a chance to take them down,” Gerard explained. All of us were ready for this. We had a chance to end Korse once and for all. The future seemed bulletproof and the aftermath just became secondary. Dr. D went out with Show Pony and Hot Chimp outside to create a commotion and left us in the shack. After a few minutes Gerard motioned us to follow him outside. Everyone went outside and I followed suit but Gerard grabbed my arm before I could face the scorching desert sun. “About this morning, I have no idea what came over me. I didn’t mean to frighten you,” he said. I heard the beginning of the battle outside and yells coming from Frank for back up. I turned to Gerard and came inches from his face. I said to him, “Blow a kiss at the methane skies, Gerard. I see the walls through your playground eyes. Never mind the shape I’m in, I’ll keep you safe tonight. After all, we’re all in love tonight.” And with that I grabbed the back of his neck and brought him to my lips. It was all I ever imagined and more. The feeling of ecstasy washed all over me and I felt his arms go to my waist and pull me in closer. I never wanted to break away but I did. I looked into his hazel eyes and said, “Are you ready Party Poison?” “Well I think I’m alright, Ritalin Diamond” he replied with a smile on his face. He pulled down his mask, took my hand into his and out we headed into the battlefield together. I could see that Dr. D’s distraction worked because we came into a scene of everyone engaged in battle with Scarecrows. I couldn’t see Korse but I saw Fun Ghoul being cornered and I left Poison’s side to go help Ghoul out. I came to Ghoul’s side and shot down two Scarecrows making their way over. He nodded at me and we worked as a team to shoot the remaining Scarecrows down. Both Ghoul and I caught up with Kobra and Jet Star and all of us worked together to rid of the remaining Scarecrows. I wound up being isolated from them and rounded the corner of the shack and came into view of Korse talking to Poison. “Well have your little friends agreed to join Better Living Industries yet?” Korse spat at Poison’s face. “Give me more time. I’ll make them come around. Now call off your team. I don’t want anyone to get hurt,” Poison replied. I saw Korse grab Poison by the collar and demand that he make them agree or else he and his little band of rebels will be taken by force and join the Scarecrow unit of BL/ind. Korse let go of Poison and came over my way to call off his forces. I ran back and soon caught up with Ghoul and the rest of the gang. I couldn’t believe Gerard still was under the influence of the motherf*er. I thought we obliterated his control over Gerard. I thought we brought the old Gerard back. I thought I kissed the same Party Poison I saw the first time he came into the diner. I was deep in thought that I failed to see a remaining Scarecrow until I could feel the searing pain of the laser go right through my shoulder. I yelled out in shock and immediately could feel my blood spilling down my body and into my clothes. Ghoul quickly turned around and shot the f*ing Scarecrow dead and rushed to me side. My knees gave to the weight of my body and with not enough blood supplied; I ultimately collapsed into the desert ground. I felt very faint but I could make out Frank’s features as he ripped his bandanna from his face and tried to contain my spewing blood. His face was a mixture of alarm, exhaustion and love? I could feel the heat burning my skin and the last thing I saw before I lost consciousness was a black bird flying through the methane-filled skies above.

I woke up in Frank’s bed. The window was blowing and I could feel the heat of the desert come in through the open window. The skies were darkening and I got up to close it. I felt a dull pain in my shoulder and saw that it was bandaged up but it needed another dressing because it was now fully soaked with my blood. I headed to the bathroom to find a first aid kit when the door opened. Frank came into his room and I stopped halfway in between him and the bathroom. He looked surprised to see me up and moving around and went to my side and gave me an awkward side hug on my good shoulder. “Oh thank god you woke up Skye. We were all so nervous with all the blood you lost. Thank god you are alright,” Frank said. I could see his eyes water and I went to give him a kiss on his cheek. “I’m alright short stuff. I do still feel a little sore but I think I need new bandages,” I said to him while lowering the collar of my shirt. “I’ll go get Gerard to help you then,” Frank said over his shoulder as he was heading out. I grabbed his arm and said, “No don’t. I can do it myself if I have to but no don’t bring him here.” He searched my eyes for something. I couldn’t tell. I guess he knew I’ll tell him eventually so he nodded and closed the door behind me. He led me to his bathroom and helped me with my shoulder. At first it was kind of awkward. He had to take my shirt off and I was glad I had a bra on. I could see his face blush at the sight of my naked torso so I tried to get him to finish as quickly as possible. I could see the stitches in my shoulder when the old bandages came off and it stung like hell being exposed to the outside world. I tried biting my lip when Frank put on some disinfectant but soon the pain was too much and I let out a yell. He stopped momentarily and offered me his knee for support. I could feel tears come out and soon the pain was over and I was all bandaged up. I felt Frank’s hand wipe the tears from my face but he held his hand on my cheek for a second longer. He pulled my face towards him and I covered his hand with my own. We were centimeters from each other. I could see his beautiful brown eyes staring into my own with such love that I felt inclined to kiss him right then and there. As luck would have it, the door opened in his room right when we were about to touch our lips. All I could see was his fiery red hair and eyes to match as he made his way to us. I silently thanked the heavens for me to at least have my shirt back on but I knew Gerard saw what Frank and I were about to do and I could feel the embarrassment, the shame, the frustration and the anger come from deep inside me and I was afraid it will overflow from my mouth and cause a scene here in Frank’s room. “What the f are you doing to Skye, Frank? Get the f away from her!” Gerard yelled. “Dude I was just changing her bandages,” Frank responded while pushing me behind him. I wasn’t going to stand back and have these two yell at each other so I grabbed Gerard and forced him to follow me outside. I shot Frank an embarrassed but thankful smile and walked while pulling Gerard with me. We passed Mikey and Ray playing video games and I could see their concern in their eyes. I waved them off and finally came outside to the darkening skies overhead. I let go of Gerard’s jacket and went to my pocket to light up a cigarette. I was going to be blunt about this and I needed something to clam my nerves. “What the f were you doing with Frank, Skye?” Gerard asked. I flicked the ashes off my cigarette and stared right into those amazing hazel eyes of his. “Thanks for your concern Gerard. I’m fine by the way just so you know,” I responded back. I took another drag and could feel the heat of this weather radiate around me. The hot wind was blowing my violet hair all over the place I saw Gerard’s eyes become softer and came to my side and wrapped me in a hug. “I’m sorry. I was just so worried about you. I was afraid I’d lose you,” he said while kissing my cheeks and staring at the sun set behind the hills. I flicked my cigarette on the ground and turned around to face Gerard once more. “Why are you still working with Korse? I heard your conversation before I got shot. I can’t believe after all I’ve told you and all we have gone through that you would betray us and go back to the motherf*er!” I yelled at his face. I was so angry and frustrated. Here he was declaring his love for me and yet he was betraying me and his best friends and family all this time. I felt disgusted to be in his presence. I didn’t want to feel his touch anymore and I was done looking at the bastard so I made my way to my room running with tears falling from my face. I heard Gerard yell my name and I saw Frank come out of his room and try to stop me. I dodged him and slammed the door of my room. I needed time to think and I needed to be left alone. I heard Frank knock on my door and I turned my headphones up real loud to drown out the noise. I eventually fell asleep and had a dreamless nap. I woke up hours later. The clock read 4 a.m. I slowly crawled out of my covers and opened the door. I saw that Frank fell asleep next to my door so I went back and got a blanket for him. I also stole a cigarette from his vest pocket since I finished my last one yesterday evening. I went to the diner and got a can of beans and went outside and climbed my way to the top of the diner to see the sunrise. I ate my meal in silence and once again I lost track of time. I saw the sun with its red and yellow hues peak out from the hills. I felt a blanket cover my shoulders and Gerard came to sit next to me. I tried my best to ignore him and keep burning through my cigarette but he started humming to some song. “I need to tell you the truth Skye. Please just listen to me and try not to ask questions okay,” he said to me. I hesitated but eventually I simply nodded my head and continue to look at the rising sun. “I know you feel betrayed sugar but it isn’t like that at all. Yes I am working for Korse but it isn’t to further his corporate greed and take this society into hell. No, it’s to get closer to Korse and find a way to kill him and destroy his company. We haven’t had a chance to get anywhere near him until I was taken. I needed a new strategy to get him near us and luck was in our side when I was kidnapped. Yes they did inject me with drugs but Dr. D here found an antidote and is trying to get it to the rest of the world. But we need to stop BLI from distributing the harmful drugs to innocent people. So I’m working as a double agent. Everyone knows here and I didn’t want to tell you Skye because I know you would try to stop me from doing this. I could feel it. I’m really sorry love to do this to you but we are that much closer to ending this,” Gerard explained. “Don’t walk away. I’m terrified of what I’d be without you here. And if you stay I will lead away your mind. We’ll find our way in the dark and out of harm so you can run away with me anytime you want.” I turned to look at him with astonishment. I found his eyes staring back at me with so much intensity and honesty. I knew he wasn’t lying to me. “I love you Skye and would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?” I looked at him and kissed him. I felt him smiling through it. I broke the kiss momentarily and said yes. We stayed in each other’s arms for a few more minutes and then we headed downstairs for breakfast hand in hand. We entered the dinner and I saw Frank in the corner of the room playing his guitar. I let go of Gerard’s hand and went to Frankie. I told him to follow me into my room and that I needed to talk to him. We sat side by side on my bed and I started our conversation. “Frank I love you but I don’t think I feel the same way as you feel for me. If yesterday was any indication then I am sorry for leading you on. I never in my life mean to hurt you. You mean so much to me and I need you in my life,” I said to him. “Kiss me Skye.” “What??!! Are you crazy Frank?” “Just kiss me. We can settle this once and for all with just one kiss. I promise not to ask you again if you don’t feel anything but we have to know,” he explained. I nodded and so he took my face into hands and kissed me right then and there. I like the way his lips felt against mine but I knew I wasn’t truly in love with him. It wasn’t the same as with Gerard. He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. “Anything Skye?” “I’m sorry Frank. It’s not the same as with Gerard. You are an amazing kisser and I loved it but I’m not in love with you. I know this is breaking your heart but I need you to stick with me. I need you to be my rock and my best friend. We have both lost loved ones and I need you to still be in my life as friends, as best friends. I truly do care for you Frank,” I said to him with tears in my eyes. “Ahh don’t cry, Diamond. Geez I screwed up didn’t I,” Frank said. I turned to look at him and just laughed. I laughed at his sad face. I laughed at our awkwardness now and I laughed at the future we were going to have to deal with. Frank just stared at me and once I got over my craziness I went to give him a hug. “Frank you know how amazing you are? I am so sorry I can’t love you romantically but I think you aren’t really in love with me either. Actually I know you don’t love me really. It was all in the heat of the moment,” I said to him. Frank just stared at me in astonishment and went up and just tried to twirl me around the room though with my injured shoulder it was more than a little awkward. “Skye you have a way with my feelings. Were you a psychologist in a previous life? Even though, boy, were you a great kisser, I just didn’t feel the same spark as I had with Jamia. I’m sorry I was confused and frustrated that we haven’t stopped BLI yet and I guess all that just turned into me being a jackass,” Frank said as he put me down. “So best friends, Skye?” Frank asked with a smile on his face. “Besties forever short stuff!” I exclaimed laughingly. We went for a hug and went out into the diner for some breakfast. I saw Gerard in the kitchen and made a plan to go prank him with the help of Frank. “Guess who Gerard,” I said to him while Frank came from behind him and covered Gerard's eyes with his hands and me by his side throwing my voice in. “I have breakfast ready sugar,” Gerard said and went to give ‘me’ a kiss but ended up giving Frank a kiss on the cheek instead. “What the fuck?? Frank??!!” Gerard exclaimed. I was in tears from the laughter and went to give Frank a high five for a prank well done. He was laughing hard too and soon drew the attention of Ray and Mikey into the kitchen. “What’s with all the commotion?” Ray asked. “I got a kiss from Gee! I knew he loved me” Frankie exclaimed while running away from Gerard. “I’m gonna f*ing get you Frank,” Gerard shouted while chasing Frank. “Well I knew it! You couldn’t deny the chemistry those two had,” Mikey said teasingly. Gerard turned around and glared at Mikey. He yelped and hid behind me. I was just laughing the entire time and Ray just had a huge grin on his face. I saw Gerard come and try to get Mikey but I pulled him into a deep kiss before he could inflict any harm to his younger brother. “I thought it was kind of hot,” I whispered to Gee. He turned crimson red and I let a giggle slip out. “I’m kidding Gee. I want you all to myself now. I don’t share,” I said winking at him. He smirked and pulled me in for another kiss. “Get a room you too. I’m trying to get some breakfast before I puke,” Mikey said teasingly at us. Gerard just stuck out his middle finger and smiled while still kissing me. Mikey just sighed and smiled down at the home cooked meal. “Come on. Let’s eat sugar,” Gerard said while piling up my plate high with pancakes. We all sat down and talked of random things all day and it felt like a family again.

I woke up days later in my own bed and I could feel the sun’s ray creep in through my window’s shades. I wasn’t a morning person but I could smell the roasting of coffee through my door and I was yearning it. I crawled out of bed and attempted to look presentable before heading out. I had an old band tee and black pajama pants but my hair was a mess. I hated how long it has become and I needed a hair cut so bad. I never am comfortable with long hair and right now it was growing past my shoulders which posed a problem to me. I finally just gave up and tied my hair into a ponytail and walked out to the kitchen. Gerard and Mikey were already in the diner nursing their cup of coffee and I walked by and went to go grab mine. I walked into the kitchen and reached up towards the cabinets for my mug and filled it with the black, life-saving, liquid. I headed to the diner with a piece of toast and gave Gerard a kiss on the cheek while he was busy reading a newspaper from a new underground movement in Battery City. I was reading some of the headlines for any good news and when I looked down to take a bite out of my toast I noticed half of it gone. “Gee why the hell did you eat my toast? Go get your own you lazy bum,” I said to him “Sorry sugar. It looked so inviting. I just couldn’t resist. And did you just call me a lazy bum??!! I resent that,” Gerard said with a small frown in his mouth. I just smirked at him and went to give him a kiss on the mouth. He immediately smiled and pulled me into his lap. “Man not at the table. Some people are trying to eat!” I heard Mikey say. I smirked and broke the kiss and took a seat next to Gerard. I started eating from my left over toast, when Frank and Ray made their way to the table. Ray came over and gave me a hug and Frank pushed him out of the way and sat on my lap and took the rest of my toast. “Frank get you fat ass off me. And what is it with you people and taking other’s food??” I said. “Aww you know you love my ass Skye. There’s no denying that look in your eyes when I came near,” Frank said with a smirk of his face. “Not as much as Gee though Frank,” I said laughingly. I could see my boyfriend’s face redden from the comment and it sent Frank laughing off my lap. “Aww yeah you know you love this Gee,” Frank said as he shimmied his ass to Gerard. “Will you two stop it and eat the rest of your breakfast! It was just one time and I thought it was Skye,” Gee tried to explain. “Sure older brother that’s what they all say,” Mikey responded while drinking his coffee. I spurted some of my coffee when I saw Gerard glare at his younger brother. Frank just laughed at my clumsiness and patted my back while I tried to clean my mess up. “Alright guys settle down. What’s the news today Gerard?” Ray asked. I learned from Gerard and the guys that there was a group of rebels staying in Battery City undetected by Korse. They were starting an underground movement from inside the city. Two of the leaders, Mad Gear and Missile Kid, started a newspaper that told fellow killjoys what was happening inside the city and with BLI. The name was Dead Pegasus and Gerard had its logo sewn to his jacket as a symbol to others of his loyalty to the movement. “Two more killjoys have been found dead on Route Guano and five more have been taken to BL/ind headquarters,” Gerard read from the paper. “Damn Korse! We need to finish this soon Gerard,” Frank said as he sat next to me. “I’m getting in touch with Missile Kid through Dr. Death. Her plan is coming along but Mad Gear wants us to go stay with them inside the city for better communication and for a more direct attack on Korse,” Gerard explained. “Don’t you think that’s a bit of a risk we’re taking? What if Korse finds us? We are going to be on his territory and he has the upper hand by having the whole city on alert. We’ve been put on his extermination list for f’s sake,” Ray said. “I say it’s a risk we have to take but I’m just voicing my opinion here. I may be the leader but I am from no means going to do something no one here agrees with. I already had Skye injured because I didn’t think things through during our last clap with Korse. I am not doing the same mistake again,” Gerard responded. “I agree with my brother. It will be so much easier to take Korse down from the inside. He won’t suspect any of us to be there in the first place. He still thinks Gerard is under his manipulation so it could really benefit us,” Mikey said. “I agree. It’s much easier from the inside but I wanna know how we get on the inside. We really need a good plan for this,” Frank said. “Well I’m in. I want to stop Korse as much as any one of you guys do and Ray you have to believe in us. I don’t believe much in luck but I believe we can destroy this enemy,” I said. “So do we all have an agreement, guys?” Gerard asked. We all nodded and Ray finally said yes as well. “Alright I’ll get in touch with Mad Gear and come up with a plan to get in,” Gerard said as he headed for Dr. Death’s studio to make a transmission to them. I came to find out that Missile Kid was Dr. D’s niece and was only seventeen when her mother died at the beginning of the takeover a year ago. I gave the rest of my toast to Frank and asked him if he could cut my hair short today. I was getting sick of it and we all needed to disguise ourselves if we were to go in Battery City. “Uhh sure Skye but I’m not a great stylist so don’t complain to me if it doesn’t work out,” Frankie said. “It’s just hair, Frank. It’ll grow out,” I commented. “Okay from now until your hair is cut, you call me Paulo okay missy,” he smirked. “Yes Monsieur Paulo,” I said laughingly to Frank as he motioned me to his bathroom and pulled a towel over my shoulders. “So you want zee short ‘air non ma chérie,” Frank said in a really bad French accent. “Oui Paulo, you do your magic and make miracles happen,” I said teasingly to Frankie. He chopped off most of my hair and now was trying to add some layers to my violet hair. We talked about Paulo’s life and came up that he was a gay man that had three cats at home and was single at the time. He goes out drinking and partying every night and does drag on the weekends. I never laughed so much and was glad to have Frank’s company. “All done mon petit chou,” Frank said. “Merci beaucoup Paulo. You did an amazing job!” I exclaimed. And Frankie did. My hair was cut really short and he made some fringe cover my left side of my face. I love it and gave him a big hug. “Thanks Frankie. It looks amazing,” I said. “Aww thanks sweetie now let’s show Gee and let him admire my masterpiece,” he smirked. I ran to where Gerard was talking to Ray. I stood behind Gerard and saw Ray stop talking to him and look at me in surprise. “So what do you think, Gee?” I asked him. Gerard turned around and his mouth dropped to the floor. Mikey came in and almost dropped the book he was reading. “Whoa Skye, you look different but g-g-good different,” Mikey stuttered out. “No you look beautiful, Skye,” Gerard said as he stood up and gave me a hungry kiss right then and there. I could see his eyes full of lust and I guess he got turned on by short haired girls. I heard a cough from behind me and I stuck out my middle finger to Frank. “Well excuse me for not wanting to see you two fornicate in the living room,” Frank said slightly annoyed. I just giggled and pushed Gerard off me. “We’ll finish this later, sugar,” he whispered in my ear and I could feel my cheeks turning red and he just smirked and gathered us into a meeting. “Alright lady and gentlemen, I just finished planning our entry into Battery City. Mad Gear has a few connections and has managed to find a place where Dracs aren’t on the lookout. We have to move in fast though because after 6 in the morning, the Scarecrows take over and it will be impossible to get in. Mad Gear suggests we leave tonight at midnight and meet him there for him to open the gates and guide us to the hide out. So I suggest we pack now and get ready for tonight,” Gerard said to us. We all nodded and I headed straight to mine to pack up all my shit. Gerard came in a few minutes later and told me that the guys were waiting outside and ready to head out to Battery City. I nodded. He tried to help me carry my bag out but I refused and told him to help his brother because he looked like he could use some help carrying his bass and luggage. I pulled my bag over my shoulder and headed out into the desert. I felt the heat and sun glare down at me and I pulled out my sunglasses and bandanna to cover my face from the scorching heat. I shoved my bag into the trunk of the car and headed towards Frank who had the hood up and was working on the car’s engine. He pulled his head up and gave me his adorable smirk with hair falling to his eyes. I smiled at him and we began to talk while waiting for the rest of the guys to make their way over. I was halfway done with my cigarette when Ray and Mikey came out of the diner and Gerard was pulling up the rear with all his bags. Frank closed the hood and handed Gerard the keys. I called shotgun and climbed into the passenger seat. The guys decided to use nose-goes and Frank wound up being seated in the middle of Ray and Mikey. Once we were all in the Trans-Am. We waved goodbye to Dr. Death Defying and Gerard started the car and we made our way to Battery City. It took us a few hours to finally reach Zone 2. We stopped a couple of times to stretch our legs but we manage to reach it close to ten at night. We spotted an old motel and decided to crash there for a couple of hours until we could meet up with Mad Gear and Missile Kid. We mostly hung out in the lobby and Frank decided to bring out all the instruments and have a little jam session there. They all decided to play some of their old stuff from before the takeover and had a mini concert just for me. “Alright lady and lady, this is Vampires Will Never Hurt You. Hope you like it,” Gerard said as he stood before me with the guys set up around him. It was a beautiful song and I could feel Gerard’s soul throughout the song. They played a couple more but the last one the guys played was the one I felt my heart go out to. “I never said I'd lie and wait forever If I died we'd be together I can't always just forget her But she could try At the end of the world or the last thing I see You are never coming home Never coming home Could I? Should I? And all the things that you never ever told me And all the smiles that are ever ever Ever Get the feeling that you're never All alone and I remember now At the top of my lungs in my arms she dies She dies At the end of the world Or the last thing I see You are never coming home Never coming home Could I? Should I? And all the things that you never ever told me And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me Never coming home Never coming home Could I? Should I? And all the wounds that are ever gonna scar me For all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me.” The music and lyrics just went so beautifully together and I could feel my eyes water at the end of the set. It was now close to 11:30 and we all went to pack up and head into the gates of Battery City. I was the second to last to head out and I felt Gerard snake his hands around my waist. I gave him a kiss as we stopped at the doorway. “That was beautiful love. When this is all over, you need to go back and start singing. You felt so much more alive and happy just singing. I’ll be there to support you and the guys but promise me you will go back singing,” I said to Gerard staring right into his beautiful hazel eyes. He looked down at me and nodded while hugging me and kissing the top of me head. I felt tears on the top of my head and I went to clear his beautiful pale skin of any watery residue. He smirked and grabbed my hands and we headed out to the car and to Battery City. It took a couple of minutes but we finally spotted Mad Gear. He looked to be about Gerard’s age and we all went up to meet him. He told us to stay low for a few minutes while he checked for the coast to be clear and he’ll give us the signal to head to the gate. We waited what seemed like hours but we heard his signal and headed into Battery City. Mad Gear finally told us to stop in front a simple suburban home. It looked to be taken from the 50’s with its’ white picket fence and freshly mowed grass and Mad Gear could see our similarly confused faces because he explained that he needed to keep appearances for BLI and not have them become suspicious of their activities inside. He led us to the downstairs where it led to another level all below the house upstairs. There were four rooms and Gerard decided to take the couch in the common room. I insisted I could take the couch but he was as stubborn as me and wouldn’t hear any of it. Mad Gear said that Missile Kid was rounding up some fellow killjoys in the neighboring block and should be back in the morning for us to meet her. I was dead tired and so with a round of good nights, I headed into my room and tossed my bag near the desk that was there. I jumped on the bed and didn’t bother to take off my jacket. I smelled the scent of the detergent and closed my eyes in pure bliss. I must have fallen asleep because I felt hands go around my waist a few minutes later. I turned around and could see Gerard’s sleeping face covered by his bright, fiery hair. I pushed his hair behind his ears and scooted closer to his chest and fell back asleep listening to his slowing heartbeat.

“All the cameras watch the accidents and stars you hate They only care if you can bleed Does the television make you feel the pills you ate? Or every person that you need to be. Cause you wanna live forever in the lights you make When we were young we used to say That you only hear the music when your heart begins to break Now we are the kids from yesterday.” I woke up to the soothing voice of Gerard and I thought about the words he was singing. "What if we failed? What if BLI is too strong for us and we got sucked into its growing madness,” I thought to myself while Gerard came out of the shower. I felt the bed dip from Gerard’s body and felt his arms go around my waist. I turned around and inhaled his clean, red hair and kissed the top of his head. He looked up at me and I could see exhaustion in his face but his eyes showed a fiery determination that would not stop until we finished this. My doubts were gone in that instant and I went to kiss the man that showed me this life and this cause was worth fighting for. We stopped to catch our breaths and just rested our foreheads together. I heard my stomach rumbled and I heard Gerard chuckle under his breath. I smacked him on his arm and went to get up and find some clothes. We both headed out towards hall and saw Frankie making his way out of his room. He looked exhausted but gave me an adorable wink and smile when I went to give him a hug. We were then followed by Ray and Mikey and we headed upstairs to meet the other residents in this house. Gerard went up first and was welcomed by Mad Gear and I saw a young girl with brown, bouncy curls talking to another girl in the living room. Mad Gear called out to the girl and introduced us to her. “This is Missile Kid, everyone,” Mad Gear said. “Huh so you’re the Fabulous Killjoys my uncle helps out? Well nice to meet the ones who help me and Mad Gear here start the revolution against BL/ind,” she said. “Well it’s an honor to meet you here in Battery City. I’m Party Poison and this is my girlfriend, Ritalin Diamond,” Gerard said as he shook hands with Missile. She came over to me, smiled and pulled me into a hug. I giggled and hugged her back. We let go and she made her way to meet the others. “I’m Fun Ghoul and that’s Jet Star and Kobra Kid,” Frank said as he introduced the rest of them. The other girl came over and introduced herself as Delirium Dano and was there if anyone needed any help. “So now that introductions are over let’s go get breakfast and start planning the takedown,” Mad Gear said and leaded everyone towards the dining room. We all sat down with our toast and coffee. Missile Kid started with her idea and we soon all collaborated with our thoughts and by the time the evening sky rolled on by we finally came up with the plan. We would carry out this plan soon when we found the perfect opportunity. I got up and carried my dirty dishes towards the kitchen. I felt someone come in with me and turned around to see Frank leaning towards the counter. He was lighting up a cigarette and nodded his head towards the door. I nodded my head and he took my arm and lead me outside. I took his cigarette from his mouth and he whined to have it back. I chuckled and handed it back to him. I look out towards the night sky and wished we could have a clear night to see the stars above. “Let’s go check out the underground scene Skye. I found a bar run by Dr. Death’s friend, Show Pony, and I hear the scene is great,” Frank said. I wasn’t really up to it but who could resist the puppy dog look Frankie was giving me! I sighed and begrudgingly agreed to go out with him. He grinned happily and went to the car and started the engine. I smiled at his giddiness and climbed into the passenger seat. Frank sped off into the distance and headed towards the other side of town and stopped in front of an inconspicuous warehouse. Frank stopped the car and got out and went to my side and opened the door. “Well what a gentleman you are Mr. Iero. Can I ask what the occasion is for?” “Ah I am a gentleman Miss Roberts and now I’m leading you to have the best night of your life. And forget this ugly world for one night love,” he said as he pulled me into a hug. I stayed in his arms and we walked hand in hand to the door. Frank knocked on the door and through a little opening I could see Show Pony’s dark eyes shining through. I could hear the gears turning from the inside and finally the door opened to reveal Show Pony in his finest killjoy wear. “Hey Ghoul, how’s it going? It’s been awhile now man,” he said as he gave Frank a hug. “Yeah it has Pony. How are Dr. Death and Hot Chimp?” Frank said. “Dr D’s good but actually Hot Chimp’s here being DJ for the night. Oh sorry you’re Ritalin right,” Show Pony said to me. I wasn’t paying much attention to them. I could see the strobe lights from inside the warehouse and I could feel the beat through my feet from the dance floor. I longed to go in but I nodded to Show Pony and turned to Frank with a look of impatience. He chuckled under his breath and said his goodbyes to Pony and took my hand inside the bigger part of the warehouse. Inside was a collection of music, lights, drinks, dancing and escape. I went to the bar on the side and ordered a shot of vodka to loosen up. Frank ordered the same thing and we both drank and danced the night away. I never have felt this glad to escape this ugly world and I treasured this moment with Frankie. I smiled and laughed and danced my heart out that night. The only downside was the return back home. Frankie wasn’t as wasted as I was and somehow managed to get us back to Missile Kid’s place in one piece. We came in giggling and I was desperately holding on to Frankie for support. I failed to see the time we came in but I could see a figure sitting in the living room with a lone light keeping him company. “Where the f, were you guys?” Gerard yelled at us. We instantly stopped our laughter and I shuddered under his pissed off glare. “Ahh Gee we just went to party. Frank took me to a great dance party,” I said as I tried desperately to look sober and cooled down but inside I was fearful of Gerard’s wrath and I hoped he wouldn’t go too far. “What the f? Frank why the f did you take Skye out? Do you not realize how dangerous that is? Did you not think of being discovered by Korse huh? What the f is wrong with you?” Gerard said as he stepped closer to Frank. “Nah man. We were okay. Skye needed to go out. Can’t you see how much she’s hurting on the inside? You need to get your head out of your ass and see how much Skye needs to escape but you’re too absorbed with BLI and the revenge you want to bring Korse. You know you can’t bring back Lindsey…” In that instant I heard a crack and I saw Frank fall to his knees and I saw blood spurt from his broken nose. “Gerard! What the f??” I yelled at him as I got to my feet and went to Frank’s side. I grabbed an old shirt and tried to stop the bleeding. I turned around and saw Gerard running back to downstairs and into his room. I stared out into the darkness and saw Ray and Mikey make their way towards us. “What the f happened?” Ray asked. I tried my best to explain to him what happened as I led Frank to the kitchen to clean up. “Are you okay Frankie? I’m so sorry,” I said to him as I tried to get his nose to its right place. I moved it and heard it pop back into place. “Motherf*er!” Frank yelled and I tried to keep pressure on his nose. I grabbed new cloths and tried to clean the dried blood off his face. “I’m so sorry Frank,” I said to him through my tears running down my face. Frank reached out and wiped the tears from my eyes, “No it’s my entire fault. I shouldn’t have taken you out and stayed so late. We could have been caught. I’m the one who should be apologizing. I’m such a douche for bringing up Lindsey too. He’s still sensitive to that and I know he loves you Skye but the betrayal he feels is still in his heart and he hasn’t let it go since that day.” “You should go talk to him Skye. I’ll have Ray come clean me up. You need each other now,” Frank said with a smile. I sighed and I reluctantly nodded and asked Ray to help Frankie out. I made my way downstairs and saw Mikey trying to get in Gerard’s room. “Gee come on open up,” Mikey said as he pounded on the door. I grabbed his shoulder and told him that I could take him from here and he should go look after Frank. He nodded and headed upstairs and left me in the darkness standing by the white door. “Gerard it’s me. Please open the door. We need to talk,” I said through the door. I could hear him sigh and I heard the latch open and saw Gerard’s exhausted face. I couldn’t hold back and went to hug him with all my might. He kissed my head and closed the door. He brought grabbed hold of my chin and lifted my face to meet his own. “You are so beautiful and I’m afraid of losing you sugar. I can’t live with myself if I knew you were in danger. I was so worried Skye. My mind came up with every horrible outcome and when I saw you enter all happy and drunk, well I lost it. I’m so sorry Skye,” he said and I saw his eyes start to water but I cleaned up any residue and simply went in for a kiss. I loved Gerard and I never meant for him to get so worried about me. “I love you Gerard,” I said when we broke apart. He rested his forehead on mine, looked into my eyes and said, “You are the love of my life baby and I love so much it hurts but I will always be here for you and we will never stop running.” I smiled and pulled him in for another kiss. “We’ll live forever if you’ve have the time,” I said to him. “I’ll hold them back and you be a burning star while we leave this world okay sugar,” he said to me as we headed upstairs and start the apologies.

Party Poison’s POV We found Frank and the rest of the guys lounging in the living room and I immediately stiffened. I saw how swollen Frank’s nose was and I couldn’t believe I could damage my best friend like that. I felt Skye’s hand give mine a reassuring squeeze and I let out my breath I was containing. I made my way to the living room and stood in front of my three best friends. “I want to apologize to all you guys, especially you Frank. I wasn’t thinking straight and let my anger take over. I am so sorry Frank. I never meant to harm you…,” “Stop Gee. It was my fault too. I took Skye out in a dangerous place and I was an insensitive jerk to you,” Frank interrupted. I saw Frank stand up and he walked over to me. He looked up at me and gave me his signature smile and pulled me into a hug. I stood there surprised but soon went to hug him back. Ray and Mikey came over and shouted for a group hug and I soon pulled Skye into it too. I was elated to finally have our dysfunctional family back together. I held Skye and looked into her beautiful hazel eyes. I was always falling into its depths. They never looked the same and they seemed to have layers upon layers of color. “Thank you, sugar for everything. You’ve brought light in my world again and I love you,” I whispered to her. She took my lips into hers and we kissed passionately for the few seconds we had left. I smiled at her breathtaking face and I could see the sparkle in her eyes. I looked around and saw everyone having that same sparkle. We are going to make it. I can feel it with my body and soul. We are going to defeat BL/ind. We broke away and all of us headed into the kitchen for some late night dinner. We tried to keep our voices down but we went back into our ways and laughed at each other. “Man, remember when Mikey tried putting that fork in the toaster,” Frank said. “Yeah and he electrocuted himself. Mikey you are such a dork,” Skye said to him with a smile on her face. “Hey the toast was stuck and I forgot to unplug it,” Mikey said with a slight from on his face. I laughed at him and finished up eating. We cleared the table and made our way downstairs to the lounge. We weren’t ready for bed so the guys and I started a little jam session as the sun began to rise. I heard footsteps descending downstairs and I saw Missile Kid making her way downstairs. “Well looks like you guys are having fun. I hate to come in and ruin it for you but today maybe the day to start the plan,” she said. We all settled down and looked at each other in fiery determination. We were ready for the firefight tonight. I nodded and we all headed upstairs to once again coordinate our final stance with BLI. I knew if we failed, we would be ghosted and I felt that if we failed once again then I wouldn’t know what to do with myself and would most likely give up trying. Missile Kid was already at the living room with Mad Gear and Delirium Dano. We all joined them. “So here’s the plan of attack. We stage a distraction for BLI in the warehouse of Show Pony’s club. We have to have Korse come out as well as his right hand girl if we are to have any chance at their destruction. I want Missile Kid to alert any and all killjoys to come to Battery City. I want everyone who has been hurt by BLI to help bring their demise. Mad Gear and Jet Star, I want you guys to take over the gates and allow as many killjoys through. Kobra Kid and Ritalin, I want you guys to make a distraction along with Delirium and try to get BLI to come to the warehouse. We all meet in the warehouse and surround every motherf*ing Drac that comes in. I want to have a chance to save them from BLI control and hopefully Dr. D has perfected the antidote to BLI’s drugs. If it doesn’t seem to have its intended effect, I see no problem in any of you ghosting them. They will get to you if you don’t act fast. Korse will probably send for back up but Hot Chimp and Fun Ghoul should be able to disconnect any and all communication to BLI. We finish this tonight and we will make some noise killjoys,” I said to the group in front of me. I knew our long and difficult journey we have been on is at long last come to its end and we will come out alive in the end. I will not let BLI shut our mouths. We will raise our voices and be what tomorrow needs.

The author's comments:
The end of my first fan fiction. I hope you all like it. I have another MCR fic up and many more to come as well. So be on the lookout for those too!

Ritalin’s POV Today was the day we would finally end this. I had trouble sleeping at all that night. I kept having reoccurring nightmares. They have been getting more intense with each passing day and last night’s was the worst yet. It ended with Gerard being captured and shot by Korse the same way Keelan had been. I woke up with tears running down my face and my heart mourning for the loss of Gerard. I was ready to end this but something in my mind still was cautious and may explain the nightmare I had. I stood up from my bed and headed to the bathroom. I saw myself in the mirror and I was a mess. I stepped into the shower and washed away any remnants of last night. I wasn’t going to make one measly nightmare distract me from the day ahead. Sure I had my doubts but those weren’t going to detract me from giving my all to stop BLI. I pulled out my outfit of a long sleeved shirt, black skinny jeans, combat boots and an army vest stitched with my name on the back and Gerard’s insignia on the back. I pulled out my gun holster and was having difficulty putting it around my waist when, all of a sudden, I felt hands grab my waist and help me buckle it up. “Just like old times, sugar,” Gerard smirked at me as I turned around put my arms around his neck. He leaned down and kissed me. I smiled into the kiss and felt the happiest I could possibly be. “I love you so much, Gerard,” I sighed as we rested our foreheads together. “I love you too, Skye and I will always forever,” he said and pulled apart from me as he reached into his back pocket and lowered himself down to one knee. “Will you, Skye Emile Roberts, do me the honor of becoming my wife?” he asked. I wasn’t expecting this at all. I couldn’t contain myself and went to hug the life out of him. “Yes, yes, yes, a million times yes, Gerard Arthur Way,” I smiled through my tears of happiness. I grabbed his face and we kissed through my tears and we both smiled into each other as he put the ring on my left hand. We both looked at each other and I pulled him up and kissed him with all my love. We pushed ourselves onto the bed and laid there, in each other arms. I snuggled close to Gerard and smelled his scent. I started playing with his hair and he leaned down and kissed my head. “Thank you for making me the happiest man in the world. I started to think this world was getting too ugly but you brought life, you brought in my light and you are beautiful to me,” he said as he kissed me one final time before leaving for Show Pony’s. We left hand in hand to the dining room upstairs. When we reached it, I found everyone there with smiles on their faces. “So what did she say?” asked Missile to us. We looked at each other and I showed her my engagement ring. A round of cheering and applause broke through the house. Missile Kid came running at me and started gushing about how beautiful the ring was and how she was going to plan the best wedding ever as the maid of honor, of course. “Haha oh Missile you’ll make a lovely maid of honor,” I said as she beamed and gave me a final hug. “Welcome to the Way family then soon to be sister-in-law,” Mikey said as he came to give me a hug. I smiled at him and Frank came up to me. “Well it seems you’ve tied the knot with Gee. I’m really happy for you Skye,” Frank said. “I wish you and Gee the best of luck and please, try to get him to shower more. He stinks!” I laughed and hugged my best friend in the world. “Thanks Frankie. It really means a lot to me. And speak for yourself stinky,” I said to him. He smirked and went to go congratulate Gerard. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee. I returned to the living room and saw how happy Gerard was surrounded by everyone he loved. He looked up at me and gave me a smile that lit up my heart and sent butterflies in my stomach. I drank from my cup and heard someone by my side. “He looks really happy, Skye. You make him really happy,” Ray said as he looked at Gerard as well. “Congrats to the two of you but is it really the time to plan for the future. We might not know what happens tonight,” he continued. “I had a nightmare, Ray that Gee was gonna get killed at tonight’s raid. I woke up crying but I knew this wasn’t going to stop me from trying my best tonight and you should stop doubting what the future holds. Remember the future is bulletproof, the aftermath is secondary and we, killjoys, have to make some f*ing noise!” I said to him. “You sure are so much like Gee and you’re right Skye. I can’t have my doubts cloud our mission tonight. We can definitely end this tonight,” Ray said. I nodded and saw Gerard get everyone’s attention. “Thanks you guys for everything but tonight is the night. I want us all to focus on the task at hand. You all know the plan. Let’s bring BLI and f*ing Korse down and killjoys make some f*ing noise!” Gerard said as he pulled his mask over his face. I heard Ray chuckle next to me. I made my way over and stood face to face with Party Poison. “Let’s make some f*ing noise together, angel,” I whispered as I kissed his lips. He grabbed my hand and we both headed to the Trans-Am along with Kobra Kid and Delirium Dano. As we sped down Route Guano, we could hear Dr. Death Defying’s transmission. “Listen up children, this one’s for all you crash queens and motorbabies. We are taking down BLI tonight! So it’s time to hit the red line and up thrust the volume up there, keep your boots tight, keep your gun close and die with your mask on if you got to. Remember, even if you’re ghosted, you may be gone. But out here in the desert, your shadow lives one without you. The future is bulletproof! The aftermath is secondary! It’s time to do it now and do it loud! Killjoys make some noise!” I pulled down my mask and I could see Kobra and Delirium pull down theirs. I looked over at Party Poison. He had such determination on his face. We are ending this tonight. I gave his hand a squeeze and looked ahead and knew I was ready for this final firefight. We arrived at Show Pony’s minutes later to find Missile Kid and Dr. D. already there. Show Pony was out back setting up the detonators as our distraction for BL/ind. Kobra Kid volunteered to go help him out and left. More killjoys started to come and we all positioned ourselves above the rafters, behind stacks of boxes and anywhere else we could be hidden from Korse and his Dracs. Fun Ghoul and Hot Chimp radioed in their progress. They were waiting until Korse and his army of Dracs left their headquarters and came to the warehouse before they started their plan. Jet Star and Missile Kid were on their way so Party Poison gave the heads up to start the explosives and he took my hand as we crouched behind the bar. I could feel the shocks of the explosions and squeezed Poison’s hand as he held me tighter. We then heard the announcement system over Battery City announce the evacuation of its citizens to the outskirts of the city and into Zone 1. We could hear the screeching of the tires from the BLI vans right outside the warehouse. The whooshing noise of the doors and then light from the explosions came crashing in the dark warehouse. I felt Party leave my hand and stood up from his position and head out to the light. “Hello there Gerard, what’s the situation at hand?” I heard Korse ask Party. “Well Korse it’s time you be brought down from the pedestal of yours and leave the citizens of California alone. Let them live their lives without the help of your drugs, without the covering of their true emotions. It’s time for you to stop destroying this beautiful world.” And with that Party took the first shot at Korse and grazed his shoulder. He howled in pain and soon everyone was brought into the fight. I stood up from behind the bar and started firing my gun at any Dracs I saw. I could see Party and Korse going at it in hand to hand combat. I felt a hand grab my shoulder and turn to see Fun Ghoul smile at me. “Just like old time, eh Ritalin,” he said smirking at me. “Let’s do this, munchkin!” I laughed at him. “Hey that’s my line!!” Fun Ghoul responded as I ran to go help out Kobra Kid. I managed to ghost three Dracs that were ganging up on Kobra. “Thanks Ritalin,” Kobra gasped as he was winded from the blow a Drac gave him earlier. “No problem, now go catch your breath and let’s help your brother kick some Scarecrow ass,” I said as he nodded and smiled at me through his helmet. I made my way around the warehouse and surveyed the damage. Many dracs were on the ground and I could hear shouts and gunfire outside. I couldn’t see party inside anymore so I made my way outside and saw him still locked in a fight with Korse but I could his head of security make her way to Party and try to ambush him. I ran to him and fired my gun aiming at her shoulder and legs simultaneously. I managed to stop her from hitting Gerard but she still put up a fight. She managed to use her good leg and kick the air out of my stomach. I went down gasping for air as she once again kicked me and this time colliding with the side of my head. I couldn't stand up and I felt searing pain on the left side from the laser she fired at me. It took everything I could muster to grab my gun and stand up. I was gasping for breath but I fired at her and this time I aimed at her heart. I heard her trying to breath but blood came spewing out of her mouth and seeping from her chest. I walked over and fired one last laser beam through her head. I looked up at the methane-filled sky and dropped to my knee as fatigue to over and I couldn't keep myself from standing. I tried to find some strength to stand and help my killjoys out but I could hear footsteps coming closer to me. I turned my head around and saw Korse with Party Poison in tow being restrained by a Scarecrow. I pulled my gun out and tried to fire but he kicked it from my hand and then kicked my left side. I screamed in pain as more blood started gushing out. I could hear Party Poison yelling but my hearing was going in and out. I felt my mind drowning in darkness but I needed to fight back. I crawled to where my gun was lying but Korse stepped on my hand and lowered himself down to my level. I felt his cold ray gun on the side of my head and as I was preparing for the worst, I heard the grunting of Korse being held down by Poison. I was gasping for air but I heard the final shot ring in my ears as Poison killed the man that brought misery and pain for all of us. Poison came running back to me and held my side, trying to contain the blood from escaping. I could tell it was too late for me. I looked in his hazel eyes and tried talking but blood came spewing out from my coughs. "Shhh don't say anything. I'm here, baby. I won't let you go," he said to me but I could see it in his eyes the anguish of me being close to death. "I love you, Gerard with all my heart and my soul. I wanted to have a family with you. I wanted to have a house and kids someday," I whispered through my gasps. "And we will love, we will," he responded. "No Gerard. I can feel the darkness overcome me. I want you to keep running. Never give up. I want you to keep rocking out even for the dead. You'll carry on for me. There's still so much you and the guys have to accomplish. I want you to carry on with my memory, sugar. I'm on the edge of glory, baby and I'm hanging on a moment with you. I'm on the edge with you," I whispered as my final breath came and felt the final beat of my heart.

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